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DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard


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Rubber type : inverted
Hurricane 8 is specially designed to compensate the spin and speed loss of the 40+ plastic ball. The sponge of the Hurricane 8 is a hard high-density Chinese style sponge, but it is a new type with 15% more elasticity. The top sheet of the Hurricane 8 has more stickiness than Hurricane 2 Neo and Hurricane 3 Neo rubbers.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/10/2019 Very good Review by Khai Tran
This is the best Hurricane rubber I have tried so far. It is light, fast and durable, and not so tacky. So far it doesn’t need turning.
29/08/2019 Ничего интересного Review by Igor Golovlev
немного быстрей 3 вес 71.4 г вырезанная-52.6 г
14/08/2019 Spin and speed became crazy Review by Hesham
This rubber is effective for ball spinning and speed too. The ball now is spinning more than before (used to play with Stiga ready-made rackets)
And performance has changed a lot since using these rubbers.
24/06/2019 Muy buen producto Review by Enzo La Paz
Excelente goma muy rápida con muy buen efecto súper recomendable.
20/06/2019 nice try Review by Natalia Skarina
Sticky and hard. For true athletes in TT :) But I am not.
02/04/2019 Great forehand rubber Review by AN-94
H8 = H3+booster. This rubber is good without boosting. If you like Chinese style forehand, try this.
28/03/2019 Good rubber for spinner Review by Rahim Rasyid
I use this rubber on my BH. First time using this rubber, it was really tacky. But nowadays, it's just tacky enough as regular Chinese rubber.
Because I used HN3 com before, I simply get used to use this and comfortable in my playing style. Need to improve my technique on BH because my grip is penhold.
19/03/2019 Similar to hurricane 3 Review by Yanbin Lin
I am not a high-level player so that it is very hard for me to tell the difference between Hurricane 8 and 3. It is a typical Chinese sticky rubber, you can create a very strong spin on the ball only with the rubber layer, which is very helpful for serving. It can also give a powerful topspin shot due to the hard sponge. The sponge will perform its elasticity only when you hit the ball with great power so that it gives a low curve in touch play.
To conclude, it performs very similarly to Hurricane 3 and I enjoy playing with it.
13/03/2019 Great forehand rubber Review by A
Great forehand rubber! It has great spin and control on active shots and can be incredibly fast with the right technique, timing, and footwork, however, lack of physical strength and/or improper technique would make the rubber seem slow.

The rubber is best suited on a flexible blade (something in the region of off- at most). Stiffer blades would make applying spin on the ball an arduous task.

It isn't as tacky as typical Chinese rubbers. I've been using it for over a month (~3 hrs/day; 6 times a week) and its characteristics seem to be fairly close to day one (-3% to -5% tackiness now) leading me to believe that this rubber has good durability.
23/02/2019 GOOD Review by AN-94
21/01/2019 Good! Review by Felipe
You can do everything with this product, control excelent and spin incredible! thanks Tabletennis11 from Argentina
16/01/2019 هذه الجلدة جبارة Review by Sayed hussain mohammad Alradhawi
جلدة جبارة لا هي ناشفة ولا طرية ممكن وضع البوستر لها و من افضل الجلد الصينية بالسوق
26/12/2018 Good Chinese rubber Review by Yuri Bondarenko
The rubber is tacky, the sponge is hard, but not too much and with some elastics.
Will try to boost it. Seems like it become a dream!
23/04/2018 High quality rubber Review by Steve Adams
Sponge is not too hard. Good control .
03/04/2018 Хорошо Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Накладка на любителя не каждому подойдёт
05/03/2018 Super. Review by keld norskov
Super god jeg er glad for den.
07/02/2018 Nice. Review by Anton Valovenko
Good quality rubber. If you like chinese rubber, and you look for softer sponge this rubber for you.
14/10/2017 Очень хорошая накладка Review by Vladimir Pavlov
Играю данной накладкой с форхенда на основании Stiga Rosewood XO. Очень быстрый плоский удар. Умеренная липкость и неплохое вращение. Отличные блоки. Накладка раскрылась после десяти тренировок. Во время игры никаких сверх усилий применять не надо хотя накладка наклеена на водный клей и без бустера.
21/07/2017 Disappointed Review by frank aguilera
Spin capabilities were great for only a short period of time
14/06/2017 Great Rubber Review by Samuel de Lima
This rubber is excellent , also, combined with a good quality bat makes it perfect. My game has improved tremendously lately because of the high quality of this product. I strongly recommend buying from
13/06/2017 Very good Review by Giovanni Scannavini
Very good, although maybe it loses a bit too quickly the features "tachi"
12/05/2017 A fair rubber, nothing more Review by Pedro Einloft
It is not a bad rubber, it is just that there are dozens of chinese rubbers that are better. I consider it a failed DHS project.
01/05/2017 happy with it Review by Selim Tuzunturk
happy with it
26/04/2017 Good rubber, bad quality Review by Footworkisking
I bought the H8 in hopes to gain a littler more elasticity in my touch and counter attacks. After boosting it it did just that. It had a lot of characteristics of my H3 NEO but just a little more. I started to like it, and after playing with it too just 1 month the top sheet started to separate from the sponge and began to bubble towards the sweet spot. Very disappointed. It could either be a bad batch or just poor quality over all. I might try one more time.
17/04/2017 No advantage over dhs hurricane 3 neo Review by Mui Lee

This rubber is bouncy. Spin and speed are moderate. Smashes are not as hard.
Could be this rubber needs break in period.
28/03/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Elgar Agustin Camposagrado
Made for the polyball. Great for topspin and driving.
15/02/2017 Power Review by Hugues Lapointe
What a great Chinese rubber
Thanks to DHS
Highly recommend
30/01/2017 Easy olay Review by ALVARO MEDINA
It's very easy to play with this rubber. I have HL5 blade and i love this fussion
26/01/2017 great alternate to tenergy Review by david hancox
Used instead of tenergy and find it a lower cost alternate to tenergy. Great grip and good control too. Doesn't last as long but cheaper anyway.
30/12/2016 Buena Goma Review by Renzo Vizcarra Gutierrez
Esta goma es buena, tiene muy buen agarre y tiene también buena velocidad....pero es algo pesada...
14/12/2016 I like this better than the H3 Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Highly recommended. Speed, spin and control is excellent.
16/09/2016 Buena goma Review by Alejandro Sepúlveda
Buena calidad de la goma, mucho efecto, muy buen control, pero no es una goma rápida. Uso esta goma al revés y al derecho y la paleta queda un poco pesada.
14/09/2016 Very Good !!! Review by Il'nur Abdurashitov
Отличная накладка !!! играть с ней одно удовольствие !!!
23/08/2016 Good Chinese rubber Review by Tian Xia
DHS Hurricane 8 is the best rubber for me so far, even better than tenergy.. When choosing Hurricane 8 (or 3), you should use a booster. I recommend seamoon, which is pretty welcome in China. Remember, China is the NO 1 Pingpong country. You should follow Chinese players, if you want to improve your skill.
14/07/2016 A different hurricane Review by vikram kadi
It feels like a hybrid, however its faster in lower gears and then not so fast in the high gears.
16/05/2016 Not impressed Review by Doytcho Doytchev
Tried it for a few weeks and sold it. Nothing special - used as backhand on zjk alc. Went back to Tenergy
12/04/2016 Better version of Hurricane 3 Review by Frank Chen
Had been using Hurricane 3 for forehand for years. In general 8 is a better version of 3. More powerful and spinning.
1. Feel almost identical when close to table. Don't need to adjust anything.
2. More powerful when away from table, which is the biggest issue with 3.
3. Looping seems dive down a litter faster.
29/03/2016 Hurricane rubbers are not my cup of tea Review by Francis
Tried many types of hurricane rubbers for FH. Hate the smell from Hurricane3 series. This one hurricane8 has no irritating smell, that's a good improvement. Unfortunately, it's still not my cup of tea, not matter I tried using booster on it or not. Give up.
27/03/2016 Great Rubber Review by Andrew Couper
The new DHS Hurricane 8 rubber is Great. I find it to be good on my Backhand.
It's fast & has good spin. Also it's good to flat hit with. Ideal for a person who likes to attack. Looping & chopping with this rubber you can create lots of spin. I have this rubber on 2 different types of blade's & find it excellent on both.
21/03/2016 Nice Product Review by Fadhil Financia Islamiawan
18/03/2016 Forehand Rubber Review by Kamarulzaman Thiara
Hard sponge of 46degrees provide very spinny service and loops. Used prefereably for forehand.
07/03/2016 ??? Review by Sergei Manturov
День добрый! Играл один раз, поэтому немогу оценить свойства на данный момент!(
03/03/2016 Ok Review by Jhoel Ronald Palomino Eguiluz
27/02/2016 价格一般 Review by Shen xibin
22/02/2016 Dobra rotacija in kontrola , super občutek. Review by JANEZ PEJOVNIK
Odlično se obnese pri močnem spinu , tako tudi pri obrambi močnih udarcev.
09/02/2016 Good rubber Review by Tanay Narshana
Has good effect and tackiness on poly ball
29/01/2016 Good rubber Review by Kouros Zirak
Very tacky rubber. Keeps the tackiness for a long time. Good for playing close to the table. I wished to use this rubber on forehand but slower than i expected. Also hardness was not enough for my forehand as i like harder rubbers. i should mention that I'm in top 50 VIC, Australia and these are my personal ideas. In general I found it better for backhand.
09/01/2016 Good Review by Hanson Wang
Super spin and super powerful
09/12/2015 Good tacky rubber for looping Review by Anonymous15
This rubber is tacky good for attack looping style play.
Requires good technique and effort to play with rubber.
Also needs a lot of cleaning to maintain its performance, protection film is essential to minimise dirt particles.
01/12/2015 good Review by voice83
good dhs rubber ,nice price thx tt11
15/09/2015 DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard Review by Ljupco Krsteski
is ok but no good for me ..........
low speed low refund spin is ok
01/09/2015 good Review by Nghia Nguyen
good rubber
06/08/2015 Dhs 8 is okay. Review by Tu Hoang
It is not much different to dhs 3
07/07/2015 guter belag, aber für mich nicht der beste von dhs Review by Mathias Gutschalk
kontrolle ist sehr gut, aber etwas z (u schwacher Katapult -mit meinem holz).
02/07/2015 Good but meant to be boosted Review by Johann
Not much different than the other Hurricane rubbers. I feel that Hurricane 3 boosts much better but that is just a personal opinion. I can say that Hurricane 8 does appear to be a higher quality product than the inconsistent Hurricane 3 line of rubbers.
24/06/2015 MONSTER Review by Ivan sonido
This rubber is amazing! GOOD CONTROL and SUPER SPINNY. I am using this on my FH now & Tenergy05 on BH with the power of Zhang Jike SZLC! now i can loop with excellent control and maximum power with it!
04/05/2015 Very good for plastic ball Review by Tom Z
I like the same feeling as hurricane 3 neo (I used it for years), and with a better sponge. This is the rubber which I am looking for in 40+ plastic era.
27/04/2015 a new flavour of Hurricane rubbers Review by Vadym
First impressions after one practice session (H8 on FH + Nexy Calix):

a) tackiness - it is a mildly tacky rubber, the level of tackiness is nowhere near N3 Neo. Which for me translates into slightly worse short game, and not as much spin on "brushy" serves. But still, H8 is much less bouncy than pretty much any modern tensor rubber.

b) driving the ball - easier with H8 than H3 Neo because H8 is less tacky. Same considerations apply to passive blocking. This is an area where H8 is better than H3 Neo.

c) looping - the grip is good, quite reliable, but one needs to engage the sponge a bit more when looping using H8 in order to generate the same amount of spin as with H3 Neo. The arc is a bit lower than with H3 Neo.

d) speed - at medium swing shots H8 feels a touch faster than H3 Neo, but at full swing H3 Neo is faster and spinnier.
06/04/2015 different label for Export Review by Henning
As i use it, it shows on the backcover that the hardness of it is mid hard. but actually it is 39 degree and the thickness ist not 2.15 but 2.2 who buys it should pay attention to it.
03/04/2015 Dhs failed in it's claim Review by guangsha
This rubber is faster than h3, but, not to much difference at all. I have tried play it without using booster, and it is rock hard. After using Falco booster on it, the sponge is soften and spin is better. I will say, this rubber cannot be used without booster, while we all know booster is banned to be used in official games but so far everyone is using it.
28/03/2015 Upgrade of Hurricane 3 Review by Henning
As i first used it, it could be the same tacky rubber and different sponge. For topspin it stays on the same level. Due to the softer new sponge used in Hurricane 8 it offers more speed and by harder playing it reachs to the Blade easily and the power of the wood can be excavated. One has to change the hitting habit a little bit if you used the harder sponge of Hurricane 3 or Neo. totally it should be the next classic of DHS family. it is worth to own it!
DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard