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DHS Hurricane 8-80 38'

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Rubber type : inverted
Hurricane 8-80 is a modification of the Hurricane 8 rubber with a more elastic sponge, which makes it even easier to play with the Chinese sticky rubber. Sponge hardness: 38 degrees.

Customer Reviews

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22/05/2023 Best suited for backhand Review by Fritz
The DHS Hurricane 8-80 (38°) is a rather, compared to normal Chinese rubbers, elastic rubber.
When first opened, it was a slightly bend, (a little arch was forming), which shows quite obviously that the 8-80 has a small catapult effect.
Therefore it is faster than the usual Chinese rubber, but still far away from European ESN rubbers.

If you are new to the exciting world of Chinese rubbers, this might be the introduction you need to get used to these kind of rubbers.
Slight catapult effect right in between ESN and Chinese rubbers.
I personally prefer it on my backhand side. I have tried this rubber on both sides and as a backhand rubber it would prefer it strongly.
The stickiness allows for a better grip especially on your backhand side, and your playing becomes safer and more consistent (=better) due to the slower speed.

The quality is quite good. I played it unboosted, with revolution no°3 Glue. Very Sticky (but not as sticky as hurricane 3 Neo)
Reference: way slower than Mark V HPS.

02/11/2022 Best Forehand Rubber Review by Richard Rodriguez Bensing
The rubber is great, less expensive but loaded. Thanks TT11
07/10/2022 Not suitable for offensive players Review by Kouros Zirak
The sponge was too soft for my backhand and slow. It doesn't have enough kick and energy. My forehand is H3 Turbo which I'm very happy with, but this one (H-8-80) is not the one. I'm pretty sure the sponge must be treated to make it suitable for playing.
26/07/2022 Excellent product Review by Todor Todorov
Excellent product, very good for the contemporary offensive game. Nice spin, fast, and control.
07/07/2022 Alternative for Dignics 09C Review by Peter Beranek
In 2021 I was playing D09C and was very happy with it. Strangely I got two very bad slices in January 2022 so I had to think about alternatives. The Bluegrip C2 & DHS H8-80 are kind of similar to D09C.
DHS H8-80 is also a new entry into the Chinese top sheets world for players who were formerly using Japanese top sheets. It has got a much softer sponge than Hurricane 3 so getting used to it should be much easier. And the hardness of the sponge could even be reduced with a dozen drops of baby oil if you should find it 10% too hard.
Nice and choppy service. Brilliant arc for your topspin. And in comparison to H3 a much easier block. Lifetime seems to be a lot longer than the average 6 weeks for a Japanese rubber.
I'll stay with it for a while.
17/05/2022 Good Review by Heng Socheat
14/04/2022 Very good BH rubber Review by Kenneth Teape
Great feel on the BH.
01/02/2022 Probably the best hybrid rubber for it's price Review by Anton Kukeste
Fast enough hybrid rubber with plenty of grip on the ball.
I used this on the forehand of Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade, the combination felt just amazing for looping and chopping. The sponge is springy, making it more lively and user-friendly when compared to regular Hurricane 8. The tacky topsheet helps a lot with control and generating lots of spin on the ball.
11/01/2022 Replacement for H3 Review by Jorge Merino
I originally purchased this rubber for my backhand but I feel it is more for the forehand. I have had H3 National and H3 Neo in my forehand for some time now, and this is like an H3 that is easier to use (since it is softer) and doesn't need boosting in the forehand. It may be a little slower than a H3 Neo or a boosted H3, but as tacky.
Now if you boost it, it can do both forehand and backhand easily. It will behave as a boosted H3 38 degrees.
This rubber will excel in all departments: topspin on and off the table, short touch, pushes, and blocking. I still need to see how long it will last, but it is highly possible that I will purchase it again. National rubbers are too expensive in Europe.
DHS Hurricane 8-80 38'