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DHS Hurricane 301X

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.9
A slightly thicker and more powerful version of the Hurricane 301 blade. The Hurricane 301X is a great offensive blade for offensive players. You can expect high power on large strokes but a soft touch in the short game. Like the Long 5, its carbon layer is located next to the core which gets activated during strong penetrating shots such as counterlooping.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/03/2023 Faaaaaast Review by Uda Bhagya
Very fast yet has an exceptional control at long distance. It's a professional blade. Highly recommended
07/01/2023 Faster and harder than 301 Review by Kouros Zirak
The feeling, flexibility, and precision of 301 are much better than 301X. I bought this as I wanted a slightly faster blade, but it turns out that the 301 is more reliable. 301X may work better with softer rubbers. The rubbers I'm using are DHS H3 Turbo Pro & Gewo NexXus 53 Superselect.
04/10/2022 Very Good Blade Review by Shu Nar Yen
It Feel very good with many rubber I matched and very balanced
My first alc inner layer blade and I liked .
27/07/2021 Fast & Furious Review by Ilyas Almaty
This is a very fast ALC blade, definitely not for a beginner. You need to have a decent tt experience to tame it. The surface is quite stiff & hard. The handle is thin, therefore overgrip may be considered.
Be careful with rubber selection, slow rubber may be required.
Requires gentle technique when playing in close to table zone.
I love playing backhand with this blade.
Overall this is a good choice for a developed OFF+ speed-oriented attackers.
ps: lacquering is strongly recommended before gluing, outer PLY is loose.
10/02/2021 Не плохое основание, как альтернатива Viscaria в два раза дешевле! Review by Timpu Sergiu
Я пробовал на FH Hurricane 3 и nittaku fastarc G-1 и на BH Fastarc G-1 и Victas V11 extra! Больше понравилась комбинация H3 + V11 extra! Я не профи и больше не могу сказать, чтобы не ввести кого-то в заблуждение!
Обязательно нанесите лак, шпон выдирается при снятии накладки!
P. S. основание не плохое, труднее подобрать к ней накладки!
Спасибо ещё раз tt11 за отличный сервис и быструю доставку!
14/01/2021 Easy to control Review by Bob Afdlin
Although this blade is carbon, but the control is amazing! Slower than Hurricane Ma Long. The handle feels nice and comfortable. The box provided was amazing too!!
DHS Hurricane 301X