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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 40'

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Rubber type : inverted
A higher quality version of Hurricane 3 Neo. With the Provincial version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 Neo has been amplified by a great margin. 40-degree hardness. Orange sponge.

Customer Reviews

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25/11/2019 Very good spin and speed with tuning Review by Jakub Bubnowski
I have orange spong. Before tuning its little bit to less speed and spin. After its fast and spiny. Rubber its not so much tough od you compare to friendship battle 2 but more than dhs Skyline 3-60. Prefer plaing in FH.
08/03/2019 A definite upgrade of the commercial one Review by Juan Alfonso Chan Chong
A little bit less tackiness, more power and more consistent than the commercial version. Needs cleaning very often.
23/10/2018 I wish I was 20 years old again... Review by Mark Elert
...Because if I was, I could make the most of this excellent rubber. Before I summarize... Pros - best service spin ever, and can keep it low/short; (FH); excellent short game; lifting/opening excellent; (FH) excellent looping; not too sensitive to incoming spin. Cons - not bouncy enough for passive block/recoveries; smashes are tricky at times/one must add top-spin on smashes to be more consistent. Summary - if I were young, could move better, and get in the right positions...there is no better rubber, as it excels in serves, short game, looping, loop-kills as it performs better when hit harder - BUT - if you don't move well enough ( me), you'll need more bounce when out of position.
19/09/2018 Very Good Review by Jorgelina Ramonda
Very good rubber, thanks.
14/12/2017 Unbeatable and amazing Review by Abdullah Aslam
Great rubber, especially for top spins and short chop. Great control and excellent throw. I highly reccomend it for fore hand. Thank you table tennis 11 for a suprising quick delivery and amazing product.
31/10/2017 Моя первая липучка Review by Kiryl Miatlushka
+ Timo Boll ZLC = довольно жесковато. Очень непривычная накладка по сравнению с тензорами. Пока мало у меня стабильности в короткой игре. Плоскачи со стола лучше даже не пытаться делать, медленно и непредсказуемо, лучше все вращать. Зато сильный топс если сделал, то у соперника очень мало шансов. Вращение идет такое, что мяч даже от шипов улетает в неизвестном направлении (если с шипами не МС). Очень требовательна и к технике и к ногам. Не добежал, потянулся - всё, забудь.
First of all I want to thank tabletennis11 for their great customer service and of course their quality products. I am from the US and the cost delivery is the best also the delivery time is so fast, 3 days to 4 days. U can't beat that.!!

DHS HURRICANE 3 NEO PROVINCIAL is the best rubber I played so far for my FH. Loops, blocks, counter loops, drives and smashes is great. Looping backspin is a breeze and very easy to do with this rubber. Compare it with the regular h3neo commercial , provincial is by far better and easier to play with. Thanks tabletennis11 for such great service and quality products. Definitely recommended for ur table tennis products is especially quality products.
10/08/2017 Quite satisfied and met expectations Review by Jose Campuzano
Quite satisfied and met expectations as described in some reviews.
04/04/2016 Sangat Bagus Review by Fadhil
Cocok untuk forehand dan kualitasnya bagus!
23/01/2015 Highly Recommended Review by Richard Yip
Good tacky Chinese rubber. Excellent spin and performance. Speed is good if you can adopt Chinese style strokes.
12/05/2014 it is like to pilot a formula Review by caron francois
If I compare with a good japanese rubber It is like to compare a very good sport car with a formula. the rubber is more rigid the sponge absorb the energy of the ball like powerful carbon brake when you block or restitue it when you topspin.The sticky surface is like the rubber of formula tire giving extreme adherence for acceleration or break. Of course this rubber is very fine sensitive and do not accept small error and also he need a lot of power. It is a very physical play.
04/01/2014 Surprisingly good! Best FH rubber! Review by Zhen Lu
So much spin and power! Best FH rubber ever! The surface is no longer old style sticky but rather dynamic! Superb as service also. Offensive upper spin tops all rubbers!
27/12/2013 Choice of the rubber Review by Zhen Lu
This is probably the best sticky FH rubber at this price range. Only shy to the blue sponge version which is like $30 more. Very spinny very powerful very good at service
DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 40'