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DHS Cloud & Fog 3

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Rubber type : long pips
Special shape of the long pimples and highly elastic rubber combined with hard sponge gives you the opportunity not only for effective chop defense far from the table, but also for surprising unexpected counter attack. Thickness 1.0 mm and OX (without sponge). Strategy: DEF-ALL

Customer Reviews

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31/08/2021 Amazing Review by Austin Howd
Very good for attack if you use sponge.
14/02/2021 Odlično Review by Dragan Tintor
10/05/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnije dlinnije shipi na gubke 1.0mm.mozno napadat.
09/01/2017 How do I say this.... Review by Genrel Abuel
Well. This rubber is not for defense, that's for sure. It's a bit fast for a LP but it's throw is so low and control is difficult to use it as an offensive pips. But once you attack with it, your opponent will find it hard to return your shot. But most of the time you'll end up to the net. So if you're looking for a defensing LP look for the conventional ones and if you're looking for an attacking (hitting) LP I suggest you use Donic Akkadi L2.
30/12/2016 Good Review by Andrej Reshetnikov
Horoshaja stabiljnaja nakladka
DHS Cloud & Fog 3