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Der Materialspezialist TTR-Killer

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Rubber type : antispin
TTR-KILLER is an anti-spin rubber that skillfully combines the destructive attributes of long pimples and anti-spin, demonstrating a remarkable level of technical mastery in the realm of table tennis. This unique rubber features an exceptionally thin top layer with elongated inward-facing pimples, resulting in a trajectory that is impressively flat and characterized by a sharp downward plunge—typically a trait associated with long pimples. Thanks to its classic anti-top formulation, TTR-KILLER remains immune to spin and provides players with invaluable feedback and control, all courtesy of its state-of-the-art sponge technology. For those opting for thinner sponge versions, the rubber is optimal for close-to-the-table play and classical defense, delivering a short, exceptionally flat ball trajectory with unpredictable spin variations. As you increase the sponge thickness, TTR-KILLER unveils its full offensive potential, creating substantial challenges for opponents by harnessing both its integrated disruptive effect and the substantial ball-sinking capability.

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27/03/2024 unassuming Review by Kamarulzaman Thiara
good anti rubber . easy control and a variety of unconventional defense and offense strokes
Der Materialspezialist TTR-Killer