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Der Materialspezialist Invictus

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 5.4
der-materialspezialist INVICTUS is a sensation in the realm of power allround blades and an important asset to table tennis blades in general. When playing short and aggressive strokes this blade accelerates the ball and reaches catapult values in the region of offensive blades, whereas the ball is slowed down when playing defensive strokes. For the first time, we have utilized a new gluing technique, that grants the player high control values and an unparalleled feel for the ball. When playing with pimples and anti-spin rubbers, a low ball trajectory and a high spin reversal are created, whilst the blade is very forgiving when dealing with low rotation playing style. INVICTUS also has outstanding offensive potential, which is why the opponents' passive strokes can be answered effortlessly. Dimensions: 15,5 cm x 15,0 cm x 0,63 cm
Der Materialspezialist Invictus