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Der Materialspezialist Firestorm

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Rubber type : short pips
Firestorm combines a spinny short pips topsheet with a fast, glue effect sponge. This tensioned short pips rubber generates high spin and speed with a strong catapult effect for short pips. You can execute most inverted rubber style strokes while still allowing you to hit through the ball as one would expect from short pips.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/04/2019 Good!!! Review by BYUN Han-Seok
It's very good speed & control.
16/04/2019 Good spin Review by paulus pusponegoro
Good spin & block.
03/04/2019 Firestorm Review by Lars Lahti
Good control and excellent speed.
22/02/2019 Very Good!!! Review by BYUN Han-Seok
This is my first short pimple. I would like to say thanks for Firestorm. Very easy control short, back hand drive and fast attacking to other side.
07/01/2019 A True Game Enhancer for a certain style of play Review by Lee
Simply stated, Firestorm is the best rubber I have encountered up to this date, for my playing style. To my knowledge, it is the only currently available rubber with the following desirable attributes. Conical short pips, visually arranged cross-wise (vs length-wise), with smooth, shiny tops. I suggest the result is ideal for the close-to-table player, who primarily drives (vs loops) the ball, who desires relative insensitivity to incoming spin, and who yet desires to play all the shots of an inverted. A major advantageous playmaking quality for Firestorm is to be able to generate fast drives against incoming top-spins and most back-spins . . . one merely adjusts blade angle and then fires away. It can block, push, chop, and loop the ball; but driving the ball in most conditions and against all rubber types is its strength. I’ve tried 1.5, 1.8, and 2.1 sponges on several types of blades, preferring 1.5 on balsa due to its light weight setup, which improves my reaction time while playing close to the table. 1.5 has plenty of speed as well, perhaps even more than that obtained from the thicker sponges. One could argue to used Firestorm on both FH and BH, but I used only on FH. Desiring to use a different type of rubber on BH, my preference is Hallmark’s Magic Pips, with next choices being Globe’s 889-2 and DM’s Hellcat, each one in ox. Thank you, DM, for creating unique Firestorm . . . it can be a true game-enhancer . . . and thank you, TT11, for your great service.
27/11/2018 Awesome Review by ronila lanada
This short pips will really make you play all offensive...I find that it is more linear...I paired it with a medium pips and it is more deadly combination.
03/07/2018 Love at first flight. Review by Jon Bradley
I played with Victas 101 and it was great for blocking and pushing, but difficult to initiate offense. Spectol red was easier to attack with, but blocks were not flat enough. Firestorm is the perfect combination for everything. Easy enough to attack with and blocks do not fly off the table. I get plenty of spin on pushes and serves. More control for me than I had with Spectol red or blue and much easier to attack with than Victas 101. This is my favorite short pip that I have played with.
11/05/2018 Excellent rubber Review by johns
Excellent rubber
Der Materialspezialist Firestorm