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Darker Esteem

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 79
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Darker Esteem blade uses a combination of cypress wood and carbon to produce a blade with a softer and somewhat flexible feel. This allows for excellent spin, speed, and power with a high degree of control while looping.

Customer Reviews

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Purchased this blade to quit balsa and keep a light setup. 71 gr.
Great offensive weapon! Very linear compared to my previous blades.
Good control and superb feeling! Mounted with T05 on FH and Rasanter R37 on the BH. Couldn't recommend this beauty more.
And TT11 service at the top!
30/04/2016 Very light, fast, big sweet spot close to table blade Review by Mark Kinlocke
I have been using this blade since June 2015 I have bought a new one in March 2016 because the first one has developed a split thus separating the plies. I have repaired it using Chair Doctor glue and it is still my main blade with the new one as back up. To be fair the damage was probably caused by me hitting the table.
Summary, if you have used a single-ply hinoki blade, you will already
know the general characteristics, fast but controllable. Best suited for drive
loops from near to the table.
Stand out features of the Esteem:
1 Smallish head (150x155mm), Hinoki wood, carbon, very light. With Tenergy
05/25FX weight is 176g
2 Unique grip (conc/fl). Hard to describe but allows for easy and fast transition from BH to FH
3. Playing characteristic very direct, driving bat rather than spinny loop. But
now that I have it a while, I have learned to hold the bat very lightly for
slow loops
Maybe it's the small size and carbon but the sweet spot/blade feel is the same almost the same whether hitting the ball at the end of the blade or in the middle. So very nice for blocking or flicking those fast topspins that your
opponent plays to your body.
4. The balance is near neutral with Tenergy so with the light weight, your
shots can feel a bit slow even though the ball is travelling very fast.
5. I am not young. So I tend to chop a lot with BH and FH to slow the game a
bit. Surprisingly I do this quite acceptably with this setup.
6. I do have trouble with serve control compared to my other setup, OSP Expert (carbon) with T05/05. I really have to concentrate before serve in order to impart the spin and direction that I want.
7. It generally has a hard feel with not much flex.
If you are used to Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit or similar, this blade is not for you.
Over the weekend I played a veterans tournament. Of course most players were playing with anti/LP. I did win a couple of good matches simply by pushing or light topspin and attacking when the opportunity appeared. But I really had to concentrate to grip the bat lightly in order to allow me to control the balls.
Darker Esteem