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Book "Technique with Samsonov"

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Language: English Author: Radivoj Hudetz

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31/03/2022 Perhaps a bit outdated but overall very informative Review by Ladislav Haluska
It appears to the core of it was written in the times of the small celluloid balls, but most of the things contained within are still relevant today; moreover, I can assume some of the insights are not to be found elsewhere.
22/02/2019 Needs updating for changes to the game. Review by Michael Lewis
Overall, still a technically good book. However, a bit outdated in some respects as the game and the rules have changed.
18/06/2017 book Review by Co Quach
Good book if the book come with the DVD will be better
18/10/2016 Informative Review by Alvin Sarmiento
05/10/2015 very good book Review by Minh N
The author is clearly a very experienced European coach, and has put an enormous amount of material into the second edition of this book. The small font / typesetting provides good bang for the buck, and it's taking me months to work through this book. For players, this book may be of limited value, but coming to this book as a coach myself, I'm continually finding many nuggets of coaching wisdom. The author has a highly sophisticated philosophy regarding the coaching of technique, which I'm sure could only be acquired after coaching for many years at a high level.

Regarding downsides of this book, the meat of the book describing the various stroke techniques is a bit dry and monotonous. The descriptions lean towards the mechanical side, and you won't find much magical technical advice like you would if working with a high level coach in person.

There are many images showing how Samsonov and Lengerov perform the various strokes. Each technique also includes a section describing common mistakes, causes for the mistakes, and how to correct them.
Book "Technique with Samsonov"