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Armstrong Val Attack 40&44 Round Jp.Pen

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 7.9
Armstrong Val Attack 40&44 has excellent control and feeling

Customer Reviews

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24/09/2020 Solid and Consistent Review by tcheesen
I bought this blade to be used as an alternative to my Armstrong's APEX21 Kase blade bought directly from the Armstrong shop in Japan.
Both blades are Kase handle, which is an awesome invention for Jp Pen players who want to play good RPB strokes, close to shakehand players.
My experience after playing for a few months is that the VAL is equally good as the APEX21, even though the latter is a higher premium blade (single-ply hinoki). There are some slight differences - the VAL provides more consistent in my RPB and FH strokes and also seems to have more solid power in drives & smashes, but loses out slightly to the APEX21 in terms of sharpness, speed, and looping. I think a contributing reason to all these could be the round shape of the VAL versus the square shape of the APEX21.
My game has improved substantially with VAL especially in RPB and also more power play in drives and smashes, with stronger spin in serves that allows for 3rd ball attack.
Armstrong Val Attack 40&44 Round Jp.Pen