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Andro Rasanter C48

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Rubber type : inverted
Rasanter R45, R48, C48, R53 and C53 rubbers are equipped with the sponge that has the same pore size as the previous Rasanter versions but with increased inner tension. This makes each cell a small compressor and gives the rubber greater power potential. C is for counter-spin. The pimples in the topsheet of Rasanter C rubbers are equipped with wider basement that neutralizes the incoming rotation and allows controlled counter-spins with aggressive trajectories. Due to the compression of that pimple base, the Rasanter C also makes it possible to improve the serve-return game considerably. The 48 degree version allows to bring the variation into the player's game. The rubber makes it easy to stay stable on the passive shots and short game.

Customer Reviews

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02/08/2022 Strange rubber Review by kk Lui
Don’t quite understand about counterspin. I bought a 2.0 C48. Good for controlled blocking of drives and smashes, the returned ball always land near the baseline. It’s becoming more offensive when you apply spin when rallying or countering. Feel a bit hard but it seems to be able to absorb a lot of impact from incoming fast and spinning balls. A strange rubber.
Andro Rasanter C48