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Andro Rasanter C45

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Rubber type : inverted
Rasanter C45, R45, C48, R48, C53 and R53 rubbers are equipped with the sponge that has the same pore size as the previous Rasanter versions but with increased inner tension. This makes each cell a small compressor and gives the rubber greater power potential. C is for counter-spin. The pimples in the topsheet of Rasanter C rubbers are equipped with wider basement that neutralizes the incoming rotation and allows controlled counter-spins with aggressive trajectories. Due to the compression of that pimple base, the Rasanter C also makes it possible to improve the serve-return game considerably. The 45 degree sponge allows to execute both active and passive strokes in the best possible way. Rasanter C45 gives a perfect balance of speed and control, which is the basis for variable offensive spin-oriented game.
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Customer Reviews

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03/10/2023 Good BH-flick rubber & from half-distance Review by Philipp S.
To C45, black, 2.0mm, played on backhand of Darker Esteem, 72-76g Hinoki carbon blade. Masses C45: OVP: 97g, uncutted: 66g, cutted 45g (156mmx150mm)

When driving, I have a good feeling as with the C48, the precision in placing the balls is right. As a comparison: FX-D and Aurus Select start to spread more with higher impact hardness, C45 does less.
The short game works relatively well, the C-top-rubber absorbs energy and helps keep the balls short and low, as long you play only with the C-top-rubber. Comparison to R45: there the catapult starts much earlier, noticeable difference.

Even relatively "aggressively" pushes with a lot of spin come very flat and good without sailing over the plate.

C45 is a dream for flicks & BH-openings, but the C45 already has a bit too much catapult for me, which means I have to be careful when blocking (closing the blade face) and often have to reduce the impact hardness of BH-topspins, so that it fits.

I really like the C-top-rubber from Andro, lots of spin possible. A C45 with less catapult in the sponge would probably be ideal for my RH, and in green ;-)
C45 is very suitable for spiny serves, flips on or over the table and playing from half-distance with short arm movements. Less suitable for blocking at the table.
Andro Rasanter C45