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Yasaka Sweden Extra

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The Champion’s choice. Optimal combination of material and treatment to give a balance between feeling and power, suitable for the modern topspin game. Very soft feeling in attacking and blocking. Good combination with any rubbers. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

27/02/2018 Very good for beginners. Review by Goran
I paired it up with Palio CJ8000... maybe little to slow with that combination, but consistency and control are excellent and that is what I was looking for.
02/02/2018 Excellent Review by Wisconsin USA
I played with YinHe w6 for a few years before switching to this. Should not have waited! This has much better control. It can do anything. I tried expensive Butterfly paddle and sold it. Much prefer this blade. My rating is around 1500, but higher rated players at our club also use and respect this blade. I use Max mxp on each side and grip tape on the handle and it feels well balanced. Plenty fast with that setup. I don’t think I will ever switch blades again. No reason to. For the money, you can’t beat this blade. Great value. I did lacquer it to prevent splintering. Nice arc on loops. Great feeling. Beginners may prefer using this blade with tibhar EL-P rubbers instead of mxp.
25/01/2018 Highly recommended Review by Andrei Toader
Wood has got potential. High through angle hand must be relaxed or you can over hit some balls. Sound is pleasant medium pitch and vibrations are very well controlled. As a bonus the handle just looks amazing.
23/01/2018 Excellent! Review by Gicu Arama
Excellent product, I love it! A lot of control with Mark V rubbers! Very good assembly and fast delivery! Thanks a lot, Tabletennis11!
22/12/2017 Great bat Review by Ravi Kalluri
I am really enjoying using this blade. My older blade was the Killerspin Kido 7p. It was too fast for my skill level. This blade has more flex and is softer. My strokes are significantly better with this blade as it offers more control.

If you are a intermediate player, this is a great tool!
26/05/2017 Gears. Control. A joy to hold. Review by MANOJ PRABHU
Awesome when paired with Yasaka Mark V on both sides.
Flared handle is excellent.
Plenty of gears in this combo.
Controlled chopping. Got it.
Fast top spin. Got it.
Spinny serves that are hard to return. Got it.
Want to enjoy playing an all-round game, have excellent control, exert pressure on your opponent's defence, and when the opening presents itself, hit winners and finish the points.
I believe the search ends here.
25/02/2017 Excelente !!! Maravilhosa Review by Edilson Pereira
Melhor madeira que eu ja tive !!!
24/11/2016 Brilliant blade - best I've had yet. Review by Nicholas Warren
The Yasaka Sweden Extra has a beautiful feel, well-balanced flex and a massive range of strokes. As an all-round player, it is essential to be able to hit fast loops, slow loops, blocks, and chops all from the near table as well as from far back - and the Extra provides all of that with no fault. As an RPB player, I tend to prefer using flared shakehand blades, because the extra leverage in the handle provides a more explosive contact - would recommend this blade in its shakehand form to both penholders and shakehanders equally.
12/07/2016 Good quality Review by Pablo Polvorin
This is a good quality blade, the assembly service was excellent and delivery by tabletennis11 was fast. They even include a gift on my order!.

Only downside was the long delivery time to my house, but the bottleneck was on my country' mail processing, not their fault.
10/05/2016 very good blade Review by Jan Bogdan
Nice blade in all plus off minus category,good ball feel ,lacks power away from the table but not what it's for. blocking not very good but looping great,for what it costs you can't go wrong
20/04/2016 nice control blade Review by JAYENDRA RAVAL
nice control blade
20/11/2015 Excellent all-round blade Review by Petros Michaelides
Very good combination with mark v for close to table all-round game. Suitable for players of all levels.
Yasaka Sweden Extra