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YASAKA Rakza 7

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pimple : pimple in
rubber spin : 98
rubber control : 49
rubber speed : 97
RAKZA 7 is the newly developed rubber by YASAKA, using mainly natural rubber gum for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new “Power Sponge”. The top sheet and “Power Sponge” work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber RAKZA 7. When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber “grips” the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Due to the increased percentage of natural gum the durability is improved.

Customer Reviews

26/01/2017 Great! Review by Umut Afacan
This rubber is great, i tried to find a backhand rubber. it suits for modern offensive game play, hardness is perfect for quick flicks or over table shots. It has a lot power with 2.0 sponge for away from table. Spins are good. My backhand consistency and spins gets much better with this blade. I played with softer blades. Probably, it will suit with carbon blades, maybe it can lack a feel with stiff and hard blades.
23/01/2017 Good product Review by Sanjiv Malavia
Its good for forhand , give good power and spin. Im using this since last 2 years.
19/01/2017 very nice rubber Review by hammad ullah malik
nice spin handsome speed overall good rubber
12/01/2017 Otlicnaja Review by Jevgenij Bragin
10/11/2016 very good Review by Nilton Silva
very good.
05/11/2016 Better than Rakza X and Rakza 7 Soft Review by Dr. GAURAV SHARMA
I was playing with Rakza X max earlier and had ordered Rakza X 2 mm for my friend. I however changed to Rakza 7 on FH. Its much more spinier, better control, . Topspins , blocking , drives, touch games are better. The only place it creates problems is in the underspin returns to service. The angle needs to be a little more open for good safe returns. In my opinion much more stabler than the Rakza x
03/11/2016 EXCELENTE Review by Ariel Diaz
20/10/2016 Great control rubber Review by Johnny Wu
Powerful yet controlled...very good chopping or looping
14/10/2016 Good rubber for my FH Review by Faizan Ahmad
I used DHS Tinarc for my FH and this rubber took me to a different level of game. Its not heavy and now i can loop with much less effort. Great quality and affordable. Thanks.
07/09/2016 good rubber Review by kwok kee Lui
overall good rubber in terms og bouncing control and spin but lacking a good grip in looping and counterloopcampared to rasent or rasent grip.
09/08/2016 Value rubber Review by Htun Lynn
Value and it was gave me perfect grip.
18/05/2016 YASAKA Rakza 7 Review by Xuong Luong
This is softer than Rakza 10 rubber. If you are smasher, use harder rubber because softer won't deliver the ball well as harder rubber. Soft rubber is good for loop and flick, so depend on Ur style. I have 4 Rakza 10 which works perfectly for smashing, loop & flick would work too.
14/05/2016 Easy to play Review by Luis Nasche
I don't know if this rubber is great doing something, but it's very good doing everything.

Mid throw, mid hard sponge. I'm using a black max sheet on my backhand.

Easy to play, a natural fit on BH, but can be used on both wings for controlled offensive players.

The speed is very good, the spin is very good, control is good, good looping, very good hitting, good blocking and serving. Just keep it dry or the ball will slip.

Back in the day I was a Mark V user, with Rakza 7 I just feel like I'm home. There are better rubbers doing one thing or another, but for it's price Rakza 7 is a safe choice and a very, very good rubber without major flaws.
18/04/2016 very nice rubber Review by Thiago Medalha
Good control and spin, and fast enough for my backhand, in my stiga Infinity.
29/03/2016 Try changing to use this rubber for BH Review by Francis
Trying to use this rubber for BH. Good control, a bit slow in stroke. Fine for block.

Btw, the packing of rakza rubber I buy in local shop has a protective slide from yasaka bundled. However, no such protective slide when buying via TT11. Not sure if the local shop is selling Jap version.
10/03/2016 Good Review by Anderson Sampaio
Usually compares this rubber with Tenergy 05 I don't think they look like, is slower then tenergy and the sensitivity is different, top layer is pretty simular but the sponge is harder then Tenergy. The control is better compare to t05.

Need to say, this rubber shines in the short game and it is very spiny.

Definitely for me a BH rubber, due to its better control and less bounce compare with 05.

My setup

Nitakku Barwell Fleet
FH Rasant Turbo
BH Yasaka Raiza 7

03/03/2016 Yasaka Rakza 7 Review by RONEL SINGH
Pro: Very Good Spin//Good Control/ Good for Backhand.

19/02/2016 Dream come true! Review by Marko Mitrovic
Apsolutly amazing rubber!
04/02/2016 too soft Review by TSANG YIN TIN
this rubber maybe need to use on carbon blade
14/01/2016 Execellent Review by Dessen Ramen
Very good rubber
It has goos control, nice spin and speed
09/01/2016 great rubber with speed & control Review by Joon Lee
I thought it was just a good rubber for tenergy repalcement. But in my opinion it's far better than tenergy. good block, loop, push. I am satisfied.
14/12/2015 Excellent!! I use it for the backhand - Its really spinny and fast - good control and all over the rubber (in all points of hit) Review by yaniv bokobza
I love it.
06/12/2015 very good Rubber. Review by victor tang
This Rubber is very good spinning & control .But the speed is OK when you need.I would recommend for the back hand Rubber.
24/11/2015 Rakza 7 rubber Review by Mohammed Misbah
Rubber is excellent and my opponents could feel the power on the ball but i bought a bit heavy blade but as i practice it should be fine gradually.
Excellent customer service from simply great and very honest.I have already referred to my friends.
Best of luck
12/11/2015 Offensive rubber Review by Sarvotham Pai
This is an all out offensive rubber. However this doesn't suit that well for Plastic balls. Go for Rakza X instead.
29/10/2015 Excellent Rubber Review by Pranot Mahabaley
This rubber is a very balanced rubber.
Medium Hard, Speed-Spin-Control very good.
I paired Rakza 7 with Yinhe T-11 +.
I love this racket.
29/09/2015 WRAPT! Review by Kelly Martin
these rubbers have taken our game to another level…..service second to none and great prices as well….
21/09/2015 Good balance of speed, spin and control. Review by Ralph Taylor
Good balance of speed, spin and control.
Been using Rakza 7 for over 1 year.
Suit All+ to Off player
Lasts quite well.
Only down side for me is quite heavy setup if you use on both FH and BH like me.
12/06/2015 great alround rubber Review by Stephen Collard
My son and brother use this. They both play an open topspin game. and find the speed ,sin and control excellent. my son uses a slower blade to give him a a little more control. My brother uses a Stiga Classic allround blade.
10/06/2015 Great rubber Review by Alexander
I played Rakza 7 on Korbel and it fits it very well. The combination gives a good high throw compared to Tenergy 05 series.

Very stable in every element. Good spin and speed, moderate catapult, can't say it outperform in either of them but very very good nevertheless. Topsheet is very grippy.
If you're looking for a good looping rubber that is cheaper than Tenergy it may be your choice (for amateur level of course).
06/06/2015 Perfect Review by ANSUMAN
Very good forehand rubber. Kudos to Yasaka. It was very good & still very good with the poly balls. Perfect rubber..
06/04/2015 excellent Review by Dessen Ramen
great sponge to play with
great speed, spin is as good as Donic M1 and control is just wonderful
19/03/2015 Excellent rubber Review by Frank
Big fan of this rubber, lots of spin and speed, excellent control. Seems durable too. Used on my forehand.
19/01/2015 not good Review by GIORGOS Liagkos
slower than rakza 7 soft i was bought a before a year
18/12/2014 Brilliant !!! Absolutely Brilliant. Period. Review by Rajd1234
I have always been an admirer of Yasaka. And this rubber has not disappointed me. Using it of HL5 Backhand. Great looping, blocking. And, very fast and reliable shipping as usual. Keep up the good work.
17/12/2014 very good Review by Andrei
This rubber is good for all strokes in 1.8 mm on backhand gives very good control and adequate speed for an offensive game. Ten stars for tabletennis11.
10/12/2014 greay rubber Review by Cheuk Tom
No brainer rubber, last much longer than others
25/11/2014 canot go wrong w these rubber Review by Cheuk Tom
Had used them, it is a no brainer to buy them
Durable and good quality rubber for sale price at Tt11
19/11/2014 All around perfect Review by Omer Erdogan
Much much better than expected. Can do anything more than average which is what most player want... Good for both forehand and backhand, reasonable speed, good control, nice feel and touch, overall perfect..
25/10/2014 good Review by ِAmjed Alzigbi
good for looping and it fast and light weight
and medium hard sponge
14/09/2014 Rakza 7 Review by Gert-Jan M. from The Netherlands
Very good rubber, which i had order earlier because it has great grip - much controle and good spin. Most important that you can put the ball very exactly where you want.

Just received my order in good condition.
I am very pleased with it and it looks very good Guys.
Well done!
I want to thank you for the quick delivery and
the very good quality of assembling.

Thanks a lot for your very professional way off
The track and trace worked also perfect.
Thank you again.
09/09/2014 Excellent rubber Review by Hoang Trinh
The rubber is very good for looping & attacking. The sale price at TT11 super!
05/09/2014 Quality Rubber Review by michail matsioris
Good price and Quality Rubber
23/08/2014 excellent Review by Dessen
really great rubber .
u got everything in it
good speed, spin and decent control..
good for mid distance and also close to the table.. u got the power needed for attacking and also looping..
works like a charm on the FH
23/08/2014 Good Review by Gennady
high quality rubber.
22/08/2014 excellent Review by Dessen Ramen
really good rubber
good spin, speed and great control
you can do anything with it, spin, smash, looping also is quite good..
be it at mid distance or near the table is good
13/08/2014 Excelente Review by Daniel OBesso Cabanillas
Muy buen producto.
31/07/2014 good Review by Silveira
24/06/2014 excelent rubber Review by ronald reyes gonzalez
Excelente goma , combinada con un madero de control se convierte en unn arma asesina, grandes topspin los puedes generara desde cualquier lugar ,el bloqueo es facil solo debes darle direccion . ( pero ojo combinala con maderos de control).
04/06/2014 very good. Review by Daniel
very good.
01/05/2014 great rubber Review by mehran s
i quite like it. its very grippy and quite fast (max) would make a great forhand and backhand rubber.
29/04/2014 Good price and Quality Rubber Review by Andy Lee
Good price and Quality Rubber
19/04/2014 Best choice quality for money. Review by KOSTAS NIKOPOULOS
The best rubber value for money.Equal to Tibhar Iq,Donic blufire,Andro rasant.Only Tenergy 05 has more spin but less speed than Rakza 7.It is the same after 4-5 months with 6-8 hours training a week.I tried Rakza 9 maybe little faster but not so gripness as the Rakza 7.
09/04/2014 Good price and quality rubber. Review by Andy Lee
Good price and quality rubber. Highly recommended for FH.
09/04/2014 Good price and quality rubber Review by Andy Lee
Good price and quality rubber. Highly recommended for FH.
09/04/2014 Fast and spiny Review by Xiaobo Lin
Rakza 7 from Yasaka is fast and spiny. The only thing is durability is not as good.
06/04/2014 Not impressed Review by Joan Ruggiero
Did not come up to my expectations thought I would have better play but maybe its on the wrong blade which I will try it on another and see if it works that way
05/04/2014 ok Review by nikola simeuncevic
31/03/2014 Great rubber for the price Review by Ilya Yurievich
Thanks for the price on Rakza 7. Good offensive rubber. Good balance of speed, spin, control and weight.
06/02/2014 Great rubber Review by Rudolfs
I'm beginner and this was my first rubber that I bought. Compared rubber I had on my preambled racket that I had before this Yasaka Razka 7 is in infinity times better. Now I can practice all kinds of shots and feel confident that if I miss or fail to perform some of them then the problem is in my skills not in equipment.
14/01/2014 Good rubber Review by VINCI
Been using this rubber for almost 3 years!! Spin, speed, control!
Good services from TT11. Thanks.
31/12/2013 A great Aternative to Tenergy 05 Review by Intermediate Player
Starting liking Rakza 7 more and more and replace my Tenergy 05 for FH. This rubber is good for both hitting and looping. Top Sheet is quite durable and lasts a long time as long as you keep it clean.
13/12/2013 Perfect quality Review by Ehsan Abou Aljadayel
Perfect quality
11/12/2013 great service again from table tennis 11 Review by andy spring
best forehand rubber i have ever used well done yasaka
16/11/2013 Fabulous Review by Idivar Castro
Just perfect, great spin, control and speed,the best rubber I've ever had!!
25/10/2013 Great rubber sheet for the price. Review by Roger Fordan
The 2.0 regular Rakza 7 is still very good at driving, blocking and smashing. I decided to try 2.0, coming from Max to experiment if I needed a bigger margin of error when miscalculating or performing out of position strokes. Using 2.0 holds true for backhand strokes, but for forehand strokes I may return to Max. Loop quality and ball grip is missing in performing forehand loop, drive, block and smash. The 2.0 sponge forces you to actually be in the right position for every shot. That has plus and minuses depending on what kind of game you play. Overall I may stick with 2.0 on BH and Max on FH.
04/09/2013 Very Good Review by Haoyang Ye
It is a very good rubber, good feeling, pretty fast and a lot of spin. Love it on forehand and backhand.
26/08/2013 Great price Review by Roney
The best site to buy table tennis equipment!
17/08/2013 High quality and durability. Review by Attawit Chaliawkriengkri
High quality and durability.
02/07/2013 excellent rubber Review by s miah
very good rubber for attacking play and power loops, plays very similar to xiom vega pro, which i was useing before. rubber has excellent controll and able to perform all kind of strokes. 9.6/10
28/06/2013 excelente producto Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
un producto que ha tenido una gran acogida por su tecnologia y precio.
11/04/2013 One of the best. Review by Vergil Datu
Used R7 Fh & BH on my other blade that's why I BOUGHT it AGAIN. Need I say more....????
26/03/2013 Good Rubber Review by zach moy
good for learning loop
09/03/2013 A very good rubber for attacking Review by Intermediate player
RAKZA 7 is the perfect rubber for Penhold Holder's FW. Great control, feel and good speed. Plenty of spin and blocks well also. Works great with Butterfly Carbon blades or ALC blades. Good for short game also. Highly recommended. I prefer better than RAKZA 7 soft for OFF blade.
07/03/2013 Very fast and spiny rubber Review by Martin
Using this rubber for forehand, faster than Acuda S1 rubber, lower throw, very spiny.
06/03/2013 Good performance Review by abel ruben alvarez
An option that it is not necessary to stop trying
25/02/2013 EXCELLENT PURCHASE Review by abel ruben alvarez
I have received my order in term and date EXCELLENT SERVICE GIVES TEBLETENNIS11!
24/02/2013 Very Good Rubber Review by Joan Gonzalez moreno
Good Speed.
Good Spin.
Good Control.
20/02/2013 A real nice rubber Review by Intermediate Player
A good balance of speed and spin with a lots of control. Currently replaced Tenergy 64 FX on the BH with this rubber and it works real fin on a Butterfly ALC blade. Control seems to be better and better price too. A great alternative to tenergy rubbers
11/02/2013 Fast and very spiny Review by Mr Lin
First time play this rubber, very fast and spiny! Like it very much!
07/02/2013 very good but choose 1,8 mm Review by pietro carrozzo
very good rubber for speed feel spin. i take max black and red and is heavy.choose 1,8 mm black and red.choose max only if you have strong hand,is really heavy
26/01/2013 rakza7 Review by jan bogdan
good spiney and long lasting rubber ,its not tenergy replacement but good for the money
16/01/2013 Very fast and spiny rubber!! Review by Vinci
This is one of my best choice rubber, very fast and spiny! Top spin, push, block, punch, loop, smash.... All around rubber!!
YASAKA Rakza 7