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Tibhar Evolution MX-P

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pimple : pimple in

#1 Best Selling Table Tennis Rubber at in 2015 and 2016!

This version confers the highest dynamic and thus makes MX-P the fastest rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber family. Thanks to the perfect adjustment of the pimple geometry Tibhar managed to produce a rubber with more flexibility conferring to attacking balls extra energy. Thanks to this specificity, MX-P is very well adapted to any player’s game, making no concession in terms of speed and spin. The ball/bat contact time of the MX-P is longer than the reference time, thus conferring much more sensation. EVOLUTION MX-P: chosen by topspin players willing to feel the necessary pressure of their strokes at the table and at half distance.

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Customer Reviews

24/01/2017 Great for the price Review by SEAN HWANG
I love the quality of the rubber for the price. This is a substitute for Tenergy (a rubber that is very over-priced). This rubber may not have the same level of control as Tenergy but it does the job.
19/01/2017 Good choice for offence players Review by Tak Shing Poon
This rubber is very good for forehand offence..
10/01/2017 Great for the price Review by SEAN H
This is an authentic product. The quality of the rubber is great for the price as it's comparable to Tenergy (grossly over-priced rubber in my opinion). I will buy this rubber and from again.
09/12/2016 Thumbs up Review by CroneOne
Fantastic bh rubber on a carbon blade. When everything aligns and you perform a great bh stroke it's loaded with spin and speed but not too uncontrollable as say T64.
08/12/2016 This rubber is the best for all time Review by Dung tien Nguyen
I have been tried many rubber included Tenergy 05 but this Tibhar Evolution MX-P is the best of the best. I would recommended to everybody who want to
Become a professional player.
05/12/2016 Excellent Rubber Review by Roopesh Patade
This is excellent rubber for Pro but need little more control.
01/12/2016 good Review by ilkay Demiralay
T05 similar rubber
26/11/2016 good rubber Review by abdel saa
excellent with forehand
25/11/2016 excelente Review by jorge aranciaga
Me resulto muy adecuada con dr neubauer barricade
16/11/2016 You will enjoy this Review by Cesar Intriago
Great rubber, I used today for the first time in my forehand. I trained 6 month using Sriver G3 and this was the ultimate upgrade for me as you can imagine. Great grip, speed and spin, needs a good technique to control it. I know you will enjoy this rubber, don't be afraid of using complete body language in your shoots and technique. I use this with Tibhar Triple Carbon
09/11/2016 not Butterfly Tenergy 05 replacement Review by Daniel Romila
I bought it as a cheap replacement for Butterfly Tenergy 05. It is not. I bought maximum thickness, both sides on a Nitakku Violin. It likes this combination.
- it is a heavy rubber. Not too heavy in the above combination
- it is a hard rubber. The only harder rubber I ever saw was Yasaka New Era
- it is not so spiny as Tenergy 05
- it has not the nice looping arc of Tenergy 05
- it is faster than Tenergy 05
- it has a good control. If I do 10 times the same stroke, I obtain 10 times the same result. It never happened with Tenergy 05
27/10/2016 Excellent Review by Gary S.
MX-P has the similar properties as the Tenergy class of rubber namely T5.
08/09/2016 Good product Review by IGOR SABINO
Very good rubber, not spin sensitive like tenergy...
07/09/2016 Good rubber Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
I bought it, he likes it
06/09/2016 Excellent equipment Review by Mohamad Khalil
I am very satisfied with the service provided by, very very service. especially the racket assembly and the shipment.

I will never go back to any different rubber, unless In have excess money to TRY different rubbers, other than that Evolution MX-P are my favorite

I needed some time to adapt to the rubber, but once I adapted I had no issues.
31/08/2016 Very Advanced Rubber Review by Daniel Yi
This rubber is a cannon. Very fast, very spinny. As the rubber is very spinny, it is also very spin-sensitive, but I don't mind as it is helping me improve my spin judgement for serve receives and blocking.

As others have said, you must make good contact with the ball, otherwise, the ball trajectory is unpredictable. Early/late timings are punished, so this rubber is for advanced players. As an intermediate-level player, I am contemplating switching to a less demanding rubbber since I don't think I can get everything out of this rubber.

That said, it spins backspin like a dream and the pace is blindingly fast. It is the faster, spinnier rubber that I was looking for when I replaced my Joola Rhyzm. The only con would be that it has less control, but it has more to do with myself as a player rather than the rubber itself. Top marks!
31/08/2016 The best configuration Review by Celina de Lima Guariento
TIBHAR EVOLUTION MX-P is today, the best option i ever made to my table tennis racket
31/08/2016 a bit harder than elp but good to play Review by Phong Nguyen
a bit harder than elp but good to play
30/08/2016 Try MX-P Review by Gene Tuttle
MX-P is slightly slower and less spinny than Tenergy05 but much more controllable and predictable. Switching to MX-P took very little adjustment. MX-P has a slightly lower arc than Tenergy and reacts less to incoming spin for receiving serves.One of the best things about MX-P was the price. MX-P is priced much lower than Tenergy products
25/08/2016 Quality OK Review by Marcio Andrei Fonseca Ribeiro
Quality OK
24/08/2016 Excellent rubber Review by Kevin Turner
Love this rubber. Spin and speed with great blocking. My only advice is that on the forehand, it seems to work best with a hard outer ply. The harder outer ply seems to bring out the best spin, speed, and control of this rubber. The weight can be a problem for some. So if you use this rubber on both sides, your blade will be a bit heavier that you may be accustomed to.

These are the blades I've used this rubber on:

Stiga Carbonado 190 (5 ply carbon blade; 3 wood + 2 carbon)
(FOREHAND) great, but it takes more effort to produce high quality spin and speed. If not hit properly the ball will fly because the spin isn't taking properly with the power. Suggest using less power concentrating on more spin in your stroke. The touch play around the net is excellent though. So serve returns are better.
(BACKHAND) = simply AMAZING !!!! Spin and speed are incredible! Close, mid distance, and away from the table the ball has tons of control !!

Hurricane Long 5 (7 ply carbon blade; 5 wood + 2 carbon)
(FOREHAND) = Great control, spin, and speed. These aspects are increased greater than when this rubber is used on the forehand of the Stiga Carbonado 190. The two outer plies of wood on the HL5 interact great with this rubber on the forehand. Power, spin, speed and control are of the highest quality with this rubber and blade combination. Touch play is also beautiful with this combination. Off the table, is where this combination shines! Effortless! Winners can be hit from just about anywhere! The higher your skill level, the more you'll like this combination.
(BACKHAND) = Excellent! Excellent in every aspect of the game!! But your backhand from mid distance, to far distance with be so much BETTER! Even better than any Tenergy rubber. Control, spin, speed, power are all increased tremendously!

Zhang Jike Super ZLC
(FOREHAND) = The best interaction with this rubber. For mid 40's players like myself who don't always have time to use perfect strokes on every shot in a rally. This combination is what you're looking for. Short compact strokes can produce amazing spin and speed. Taking control of a point, (attacking) off of an opponents loop drive is much easier than any other combination I've experienced. The harder outer ply of the ZJ SZLC brings out the best in this rubber on the forehand...spin, speed, power, control, it's all there. I hit hard, and sometimes the ball flies because the spin isn't taking...but not with this combination. This combination does exactly what you tell it. And toy don't need the perfect body position to produce and point altering shot that puts your opponent on defense. Now, the only drawback is that the farther of the table you go, the less control you'll have. It's not bad by any means, just a little less control the farther back you go. But unless you're world class, that really won't apply. Lol
(BACKHAND) = need good technique. This rubber goes as fast as you tell it when paired with a harder outer ply like Koto wood. Close the blade and swing away on a high ball. Spin the logo off the ball when loop driving from mid distance. But of the table you'll need good technique. And you'll need to get used to the feel of this combination.

Overall, I like this rubber better than any Tenergy. It's more dynamic (versatile) than any tenergy I've tried.

Allow the rubber at least a few days out of the packaging before applying it to your blade. If you apply the rubber to your blade right out of the packaging, and for any reason you have to reglue the rubber. You'll find that the rubber has shrank and will not fit correctly back on the blade. The only way to solve this issue is to allow the rubber a few days of airing out so that it shrinks. Then it will not shrink on the blade, and you'll have no problems regluing it if you ever have to.
23/08/2016 Amazing Review by Yuri Gimenes Saldon
Best rubber I ever try, good control fast and lots of spin when engage the sponge.
17/08/2016 The best for short/fast game Review by Yuval Sharabi
Great for using it not just on short fast game
but also for half distance from table

Spins made easy , Rotations are also applicable with reasonable effort
I'm using it with Samsonov Pure Wood blade and it seems to be a perfect match

Shipping was very fast and responsible

Well done TIBHAR and Tabletennis11 !!

29/06/2016 Tenergy 05 Clone Indeed! Review by Rhonnel Forde
Performs just as well as Tenergy 05. Just at a cheaper price.
29/06/2016 Tenergy 05 Clone Indeed! Review by Rhonnel Forde
Performs just like Tenergy 05. Just at a cheaper price.
23/06/2016 Good grippy rubber Review by Andy Lee
Love it when it is new. Feel like T05. Good for FH and BH.
23/06/2016 Fast and heavy! Review by KH
Very good quality but to me it felt very fast and also quite heavy (compared to T05, T64). But all in all a very good rubber.
19/06/2016 Fast and very balance rubber Review by Ernest Wahyu
Really love this rubber. I'm using it for FH and BH with Tibhar CCA7. At the beginning, I was afraid that I couldn't control the rubber due to its sponge hardness and speed rating. But after playing it I find a really good chemistry with this rubber. I'm surprised that Tibhar Evolution MX-P give a me a very great balance between speed, spin, and control. It's fast like tenergy, but the control remains there. My rating for this rubber is 10/10. Keep your good work Tibhar !!
16/06/2016 Good rubber Review by Islam Safwat
Comparing with the blue fire M2 it's less spiny and olmost the same speed and control, good feeling.
16/06/2016 Good for forehand Review by Zhang Yufei
It's a good choice for a bit softer blade, and also tried in BH, It's just a surprise.
13/06/2016 Excellent rubber Review by Xidong
The rubber is fast and with good spin. It has good quality, and last longer than some other brands. It is little bit harder, but it is powerful for attack.

11/06/2016 Great rubber Review by Luis Nasche
I'm on my third sheet and my previous review is still valid.

Now I've tried this rubber also on Yasaka Sweden Extra and Tibhar Stratus Power Wood and it works great from ALL+ to OFF+ blades.

I've used a medium coat of Falco Tempo Long Booster on one sheet looking to get 1mm more to fit MX-P on another blade and it got a softer and more pleasant touch and became a bit better smashing, but MX-P don't need any additional boosting to improve it's performance, this rubber is great and suitable for forehand or backhand of offensive players.
10/06/2016 Good price,quality and fast delivery Review by Wael AQQAD
08/06/2016 TIBHAR EVOLUTION MX-P Review by Ljupco Krsteski
Tibhar No.1 No Comment
03/06/2016 Less expensive replacement for Tenergy 05 Review by Gene Tuttle
Spin is similar to Tenergy 05. Speed slightly less. Control is better. Price is much cheaper. If you are looking for a rubber that is similar to Tenergy 05 but hate the Tenergy price try TIBHAR MXP
02/06/2016 Excelente Review by Edson Vieira Fragata Junior
Produto excelente
02/06/2016 Excelente Review by Edson Vieira Fragata Junior
Produto excelente
25/05/2016 A beast of rubber.. Review by Ashootosh Sharma
At first I was reluctant to let go my tenergy 05. Then came a playing partner with MXP on his forehand. I tried his racket and decided to give it a shot.

When used with a carbon blade (I use Timo Boll ALC), this rubber is a powerful beast throwing back anything with tremendous speed and good spin. Backspin, loops, floats, chops.. Can handle any incoming stroke.

The rubber shines both close to the table and at medium distance. The arc is low but with the speed, the arc is long enough.

Highly recommended. If you are a player tilting towards pro level, give this one a shot.

Great job Tt11 in getting it delivered in superfast manner without any hiccups. Keep up the great show. You guys rock.
24/05/2016 Great Product Review by Jean Begazo
Good Spin and Speed!
very good product for its price
20/05/2016 Great rubber Review by Luis Nasche
Great offensive rubber for loopers that like to play away from the table.

MX-P is fast, spiny, hard, mid-high throw, heavy, with good control for such a fast rubber. It's great blocking actively over the table and has enough control on short game, but it shines from the mid distance and away from the table where you can generate great speed and spin without a lot of effort.

I was using it primarily on my FH, but since I was not having a great time with MX-S on my BH I gave MX-P a try and this is still there. I'm probably going to MX-P on both wings soon because it just fits well anywhere.

I've used this rubber on BTY Viscaria and Mazunov. Great looping tool on both blades, but the Mazunov became too heavy (I'm using max BH/FH).
20/05/2016 cannot control on bh Review by evren ozturk
i bought maximum thickness for both fh and bh. i am happy with fh but i cant control the ball on bh when i block, chop or drive. i am not sure if i need a lot more practice. we will see in time. but i guess fx-p might be a better alternative
20/05/2016 quality Review by evren ozturk
very satisfied on fh. great spin and great loops. takes some time to adjust the speed because it is maximum thickness
03/05/2016 Best Tenergy 05 Clone! Review by Matthew Deane
This is the best Tenergy 05 clone on the market. The only reason I don't use this rubber currently is because I switched to Tenergy 80 for more all around chopping game. But this MX-P rubber is fantastic! Plenty of power and great spin.
26/04/2016 Good Review by ASHISH JAIN
Speed is good and blocks are also
19/04/2016 Good product at reasonable price Review by Setia Welli
There already so many good reviews about this product and they 've told the story.
18/04/2016 Good tenergy substitute Review by Corey VanWagner
Excellent substitute for tenergy 05. I play around 2000-2100 level and even though it is not exactly like 05 it is very close. And doesn't seem to be as sensitive 2 humidity
17/04/2016 速度相当快 Review by guilei xu
13/04/2016 one tonne heavy Review by xray
this rubber is very very where near Tenergy level ..more like chinese fast rubbers
07/04/2016 Excelent¡¡ Review by Victor Salazar

meets expectations
02/04/2016 Tenergy 05 competitor Review by Alexander Valyugin
I think this rubber should be compared to it's main competitor Tenergy 05. Yes amongst all rubbers I tried this is the closest to Tenergy 05 in feel and performance. Moreover it's cheaper, but it is not a Tenergy clone.

I have tried both rubbers on Carbonado 190 in max thickness. I've played Tenergy 05 (my main rubber) on many other blades and MX-P on some others.

Weight >>>
MX-P weight slightly more than Tenergy.

Hardness >>>
MX-P sponge hardness is between 45.7-47.7 according to Tibhar. So yes it varies significantly. Tenergy 05 is 36 by butterfly scale which is 47 in euro scale. But I must say I noticed MX-P sheets I tried feels like having not less than 47 degree hardness.
MX-P topsheet is softer than Tenergy 05 I believe due to a pimples structure.
Both has great dwell time may MX-P a bit more.

Grip >>>
MX-P top sheet looks very grippy however I experienced ball slippage with MX-P (on rare occasion) which I never did with Tenergy.

Throw angle >>>
I consider both rubbers being high throw however Tenergy 05 has greater throw angle.

Speed >>>
If you compare the maximum speed I believe they both are more or less equal. May be MX-P has a bit more reserve here, however it's not that big.
But regarding the catapult the Tenergy has a greater catapult whereas MX-P is more linear. So you'll get a faster speed with Tenergy on soft (light) shots. But I must say both rubbers allows short play because the catapult is not activated straight away in over the table game. And here MX-P being less bouncy allows a notch safer play.

Spin >>>
You'll get a bit more spin with Tenergy right away. Even brushing the ball lightly results in a good spin. With MX-P you must engage sponge more to get more spin. Brush looping is possible easily but you will get much more spin when the sponge is activated. Therefore prefer harder blades for MX-P which activate sponge earlier.
On full swing both rubbers are almost equal in spin, may be Tenergy wins by a small margin. However in light shots and in over the table game Tenergy gives more spin.

Control >>>
MX-P is less sensitive to incoming spin and more linear in speed so it's easier to block with it. With Tenergy you must choose your racket angle with greater precision for a ball to land the table.
But when doing active shots I think Tenergy 05 with it's extremely hard topsheet gives a greater precision. Tenergy is always consistent on active shots.
However overall in control I will give advantage to MX-P.

Looping >>>
MX-P is of course a looping rubber but I find Tenergy 05 is easier to loop or counter loop with. It's hard to explain but it's just feels better, like it was created for topspins. With Tenergy 05 it's easier to lift heavy backspin as well.
You must understand me correctly with MX-P you can do perfectly great topspins but Tenergy 05 is just better. But of course you 're paying for it by sacrificing in some other areas.

Overall MX-P is greatly balanced rubber that can do it all. Watch Samsonov matches to get an understanding what you can do with it.

But if you are only looking for a top end no compromise looping rubber then choose Tenergy 05. In my opinion Tenergy 05 is still the best looping rubber out there if not taking Chinese.

30/03/2016 Great rubber Review by Coen Slaughter
Ive had all the top end rubbers and this one stacks up well to any of the tenergy rubbers. A great topspin rubber that can hit through anything. Highly recommended
18/03/2016 Good package. Review by NGOC KHOI NGUYEN
The rubber is not spin same Ten, but its acceptable with web price.
12/03/2016 Great for forehand Review by andre Jasper
Very good forehand rubber. Good speed, spin and control. Only issue is the shrinking when regluing.
19/02/2016 Fabulous! Review by Tanay Narshana
I just loved this rubber. It is the best rubber i've ever played with. And a good seller like tabletennis11 was a bonus! :)
12/02/2016 amazing ! Review by KO Joe
I have it on Nittaku's Barwell. (2.1mm) It's a great combination.
I previously played with chinese rubbers, and I'm def not going back any time soon.
It's fast but not too much, and the quality of spin and controll are just amazing.
I would highly recommand.
27/01/2016 good Review by YEUNG CHI HANG
27/01/2016 powerful and speed Review by YANG Li
feeling of contact is similar to bty T,more like T80 but a little harder and less spin
easily to do high speed and powerful smash,but spin isn't extremely,just good only
with different blades and rubber of other side MXP has different performance:with ALC blades-more spin and control; with ZLC and hard 7-wood blades-more speed and powerful;rubber of other side more harder makes MXP more solid
fit for FH,and fit for BH after booster with ZLC blades
21/01/2016 best Review by Zuo lei
it is best i have used germany rubber . worth to buy
21/01/2016 变革中最好的一款 Review by Zuo lei
18/01/2016 evolution mxp Review by Jan Bogdan
Excellent rubber,great service by TT11
07/01/2016 Best Tenergy Alternative on the Market Review by Matthew Deane
To date this is the best Tenergy alternative on the market. MX-P actually has more topsheet tack then Tenergy. The only problem with MX-P is that it's heavier than Tenergy. My 1.9 64 in lighter than my MX-P 1.7 on the same racket. MX-P is also soaked in Dandoy booster so you don't have to boost it at all initially. The speed is great with MX-P!
01/01/2016 Tibhar Evolution MX-P Excellent Choice! Review by Rytis
Tibhar Evolution MX-P rubber is an excellent choice since it's considerably cheaper than Butterfly rubbers but performs as well. Thumbs up for Tibhar for making a high quality but cheaper rubber!
26/11/2015 顶级德套 Review by dang gaofeng
05 64之外最好的套胶,正反手通用,力量、速度、旋转都是一流。小球比其他外套都要好的多。
22/11/2015 Excellent Review by Ruben Kvamme
It generates beast spin, great speed and catapult effect. Also a great high pitched sounded crack at hard contacts. (at least on my blade) I think the only slight con about this rubber would be the weight. (a bit on the heavy side, 73gr uncut). But otherwise the best FH rubber I have tried!
18/11/2015 nice rubber Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
Thanks tt11 for fast shipping
fast rubber
17/11/2015 best rubber Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
This rubber is one of the best rubber that i tried. good spin and very fast,
next time i will try EL-P
11/11/2015 good Review by spinloop
good rubber for loopers
06/11/2015 Excelent Ruber Review by Edwin Bogantes Granados
that ruber improve your game, fast shock, good control. Thats its...
13/10/2015 the best alternative to T05 Review by Jeff Zhu
Wow, simply wow. This rubber kicks other high sping high speed rubbers like Xiom Omega/Donic Blue fires to the curb. I also have used the T05 and MX-P is no underdog against it, in ALL aspects except price. so much lower (LOL)

The life of this rubber is also 500% more than T05. (I hate brittle T05s). It is heavily boosted and it has been performing very well for 5 weeks so far at 4 hours a week for 20 hours of topspins.

Try it to believe it! Well done Tibhar and TT11!
24/09/2015 Does everything well Review by Steven Lee
I learned and played with Sriver for over 30 years. Every now and then I would experiment with something different to see what was out there in terms of rubber choices, but always went back to Sriver for it's fantastic feel and control. MX-P is the first rubber that ever made me feel 100% sure that I never wanted to go back to Sriver again. It is superior in every way including feel and control. I'm now very curious to try the rest of the Evolution series.
03/09/2015 ECCELLENTE Review by Giovanni Sartori
04/08/2015 My favourite Forehand Rubber Review by Blue Dragon
Great rubber and I use it for my FH. Good spin and power. I used it on BTY ALC blade and it's perfect match.
03/08/2015 It's a really powerful top spin rubber with good control Review by Kam Kit Wu
A best all round rubber good for both fore and back hand
13/07/2015 Good rubber Review by Vitor Carvalho
Good quality, Similar to tenergy 05 but cheaper.
13/07/2015 Good rubber Review by Vitor Carvalho
Good quality, Similar to tenergy 05 but cheaper.
30/06/2015 One of the best Review by louise mark Eballa
i can say that this rubber is one of the best rubber that i tried. very spinny top sheet even on poly balls!
25/06/2015 Très bon revêtement Review by Andry johnson
Très bon revêtement sur un bois tendre comme TB Forte (l'ancien).
Très stable mais incontrable avec des bois off-off+
Conclusion : très bon revêtement avec un bois off- tendre et léger.
Il est bon pour les nouvelles balles de .... en plastique.
En terme de longévité : C'est inusable même sans entretien.
25/06/2015 Great rubber for all round game Review by Animish Shendye
I needed a Tenergy replacement and I found it. Attack, counter, occasional chops, you can do everything and anything with great speed, spin and power. Really a great buy.
27/05/2015 good rubber Review by Tu Hoang
Good rubber, almost the same tenergy 05
25/05/2015 good rubber! Review by Jiang
It's a very good rubber! Perfect performance on my viscaria! I like it!
15/05/2015 good price Review by dinesh deshappriya
15/05/2015 Wow! Review by Mataya Seto
MX-P is a killer rubber! I would say that it is not just an alternative to Tenergy rubbers but it is probably better. For those who have yet to try, you should! On top of that, kudos to Tibhar to keep the prices fair!
04/05/2015 Powerful and firm sponge, but with great sound. Review by KK
This is a really nice rubber. I haven't used it long enough to notice when the boosted effect wears off, but it has something special about it right out of the package. Powerful and firm sponge. Yet it has a clicky, speed-glue like feeling with a loud cracking sound right out of the package. Very good spin from mid and long distance, but on passive shots, or brushing shots close to the table, its not in the same class of spin as Chinese rubbers or Tenergy. Definitely worth a try!
25/04/2015 nice Review by jie zheng
this product have a low price and good quality,It is worth to buy
30/03/2015 One of the best rubbers Review by Rui
Works great for FH and BH. I have tried in to Inner force ZLF and lately on Carbonado 145. Definitely the best Tenergy alternative. Tabletennis11 makes it a steal with its on their special offer too.
26/03/2015 One of the top rubbers on the market Review by André Marchiori
All table tennis community search for an alternative for the Tenergys because of the price. This rubber is an excellent alternative.
A little bit heavy, but very spiny and fast. You have to "understand" the rubber to have the best results, so practice. You will have no regrets !

03/03/2015 Used to be the best Review by iakovka
very good grip, spin and overall consistency . Control in short game wih latest generation rubbers is better though.
11/01/2015 No more 05 Review by Eric
Similar quality to 05, powerful, good control, spinny.... but half the price (in promotion)! Almost appropriate on all blades... woody, carbonated, single wood, 5 ply, 7 ply.....simply the best FH rubber.
09/01/2015 solid rubber Review by dim
best fh rubber
27/08/2014 ***** Review by Boris Tsykman
Мне очень нравится.
29/04/2014 Very powerful when it is new Review by Daniel
A very powerful rubber suits for attacting players. I used it 4 days a week. When it is new, the rubber can compete with T05 for sure. After 2 months usages, the power especially in spin and control has decreased around 20%. After 6 months, the rubber seems like dead and only remains 60% power.
27/04/2014 Very good in forehand Review by Sau Fu Ko
Very good for forehand!
24/04/2014 Fantastic attacking rubber Review by Simon
Fast, hard, spinny, allround fantastic attacking rubber which is thoroughly recommended.

From experience it is also highly durable so no need to worry about regular replacement sheets
01/04/2014 Good on my forehand Review by Tak Shing Poon
Very good rubber on my forehand. But too expensive.
18/02/2014 really nice rubber Review by Predrag Lisinac
easy to play with... I use it on my bh in 1,9-2,0... a lot of spin and control and biggest surprise for me is blocking witch is effortless, rubber does everything by it self.... awesome stuff... tnx tt11
11/02/2014 great product Review by Julian MEHILLI
Great rubber and with discount included was better
04/01/2014 Current favorite BH rubber Review by Zhen Lu
Best BH rubber in my mind. MXP, T80, T64 are all extremely good as BH rubbers. It has harder sponge then T80 and more solid then T64 in my mind.
29/12/2013 excelente el despacho,la goma pero la demora causa preocupacion y tiempo de espera.- Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
excelente el despacho,la goma pero la demora causa preocupacion y tiempo de espera.-
13/11/2013 Рекомендую! Review by Pavel Zheltov
Накладка мне понравилась прежде всего сочетанием контроля, скорости и вращения! а задержка мяча на накладке, дает возможность играть по месту неожиданно для соперника. Отдельное спасибо магазину за скорость доставки, всего 1 неделя с момента оплаты!
07/11/2013 Рекомендую! Review by Pavel
Контроль, скорость и вращение! Благодаря задержке мяча на накладке есть прекрасное чувство мяча. Брал в толщине 2.0мм.
02/11/2013 Good Review by Erdenebileg Myagmarsuren
21/10/2013 Not the best option for fh of a penholder Review by guangsha
This rubber is quite heavy. Quite good interns of speed and spin, but still lacks the level control that is required by a penholder to be used as the fh rubber. Maybe used for shake hand blade is better. It's a great rubber for powerful speedo drives, not that easy to do a slow speed looping, too bouncy when try smashing the ball or play the short balls.
30/09/2013 good Review by Cha
Price is expensive.
But nice perpomance.
15/09/2013 Great forehand rubber Review by charles gann
Great forehand rubber can make all of the shots. Not to bouncy in the short game and it rewards full strokes with explosive Power and can generate good spin on serves. I use it on a xiom diva
04/09/2013 excellent rubber ... spin and speed is amazing, I like it Review by MIN-HSIAO HSIEH
I use this rubber as FH. It makes my ball faster than other's rubber. I like it.
23/08/2013 Good Review by Erdenebileg Myagmarsuren
14/08/2013 just perfect! Review by Roman Soltysik
I am intermediate player, use it in 2.0mm thickness on FH (BH is sinus sound) with tibhar sensitec xeon blade. Behaves good on every variations of shots. Most effective at close to midiate distance from table(for 2.0 mm) for skilled players may be good at far distance too. Very controllable, fast and easy to use to.
Gluing: i glue it with 2 layers of glue on the rubber and one on the blade. Next time will put 3 layers on the rubber.
After 3 months loose properties, regluing may help. When pull it off the blade the rubber get smaller.
12/08/2013 buen caucho Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
muy buenos productos, menejando una excelente atencion y puntualidad
17/06/2013 excelente producto Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
un producto que ha tenido una gran acogida por su tecnologia y precio.
12/06/2013 Gooooooood Review by Erdenebileg Myagmarsuren
28/05/2013 .... Review by YungChih
27/05/2013 Fast Review by Bo
Excellent speed and spin. I like this fast and hard rubber on my backhand.
15/05/2013 Very Good Review by Raghuraj Hindupur
Fantastic Rubber. Its very fast and has good control for an attacking player.
Spin is quite good. Right now i am using this rubber with Marcos Freitas blade. The combination is very good. 2 things i want to highlight:
1. Its a very heavy rubber, but could get used to it.
2. You need to use multiple layers of glue to stick this rubber. One layer will not help.
02/05/2013 more than tenergy Review by mkh
the feelig seems as tenergy but it has louder sound and more powerful
Tibhar Evolution MX-P