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Spinlord Waran II

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pimple : short pimple
Waran II combines the unchanged topsheet of Waran with a very fast, medium hard sponge. Due to this newly developed sponge with a strong speed glue effect, Waran II is even faster than Waran. For skilled players playing with short pips, continuous attacking is the way to victory with this. This combination of classical strengths of pips out rubbers with attributes of modern rubbers is what makes Waran II to be such a high level rubber.

Customer Reviews

23/03/2018 Ehh... Review by w.c.
It's a good rubber , but doesn't seem that much different from the Waran 1. It seems a bit faster, and as a subjective judgement, I like it a better than Waran1 since it seems to have a bit more speed.
01/09/2017 Good fast pimp Review by Pete Sliney
Excellent pimp for attacking and a cheaper alternative to joola ultra express. Spin is good and rubber has good control on a slow defplay blade
Spinlord Waran II