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PimplePark Murus

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Number of Layers : 3+2
approximate weight (g) : 75
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Murus is the first blade developed by PiMPLEPARK. Its name derives from the Latin word for "wall". This was the very idea Kai Veenhuis had in mind when creating this blade featuring a 3+2 veneer structure. The three wood veneers are not overly fast and were combined with two relatively soft carbon layers, resulting in a medium-fast all round blade specially adapted to the needs of long pimple players. Long pimple players particularly appreciate carbon blades since they are relatively stiff and facilitate blocking. Playing against the Murus is like playing against a wall. When combined with the Wobbler, for example, the blade allows for very safe and short blocking. Thanks to its specially selected wood veneers, the blade enables very safe play with exceptional control. However, the Murus is not only suitable for long pimple players. If you are an offensive all round player seeking slightly better dynamics while maintaining high control in time of the plastic ball, this blade is the right choice for you as well. The Murus is very strong both in passive and in offensive shots such as topspin strokes and hitting.

Customer Reviews

30/04/2018 Great for OX LP, close to table blocking Review by Zoran Turk
Great blade. On forhand requires normal rubber best is 2.0 mm black Xiom Vega Azia DF, with 1 layer falco tuning. Repeating is neded every 1 month. ( I use falco for 2 to 3 weeks ). Backhand i use Long Pips OX, red Spinlord Dornenglanz for close to table blocking. U must seal the blade i use 1 layer lackuering for boat. I leave it to dry and then i polish blade with sand paper 2000. This stopes splitering when taking rubbers off. Must say that spin reversal with Dornenglanz on this blade is best after 2 months of playing. Here is my video u can see for yourself:
22/01/2018 Good for pips Review by Pete sliney
Excellent blade; a fast, Allround blade. I play OX long pips forehand and short pips backhand. Good control for hitting and hard hit blocks returned. Like a wall!
PimplePark Murus