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Nittaku S-series S-CZ

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6
The Nittaku S-Series S-CZ is the perfect combination of German Craftmanship and European Spruce wood. This is a classical Carbon blade that has opted to use Spruce wood together with African wood. Spruce trees are famed for their use in musical instruments and these same qualites make the wood perfect for table tennis blades. With the S-Series Nittaku introduces an affordable blade that is made from the highest quality wood.The S-CZ is a 5+2 offensive blade made from a combination of Spruce, Ayous, Kiri, and Carbon Fleece Zylon. A laser mark seal protects the beauty of the Paddouk wood handle. Made in Germany.

Customer Reviews

22/10/2018 Great quality Review by jonathan shen
It is a very nice blade. Excellent workmanship. It is a piece of art.
It is little slow, but has nice touch and easy to close table loop.
I will rate this as offensive - to all.
FH Tenergy 05
BH Tenergy 05 FX

14/04/2018 Произведение исскуства Review by Roman Nickolaevich Muratov
Качество исполнения на высочайшем уровне. Можно на нее смотреть и любоваться.
В игре зайлон не ощущается совсем. Основание быстро продавливает любую накладку и выстреливает мяч. Времени на обработку мяча даёт очень мало, по сравнению с фотино/хиом вега евро/хиом зх1, вращать сложно, блок великолепен. Тестировалось с андро нехер/тсп регалис блу/хиом вега про
01/01/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Very good feeling blade with decent feedback and control. Beautifully designed and finished. Cons: highly priced.
16/12/2017 Excellent Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Excellently finished blade. Artificial material reduces woody feeling which can be both advantage and disadvantage depending on personal reference. Me prefer woody feel.

Superb blade nevertheless
14/05/2017 Good+ Review by Michael R
The blade for advanced medium stiffness players is about 85, control 90.
The workmanship is higher than usual. Very light.
17/03/2017 красиво Review by Igor Golovlev
83 г , удобная ручка , но не много далековато выпущена из лопасти, не сильно прогибается при игре . контроль хороший , изготовлена качественно и красиво.
16/03/2017 Good blade Review by Keat Chea
Good blade fast and light weight.
Nittaku S-series S-CZ