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Nittaku J-Top Training 40+ 120pcs (seam)


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Training plastic ball 40+. Made in Japan. 120 pcs white

Customer Reviews

05/10/2018 Good product Review by Khusan Rakhimov
I like these balls.
28/09/2018 Reasonable price and very durable Review by Lei Li
Bought them for multi-ball training. Much better than the Butterfly training balls.
15/09/2018 Great balls! Review by Pingu
Excellent plastic balls for our robot.
Quality product that plays very much like our tournament product (stag 3* 40+)
Great service and super fast postage!
30/07/2018 Excellent training ball Review by Oli Bandico
Highly recommended
22/06/2018 Very nice practice ball Review by Peter Chen
We use this for practice and for game in my club. Sometime, we just use this ball for game since there are not too many differences between them. Very good for practice.
14/06/2018 Absolutely Best Training Ball Review by XRAY
It matches the famous DHS D40+ *** ball. however when I match it up against the Premium *** 40+ you will notice a slight different in the weight when the ball comes off your blade while playing.
The physical colour, texture, bounce is almost the same as the Premium ball.
Durability is also very good.
Well worth the premium price for a training ball.
16/05/2018 Good price; good quality. Review by Hae Lee
Enough quality for training. Good balls.
15/05/2018 J top training 40+ Review by Nhiem Dang
Very good for training ball .
02/05/2018 Великолепные мячи Review by Stanislav Demchenko
Купил уже две коробки, после отпуска закажу еще одну. Мячи у меня быстро заканчиваются - друзья раскупают. Качество потрясающее, цена смешная.
24/04/2018 Excellent training and practice ball Review by Michael (Mike) Dumler
Purchased these for a coach at one of the clubs I play at. He says they are the best training ball. He gave me one to test, and it is very close to the Nittaku premium 3 star in playing characteristics.
13/04/2018 Superb balls Review by Stanislav Demchenko
These balls are more fragile than "Nittaku Premium 40+ 3*** ITTF (seam)", but they all are perfectly round and in all other respects they are excellent, cannot really tell the difference between these and Premium balls.
28/02/2018 Good for training Review by Veaceslav Nichiforov
Отскок хороший. Практически все без дефектов (круглые). Звук как целлулоидные. Достаточно маркие. Ломаются как весь пластик. Цена конечно завышена.
28/02/2018 Great quality Review by Zetajoe
Durability, bounciness, and shape are all excellent. Cannot return to using other training balls. Sometimes even if I step on the ball, it can return its shape and the performance is not affected as I noted.
11/01/2018 great for robot but get dirty fast Review by Mark Taylor
Great playability and consistency in my robot but really got dirty fast. Much quicker that the Robo-Pong balls that came with the robot.
04/12/2017 Close to nittaku 3 star tournament balls Review by Jan Lars Austero
Balls are heavy, durable, and hard. Price is decent as well.
23/11/2017 Very good training ball Review by Bjorn Handegard
We have now had nearly three months of experience with the JTop ball, and I think this is the best plastic training ball we have tried. The feeling of this ball closely resembles the best celluloid training balls that we have used in the past. It also seems to be quite durable, and doesn't break as easily as the plastic balls that we have tried before.
22/11/2017 Best trainers available IMHO Review by Robo player
Consistency, bounce, feel and surface are all first rate. I can distinguish these balls from other training balls but not from Nittaku premium balls. Recommend.
19/10/2017 #1 training ball...hands down... Review by tu mai
These balls are absolutely fabulous...feel just a tad bit lighter than the 3 star premiums...nittaku did an excellent job with these balls...thank u nittKu and thank u table tennis 11...I'll never shop at paddle palace again! XD
30/09/2017 Very good balls Review by IOANNIS CHATZILYGEROUDIS
My players tried the balls and are very satisfied. Very good balls.
27/09/2017 Nitakku Review by Zuhair Mohammed
As a training ball it’s definitely the best and the price is great. The roundness is almost perfect and the ball really lasts for a long time.
20/09/2017 Muy buenas Review by Javier Manjarres
Excelentes bolas para entrenamiento, buena duración y muy semejantes a las de competencia
09/09/2017 Excellent Review by Igor Z.
The best training balls ever :) a little bit expensive.
11/07/2017 Very close in quality to the Nittaku 3 stars Review by Daniel Seemiller Jr
After buying 200 Xushaofa balls and having all of them break withing a month at my club, someone recommended the J Top training balls. I figured why not since most of the current plastic balls are nothing special and most break very easily.

These balls feel great, the bounce is almost always perfect, they are very round, and they don't break often by hitting the edge like other balls. This ball plays just as good as the Nittaku Premium 3 stars, but slightly less durable. These will be the balls that I will keep buying from my club for a long while and are great for practice and even match play. I HIGHLY recommend this ball over most all the other current plastic balls.
13/06/2017 excellent Review by Adrian Mena
these balls are very well
they are enough quality. good durability
they have a good bounce and the shape is good too

and as ever tabletennis11 has a very good service
15/05/2017 Best Training balls for the price Review by Wesley Wang
These are the best balls I have used for the price. The sound is great, balls are round, balanced, and durable. It has the feel of 3 star balls at a great price!
07/05/2017 Balls quality Review by SILVIO TAKAYAMA
Using Nittaku 3* balls and replacing by JTOP, we don´t observe differences, so all people will use it for trainning. Very good.
03/05/2017 Good Quality balls Review by Nil
Good quality Practice Balls
28/04/2017 Very for training or practice ball Review by Peter
These balls are very good for machine or daily practice. They last very long, a lot lower compared to 3 stars Nittaku balls.
26/04/2017 A good ball! Review by Footworkisking
These are great practice balls. They are a good substitute for the 2 stars when needing multiball or even games. I highly recommend. Pretty round as well!
13/04/2017 Excellent Training Ball Review by ryan cronin
Round, great bounce, predictable, durable. An all around great training ball. These are the best out there right now. Nittaku had the plastic ball figured out WAY before any other company.
23/03/2017 Above every expectation Review by Marko Mitrovic
Bought them for my RoboPong training. Before them I've used couple of different ones (top of the line manufactures) which after 3-4 sessions started popping by them selves on the Bat or in the robot. I have counted 17 sessions, 3h each, not a single one popped! That is 51h of hard core robot play. On the 18th training I managed to step on one... That is 119 balls remaining! Best decision ever!
21/03/2017 Great Review by Allan Teeples
I really like the balls. I use them every day for practicing on a wall board, and for practicing serves. They hold up very well, and they feel like the Nittaku 3 star balls, which is what I like to use for matches. They arrived very quickly.
26/02/2017 excellent training balls Review by Barry Stendig
I use these balls in my robot and they play like the 3 star balls we use in my club league. They are well worth the extra cost over other training balls.
Nittaku J-Top Training 40+ 120pcs (seam)