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Nittaku Hurricane Neo 3 (8701)

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Powerful NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special stickiness create high speed arc, and improve the control over strokes. NEO Hurricane 3 creates powerful variations in your game where power of spin is the main weapon.

Customer Reviews

07/04/2017 Good rubber Review by Friedli Gerald
Nittaku Hurricane et bien meilleur que les Hurricane DH<s normal, mais attention c'est assez rapide quand même.
31/03/2017 Nittaku Hurricane Neo 3 (8701) Review by TTplayer
It has a different feel compared to the DHS H3 Neo. Softer sponge and therefore more bouncy (still plays like a Chinese rubber).
Quality is one step higher than H3 Commercial.
Plays more like DHS H3Neo Provincial.
25/03/2017 Good quality Review by Rick Fung
Plays exactly like the Prov. H3 Neo I got from China but a bit softer. I would say the Nittaku version is around 37 to 38 deg hardness and has better control than my 39 deg Prov. The tradeoff is less power and most regular users of Chinese rubbers may prefer a harder touch.
20/12/2016 TOO EASY TO COLLECT DUST Review by xidong313
It is too easy to get dust.
17/07/2016 大概39.5度 Review by Zhao Yuan
14/07/2016 Better than commercial version Review by vikram kadi
It is slightly faster and the topsheet is very nice compared to the regular one.
12/12/2015 Very good rubber Review by Charles
This rubber plays exactly the same way as the Provincial Hurricane Neo 3 rubbers. It actually has a little bit more kick than of the Provincial version.

Due to this reason, it doesn't have the exact same amount of control in terms of spin. Great for counter looping or driving. Chops are a tad bit higher. Overall, a great substitute.
Nittaku Hurricane Neo 3 (8701)