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Nittaku Fastarc G-1

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pimple : pimple in
rubber spin : 93
rubber control : 51
rubber speed : 98
Nittaku Fastarc G-1 – a fun, fast and spin-insensitive rubber for spin-offensive gameplay. Nittaku describes the G-1 as a rubber that secures the highest speed of your strokes, secure arc, and powerful spin. The Tension Spin topsheet provides an excellent grip feeling and strong spin created by unique chemical formula and special pimple design. The strong sponge produces powerful feeling during the stroke. Nittaku recommends the G-1 as a FH rubber with an emphasis on “Spin Drive” performance.

Customer Reviews

26/08/2017 Good Review by Byunghun choi
Good perfomance
26/08/2017 Good Review by Byunghun choi
It is good performance
22/08/2017 Good Rubber Review by Daniel H
Good rubber from Nittaku. I've enjoy Fastarc S-1 for few years, this one comes in very close.
28/07/2017 best rubber Review by sungsu An
best choice. good rubber for spinning and speed. especially appropriate for high level player.
20/07/2017 Good spin Review by Ed Leung
I'm using this rubber on my forehand and find it has very good top and side spin. Smashing from mid distance was very good.
14/07/2017 excellent rubber Review by sungsu An
appropriate for spinning and speed. I'd like to make a suggestion for all the players, especially for high level player. Thank you.

17/01/2017 good speed Review by rio
this rubber good for block and fast
02/01/2017 Nice offensive FH Rubber Review by Richard Levy
This was an upgrade on the FH side of my Xiom Vega Tour from Omega IV Elite. I was looking for more speed and spin, and this rubber delivered on both counts. It has a relatively firm sponge, but the rubber grips well and loops and drives were easy to execute. A good shot is accompanied by a nice click.
07/10/2016 Decent Review by CroneOne
Pretty nice rubber actually. It seems less springy than say T05 or M1. Maybe the sponge is harder. If you brush the ball finely it will be loaded with spin. It's also quite fast for flat hits or fast loops. Used on a carbon blade.
26/01/2016 good rubber Review by ilkay Demiralay
best rubber my FH with nittaku barwell fleet
29/12/2015 Fantastic! Review by Goran Stevanovic
This is a phenomenal offensive backhand rubber.
I also durable.
I recommend!
For forehand I personally prefer Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 05 fx.
Use not much haevy and too hard blade (approximately 85 grams).
A good choice is Timo Boll ALC, Joola Markovic (the new name is Rosskopf Emotion), or for example in my opinion unjustly neglected Joola Sheik (75 grams).
01/12/2015 Excellent rubber Review by alvin tso
Very good quality. Very grippy and spiny. Very good feel and control. Take time to understand its behaviour. It will get better when you can connect with it.
24/11/2015 Too soft on viscaria Review by Jimmy
Had this rubber for forehand on my viscaria. Spinny but too slow.
12/11/2015 superb Forehand rubber !! Review by Aditya Nand
The best forehand rubber I have tried out of the following : rasant powergrip , rasant, tibhar aurus, yasaka rising dragon, xiom omega 4 pro, xiom omega 5 tour, tibhar 1qxd, h3neo, skyline tg2 neo
fastarc G1 incorporates the best qualities of the above rubbers :
1. tackiness like 1qxd (this helps a lot over the table short game, server receives, pushes, lifting underspin balls in a controlled manner without overshooting edge of table, sidespin-hook topspins)
2. spin/grip like rasant power grip (provides great spin when brushing looping as well as when you engage the sponge in close/mid/far distance game)
3. med-hard sponge like aurus (not too hard, but not also medium like rasant... this allows you to start engaging the sponge relatively closer to the table, without fear of ball overshooting due to high throw of rubber, or ball rushing to the net due to med-low throw...... the med-hard sponge also ensure adequate power from all usual playing distances)
4. med-high throw angle like rasant (helps in clearing the net easliy from close/mid .... )
5. blocking is also good like xiom rubbers .. no issue in this aspect
From the look, feel, and daily playing experience, it seems pretty durable as well !! Totally satisfied !! Highly recommended !! I m using it as FH on DHS long 5 blade, with Fastarc C-1 on BH. Great combination.
09/11/2015 perfect rubber Review by Nafiu Sani
I have used different rubbers but this rubber is superb execellent and have lots of spin and control especially for long distances loopers. Good price and fast delievery.
07/09/2015 very good Review by hugo valdebenito
good rubber, excellent short game.
20/07/2015 Light Review by barış akbay
Excellent lightness excellent control gives you the balls real and excellent sense
13/06/2015 Fastarc G1 Review by Ding
I tried this product for my forehand for one month with Stiga sense 7.6. not as good as butterfly 05 with butterfly blade though. But it would be a good rubber if you hit the ball quite often. If you have 50 euro pls choose butterfly 05 instead. It would be a nice choice if it is used for backhand.
12/06/2015 Mustafa Boyaci Review by Mustafa Boyaci
for powerful control speed and spin
12/01/2015 Attack Review by Oliver Mecseri
A great attacking rubber. I am a die hard looper, and this is not exactly for the slow, super-spinny ones, but for everything else. Again, work great on both sipes. Most excellent away from the table. a monster out there.
22/09/2014 5 Review by Oleg Kuntsevych
The perfect quality of the rubber straps on the tennis rackets, quick delivery and definitely will order again. Recommend everyone!
19/09/2014 excellent Review by Oleg Kuntsevych
The perfect quality of the rubber straps on the tennis rackets, quick delivery and definitely will order again. Recommend everyone!
16/09/2014 One of the best Review by calvin
Has very good speed & spin. I have 1.8 & 2.0mm on my BH. Feels a little hard at beginning. It takes some time to get used to. After that, it works like a monster. Very explosive.
16/09/2014 great Review by woodchuen villanueva
sticky and fast looping rubber. great quality and great value.
05/09/2014 Good Review by Lipka
Fast and spiny. for your information, the rubber feels harder than the C1 and S1. Can be used for the forehand and backhand, but I find it to be better for the forehand.
18/08/2014 Best rubber, i have played! Review by Christian
In the last 10 years, i have played vom Butterfly sriver, over Butterfly Bryce an Ternergy. But now, this rubber is greatfull in quality, control, spin and speed. I use it in super thick on my forehand on a Joola Chen Wexing blade. The service, chop, and 1st ball are so controlled with so much spin, that i can open the game with a very good topsin. I have played the first rubber over 4 month and he is actually Ok. Butterfly Tenergy was over 7 weeks very weak.
27/05/2014 This rubber offers fantastic spin and what I really like about this rubber is the high throw angle. Review by peter kau
My top spin far away from the table has always been low and it lands at the net frequently. with this rubber, the ball is now landing on the table more often. the throw angle is fantastic, and spin is great and the speed is just right.
27/05/2014 Great Rubber Review by rob
Tried this as an alternative to Tenergy 05 (which I beleive has a much inflated price). It has a better short game than T05 and there is less of a "bounce" feel, so you get the feeling of more control. I found that it doesn't generate quite as much spin on very thin contacts but is just as good on thicker contact loops.
In all I think I prefer it (though T05 is still a great rubber) and use it both backhand and forehand on my Nittaku Violin.
So... if you want to try a fast and spinney rubber thats not as pricey as T05, give this a try and you won't be dissapoined.
18/04/2014 good Review by zach
This rubber is good for spin and controlled loops. Didn't seem very powerful on driving but over all is a good rubber.
09/04/2014 Wow!!! Review by Ulf Beckman
A very expensive rubber, but thats ok, because the quality is way up there! Speed, control and spin is out of this world. Durable as hell!

Speed 92/100
Spin 97/100
24/03/2014 the excellent rubbers Review by ALEKSANDRS
One of the excellent rubbers on the today. Durability and Strong Performance typical of a Japanese made
Rubber. Tried this with my blade
Nittaku BarwellFleet.
An explosive combination. Will definitely
11/01/2014 great rubber Review by Dino Midzic
Fantastic for offensive play, great spin and speed
03/06/2013 very good Review by lim koon siang
all round play, fast and spin
01/05/2013 Excellent! Review by Young K Kim
It's got lots of speed and spin. I recommend it highly.
Nittaku Fastarc G-1