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Friendship RITC 802-40

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pimple : short pimple
Suited for table hitters and power blocker, this rubber uses its large conical shaped pips to give it a hard feeling.

Customer Reviews

17/04/2017 Away from short pips from now Review by Mui Lee

Pretty fast rubber. First time tried short pips. Still sensitive to incoming spin.
Strokes have to be perfect .
09/01/2017 Not bad. Review by Genrel Abuel
Good control but a little slow compared to the modern pips nowadays. Unless you boost it.
27/11/2016 Good rubber Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
Good rubber for BH.
21/11/2016 xorosho Review by Jevgenij Bragin
shipi xoroshije
07/09/2016 Good rubber Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
I bought it for my friend, he likes it
31/08/2016 fast Review by LEVENT
very nice short pimple for smashing. You can use this on forehand side or backhand side
13/07/2016 Best price quality ratio Review by LEVENT UNUVAR
If you want to try short attack pimple, this one is definetely the choice, to begin with
03/07/2016 Good quality. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Excellent attacking short pimps.
09/06/2016 difficult to handle. Review by khaldoun khader
- must develop a very accurate technique in order to play successfully with this rubber..
- cant play a physical match with this rubber, you can play while standing up and without moving too much, and if you move it does not change anything.
- for technical blockers and defenders.
18/03/2016 GOOD Review by HAM MAN-SIK
나는 중국식펜홀더의 포핸드에 1.5mm 를 사용하고있다.
2.0, 1.8, 1.5m 를 테스트해봤는데 공격과 수비에 가장적합한 스폰지두께는 1.5m 라 생각한다.
빠른 스피드와 상대공격의 제어에 적합하며, 상대의 강한드라이브를 무시하고 받아칠수 있다는게 가장 매력적이다.
11/01/2016 Отличный магазин! Review by oleg popov
Ей играет Wo Yang, причём в защите.
23/10/2015 Not for beginners Review by Bryan
My coach advices this rubber after 3-6 months using modern soft vertical pips. Very popular even the pros use it
17/09/2015 Best short pips i've tried Review by goriopips
One of the best short pips I've tried and it's not expensive. Excellent in hitting and even chopping away from the table with my def+ blade. Thanks tabletennis11 for the excellent service. I appreciate the service very much; on-time and good quality package.
12/09/2015 VERY GOOD Review by Nilton Silva
21/07/2015 thanks to 11 Review by Tu Hoang
Good rubber for looping and blocking
07/07/2015 thanks to 11 Review by Tu Hoang
Very good rubber
20/05/2015 Recommend! Review by YUNA
Very nice short pips...lasts a very very long time.
18/12/2014 Rubber untried Review by Richard Masterson
the bat and rubbers are Christmas present and remains unused.
Friendship RITC 802-40