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Friendship 729 Battle II


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Tacky rubber for the new plastic ball.

Customer Reviews

06/12/2017 dhs3neo national replacement Review by SACHIN PATIL
This is a very good rubber,i got the 47 degree sponge,great rubber for the
forehand i ditched my dh3 neo rubber for this almost same weight but more hardness and more spin and once the rubber breaks in after few weeks it is damn good.It plays very good on hard blades as the hard blades engage the sponge much better.My blade is YEO 7power which is stiff hard and flexible ,it complimented my yasaka rakza 7 on backhand.Once u get used to this rubber ur opponent will be in great misery due to the extreme spin and the kick after bouncing on the opposite side.After the Rakza 7 wears out plan is to replace it with battle 1 a great rubber for back hand with higher throw angle.Also the rubber is only 18 dollars more cheaper.
09/03/2017 Not that i expected Review by Sanket kannurkar
This is very very spinny rubber. This will fit probably on T11+ types of blades. Its hard and tacky.. i took it for my backhand side but now control of my BH is almost gone with this, just because i am not able to handle this spin and anyways control is difficult to maintain with this rubber. This is the best rubber for serves, opponent's can hardly receive good serves.
Friendship 729 Battle II