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Donic Acuda S2

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Rubber type : inverted
The ideal rubber for attacking players who previously used soft rubbers with speed glue. ACUDA S2 is a fast rubber with a medium soft large pored sponge. This produces fast speeds and has a uniquely loud sound. ACUDA S2 is well suited both for close to the table and away from the table game. It will give an advantage in topspin/topspin duels. This rubber is particularly enjoyable to play with because of its precise feel.

Customer Reviews

28/05/2018 Muy buena relación precio calidad Review by Luis
Muy buena goma en función de su precio. Velocidad y efectos muy buenos, útil tanto para drive como para reves
26/04/2018 Medium Review by Nhoel Manalo winnipeg manitoba canada
This rubber is very good for control and spin, I use Primorac Carbon Off+ and the combi is very good, even on a Timo Boll blade!!
13/02/2018 Buena goma y buen precio Review by Renzo Vizcarra Gutierrez
Me gusta esta goma por su velocidad y también por su efecto y sobretodo su buen precio, la utilizo para mi BH
09/02/2018 Strong rubber Review by Huida Qiu
I put the rubber on backhand of Ebenholz NCT V, with H3 Neo prov. blue sponge on forehand. Both rubbers pair very well with the blade. The S2 has very good sponge support, so when hitting through the sponge you get very good speed and spin. Throw angle is median. Good at blocking, looping and counter smashing. Not very good at close game, but that's more due to the stiffness of the blade. The only thing I would watch out before buying this rubber is that if you have a weak backhand you may not be able to hit through the rubber all the time, in which case the feeling is not very good.
11/09/2017 good on the backhand Review by Bernard FONTAINE
I use this rubber on the backhand. The control is very good. I can easily get the quantity of spin I want.
14/06/2017 Velocidad y Efecto Review by Luis di Pasquo
Excelente relación precio/calidad para esta goma que brinda buena velocidad con excelente efecto
27/02/2017 baja calidad Review by Manuel Sandoval
esta goma es de baja durabilidad, se despega de su esponja, y se rompen sus bordes
26/11/2016 very good Review by abdel saa
nice rubber to backhand!
20/04/2016 Mousse tonique-offensives Review by Christian Berthouzoz
L'acuda S2 est une mousse dans la ligne du Xiom vega pro ou du Tenergy 05.
Tonique, avec une bonne adhérance, cette mousse résiste relativement bien dans le temps. Pour jeux offensifs (top)
02/07/2015 DONIC Acuda S2 Review by Eduard Ref
Хорошая накладка со средне-жесткой губкой.Не мягчит,вполне контрольная,хорошо управляема в короткой игре.По сравнению с XIOM VEGA PRO которой я играл до этого помедленней и поконтрольней,катапульта меньше, засчет чего проще играть у стола,хороший плоский удар.Заиграла не сразу,нужно время пробить губку.Вполне рекомендую.
01/07/2015 Great rubber Review by Kirils Rumjancevs
My first Acuda, so far I'm very satisfied with it. Good control (1.8mm version), good spin. Will certainly buy again.
30/05/2015 grear rubber Review by barış
Great service and great conrol top spin rubber Thanks to tt11 about low price and good shipping..
19/05/2015 Characteristic Review by Cheng-Hsi Yang
Bought it on sale, just great. It'll speed up after hitting the opponent's table. Love the characteristic. With moderate weight, It's a nice FH rubber. (I'm going to combine F3 on BH, which is even lighter. Blade: waldner senso carbon.)
26/03/2015 good Review by Aigars Lagzdins
24/03/2015 Unsure Review by Ian Mclean
Because the blade is so fast (Stratus Power) I can get a feel for the rubber and will have to review again on a different blade
04/03/2015 Good Quality but slow shipping Review by dinesh deshappriya
Good Quality but slow shipping
26/01/2015 Very good Review by Andrei Zakharyashchau
Про эту серию и так уже много написано))
Супер магазин, супер акции, в Минск за 10 дней пришло!!!
18/08/2014 Good Review by Daniel Gan
S2 on both FH and BH.
08/08/2014 Fast and Furious Review by Diego Doná
This rubber is great for the ForeHand of a player who wants to attack with speed and spin. Get the MAX sponge for even greater speed.

Of course you will have a little loss of control, but it's just a matter of adaptation.
02/06/2014 A quality rubber Review by Daniel Alatalo
Good spin and speed.
09/05/2014 Nice Review by davorin voloder
Nice rubber, but a tad soft for extremly offensive game. Very good for technical allround players.
02/05/2014 super Review by Bogdan Boyko
Great items , fast delivery.Super store!
22/04/2014 Great rubber Review by Attila
Excellent control, great spin & good price
04/03/2014 Excellent rubber Review by Milos Svircev
I've started using red Acuda S2 2 mm as a FH rubber in mid-april 2013, and it lasted until end of february 2014. I'm a recreational player (but fairly motivated) and I play 6-7 hours per week, which means that the rubber lasted for approx. 300 hours of playing. It's still grippy, but I've noticed that the grippiness (if that word exists) of the surface decreases towards the middle of the rubber.
As for its characteristics, it's a tension rubber and therefore perfect for topspin game and for serving, and also for blocking. Serve receive and chopping require some time to adjust (and receive is generally my Achilles' heel, so it's quite possible that I'd have same problem with any other tension rubber), but after a while it becomes a breeze.
I really love Acuda S2. It's cheap (I've bought it here when it was on discount and costed mere 25 eur) and durable. I think I will keep using it (I've bought and glued a new one a few days ago) as my FH rubber for next few years.
01/01/2014 perfect product Review by Axel GUILLAUME
Great buy..perfect satisfaction
24/06/2013 Good Review by Finn H. Sjøholt
03/06/2013 recommend Review by Rodrigo Molverstet
very nice rubber
i use Donic Persson Powerplay Senso V1 OFF + acuda S2(BH) + Bluefire M2(FH)

very nice combination

thanks TT
15/05/2013 good rubber for beginners, too soft for me Review by anchor
in my opipnion to soft with boost. maybe better if unboosted. spin is ok.
01/03/2013 Excellent control Review by Cesar Palacios
Combined with a paddle Legend Waldner Carbon, has a very good sping, and excellent control.
04/01/2013 Great Rubber N EZ to play with Review by KT2389
This softer version can generate mega spin on services, pushes and looping. Low arc at looping. Absolutely EZ to control.

Remarks: Using with Impulse 6.5, which combined of Balsa center and Beeechnut at the outer.
Donic Acuda S2