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DHS Fang Bo Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.9
The Fang Bo Carbon offers unyielding power. With good handling and stable looping you can expect this blade to give you the speed necessary from close and mid distance. The blade of Fang Bo for the 2016 season.

Customer Reviews

04/07/2018 Хорошее основание Review by Orunbek
Хорошее основание, бюджетный вариант Long 5, контроля больше, скорости меньше
29/03/2018 Greate Blade Review by Christoph Braun
I'm using the blade since half a year and think of continuing with it. My blade is 90 g. Not head heavy. Fast but with very good control. It has some flex, but not too much. The touch is hard, but since the outer ply is limba and the arylate-carbon is built around the core ply, not too hard. Very well balanced for me, providing good touch. The outer ply came very dry, so I applied some wood oil used for restauration. Used Xiom Omega V Tour first, but blade plays better for me with a bit of a down-sized rubber (e.g. Andro Hexer).
25/01/2018 Excellent Review by Michael Zurawski
06/01/2018 A stable carbon blade Review by Abhirup Bose
All the blades available in this price segment, this one is the clear winner. Ample speed, a huge sweet spot, good control and feel are highlights of it. One thing to mention it's FL handle is quite narrow compared to other brands like BTY, Tibhar etc. The handle is optimised for looping. Playing close to the board flicks needs practice. Overall a very good blade.
28/12/2017 I like it Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
I like this blade. It is fast with a huge sweet spot. The only one cons is a handle, I solved it with hand grip tape. Thanks to TT11 for great service and delivery.
25/12/2017 Allround spin & speed Review by Alberto Nicosia
Buona la velocità. Buono il controllo anche sotto stress.
13/10/2017 great product for the price Review by JOON LEE
I tried it and it seems a little slower than my Butterfly Zhang Jike Blue Dragon but the control was better and it has more sweet spot than the wood blades. I am using it with H3 on FH and the Raksa 7 on my backhand. It works well and I can't go back to pure 5 ply wood blades. Great blade!
12/07/2017 Отличный выбор Review by Oleg AVERIN
Хорошая основа за недорого. Осторожнее при переклейке накладок, внешний слой хрупкий, так что лучше залакировать.
11/12/2016 Superb Review by R.Mihnev
Thank you TT11 for the good service and fast delivery. I using H3 Neo Provincial Blue Sponge 41 deg. for FH and T05 for BH. Very fast and controllable blade. The same feеling like DHS Long 5.
18/10/2016 I like this blade. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
A good blade for its price. I find it good to play from close to mid distance. Comparing to my other alc blade this one is a bit stiff. Over all a very good blade any rubber will go well. The only down side is the handle.
DHS Fang Bo Carbon