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Avalox P900

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Number of Layers : 9
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6
The first addition to the famous classic Avalox blade line in 20 years. After the legendary P500 and P700 blades that dominated table tennis for a decade, Avalox introduces its first Swedish-made 9-ply blade. With 9 plies, one might expect a stiff, thick blade, but this blade is the opposite: Only a fraction of a millimeter thicker than a 5-ply blade and thinner than the P700, this blade's specially selected wood plies give it the touch needed for an all-round offensive play while providing enough power to deal with the additional weight and hardness of the plastic ball. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

21/03/2017 control + power + overall balanced Review by Yao Li
Yes it is so much feel, just feel like ma long when he s 15 or 16 years of age, FH and BH transition has no delay no problem. 2nd rebounce of ball getting slower a little bit, making opponants easy to return ur ball. But its speed and spin and control are all up a nortch than the old version of Avalox. I hope it can be faster and spinner in the 2nd jump of ball.
16/02/2017 great control and power Review by Yao Li
40% more power than P500 but 10-20% less of spin and 10% less control . Great blade to have, much better than other brands.
Avalox P900