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Yasaka Sweden Classic

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 5.4
The Yasaka Sweden Classic stands among the best allround blades ever created. With a maximum level of feeling and control, this blade grants you the ability to execute any stroke both offensive or defensive with high quality. This blade is a testament to how allround blades should play allowing great spin generation and consistency in all of your shots.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

20/01/2022 контрольная доска. Review by Aziz
Отлична доска для начинающих.
28/04/2021 Супер Review by Jamshid Mirjalolov
Для начинающих я лучше, чем это не знаю.
01/04/2021 the ball is in the palm of your hand Review by Murat Simsek
The ball feeling is gorgeous. Flexible and soft blade. The flexibility increases the catapult effect. therefore it gives you some speed. You will get enough speed with rubbers like Rasanter R47. the only downside is the block as it is flexible and soft. need to make blocks by pressing hard. The straight handle is very comfortable, also not thin, and fits in hand.
06/01/2021 Excellent Product Review by Gordon Chua
This is racket is a good choice for being a hard bat.
18/10/2020 Great blade Review by Matej Weiss
Great blade, especially for beginners and also intermediate players. Before I used BF Innerforce layer ALC and it was too fast. This one is great. Also great price.
26/02/2020 Mulțumesc Review by Rusu Lucian
Lemn original, recomand.
03/12/2019 Good blade Review by Stanislav Krustev
The blade is good for begging.
05/11/2019 5 Review by Деф
Отличная основа для игроков различного уровня.
09/09/2019 Great allround blade Review by David Rocco
Makes excellent loop spin.
Has great control for returning spinny serves.
Also great for blocking loops.
It’s not a fast blade, but that’s why I got it.
With a semi-fast rubber, it is quite acceptable.
10/07/2019 Great all blade Review by Pacho Pedales
This a great blade for an All range. Great for topspin close to the table. It gives a lot of confidence and you can make a full stroke.
I like the vibrations of this blade, a lot, and the feedback that you receive when hit the ball. If you hit it right, the ball goes wherever you want, and if you hit wrong or without power, you´ll notice immediately, so it is great for developing your technique. It less forgiving than a carbon blade, the handle is really comfortable (maybe needs some sanding). It is a lightweight blade. The only thing that causes me some trouble is blocking, because is a flexible blade. It is hard to block powerful shots consistently, just need more training. In short, recommended!
Ps, when you compare this one with other blades of the same cost, the quality is remarkable!
15/06/2019 Great all-round blade Review by JOHN ANDROUTSOS
This a very well made blade that allows you to play more consciously of your strokes, as it provides dwell time and feedback, without being overly slow. Good for figuring out technique errors.
07/03/2019 Отличное основание Review by Bob Martin
Достаточно контрольное для такого игрока как я. То есть можно достаточно сильно вложится в удар и получается быстро и контрольно. Как глупо, что раньше я исползовал off. Хотя уровень у пеня в кондидата мастера спорта с Allraund ракеткой я чувствую себя намного увереннее.
Совет кому за 30 лет и стаж менее 5 лет смело можете использовать ракетки из серии Allraund.
27/12/2018 first custom racket, very pleased Review by Jeppe
Bought this as my first custom racket together with 2x musa 3 rubbers and it feels amazing to me. I am able to feel the ball much better which really helps learn the techniques faster and place the ball more precisely. The feeling I sometimes get from this when i hit a really good forehand loop is so crazy addictive. (hopefully I will improve so every loop is like this).
07/12/2018 Best modern defensive blade Review by Viet Ma
This blade is the best blade for chopping and counter attacking. Very control and very good feeling.
I've got Friendship 755 on the backhand and Xiom Sigma Europe on the forehand. Very nice design and very affordable blade.
28/10/2018 Excellent! Review by Nikita Volkov
Хорошее основание, отличное сочетание контроля и скорости. Подойдёт для универсальной игры. Очень привлекательная цена.
13/09/2018 Great balance for allround players. Review by Naveen Varghese
Great feel without excessive vibration or the pongy feel you get with most allround woods. Perfectly sized handle, not too thin. The wings are pretty sharp, but can be sanded down easy.
22/08/2018 A very honest ALL blade! Review by Serban Mihai
Head size normal 157x150 good grip(w/o over-grip) and comfortable handle (ST) even for large hands. Weight 86gr. Recommend it for beginners - I bought it for a work colleague and he is very happy with with it. Paired with 2 mercurry II rubbers and tried it a little before giving it to him. Quite pleased myself with the combo. A very honest ALL blade!
23/05/2018 Good Quality Blade Review by zhong wen
I played the old model from my friend, and this is the new model, feels more like OFF-, not ALL as other people's opinions. It also depends on what rubbers are used on it. T05 and T08 are stiff on this blade, while Mark V is a little soft. Anyway, I was looking for an around blade, but this is not the one. In my impression, my friend's old model plus the Donic bluefire M1 is a great match, and let me believe that the old one might be better for me.
09/01/2018 Love these blades Review by BRS
I love the sweden classic. It's slow with outstanding control. Loops are spinny and can be fast if you use your body and make the right contact. But you also get great placement and a lot of safety on blocks. If you want the real all-wood feel and can generate your own pace then this is a great blade to choose. I prefer them to similar donic or stiga allround blades on both playing characteristics and price.

These yasaka blades also have a rectangular ST handle shape that I really like.

And for less than $30 the value is amazing. Workmanship is perfect.
21/08/2017 Very good control Review by Duy Pham
I glue this blade together with DHS G666 on the forehand and Friendship 729 FX on backhand. The combo is a bit slow on backhand but gives perfect control and spin. Highly recommended for beginner who looks for an Allround blade.
21/08/2017 Very good Review by Veaceslav Nicoara
Good blade
27/06/2017 Основание Review by Ahmetgali Uteshev
Основание хорошее удобное но по скорости слабовато. Для тех кто играл офф будет медленное.
26/01/2017 Very good control Review by Umut Afacan
Firstly, it has very good control, easy to land ball on table. short touches are quite easy, overall all strokes are fine. Only it lacks speed for offensive game. It may be okey for spin 2 step away from table but it is a bit hard to open backspin, or counter spin rally. I rate this blade as all, it can be used for defence and training for newbies but not further more.
However, build quality is nice. i recommend this blade for players who want more control from off- blades.
06/12/2016 Prefer this over Stiga allaround classic Review by ed bilinski
I am an offensive player and this paddle has enough speed for me. Will be trying Revspin on it soon.
19/09/2016 Excellent product Review by Fabio Sani
I am already playing with the YSC New which I bought from, and I really like it. I will certainly buy again from this shop.
07/03/2016 good Review by Wei - Cheng Liu
good choice for beginner
20/12/2015 excellent blade Review by CH Wang
This blade is, as its name, a classic blade that gives balanced control, spin, and power. Recommend for players who want to develop more kinds of skills.
08/12/2015 A great blade at a great price Review by Grant Miller
This is a great blade at a great price. Very good control with lots of dwell.
13/11/2015 Excellent blade for looping Review by Yugo
Great feel on the ball, great for traditional rubbers. Great for practicing loops.
Yasaka Sweden Classic