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Yasaka Rakza Z Extra Hard

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Rubber type : inverted
The Rakza Z Extra Hard, a harder version of the Rakza Z, is yet another rubber from the successful Rakza series by Yasaka. It’s topsheet’s stickiness is thanks to a new production process, which provides exceptional grip and, therefore, spin potential. The topsheet is combined with a harder “power sponge”, as Yasaka calls it, resulting in strong spin and very high arcs, as well as a level of confidence in short returns and when serving. The Rakza Z Extra Hard was designed for attacking players and both close and far from the table play.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

25/01/2024 Satsfied. Review by Goran Durkovic
Very good in comparison to priče.
07/11/2023 Heavy, low speed, spinny rubber Review by Theodor-Stefan Baca
Fair spin, heavy weight, quite slow and low throw rubber. Excellent service from TT11 as always
07/11/2023 Outstanding Review by Sherief Emad
I was playing with Rakza Z for some time and i want to boost the speed a little bit, so i thought to buy this rubber. i was struggling the first few days of how to handle the racket angel but after few sessions i got it ! once you do , you can generate various types of spin with speed :-)

best rubber for forehand so far , you need to play it with an open racket with a good style to maintain it's power and generate the required spin. paired it with Stiga Clipper wood and it's beautiful
04/09/2023 Great alternative to the Butterfly rubber Review by John Wooten
I started using Yasaka Mark V rubber while still in college. That was some 47 years ago. When I restarted playing TT, I got more Mark V. However, A friend introduced me to Rakza 7 so, I've been using that and the Rakza Z ever since. I recently started using the Rakza Z extra hard and have been very happy with it. The regular Rakza Z sponge appears to soften up after about 40 to 45 hours of use. I'm getting about 54 to 60 hours out of the extra hard, so, happy with that.
21/06/2023 Class Review by AJ Collins
Not as tacky as rated. Spin 10/10
14/04/2023 burnísimo Review by HECTOR EMILIO RODRIGUEZ
02/03/2023 Solid choice for backhand Review by Jon Gustavson
With a hard feel and thick sponge, it’s excellent for backhand blocking and counter drives. The tackiness will last as long as you wipe the dust off often. Backhand openings off of under spin are very easy. Pushes require a little extra focus, as it seems that this rubber is designed for topspin.
17/02/2023 Great at most things Review by Jon Gustavson
This is a solid choice for a long lasting quality rubber. I found that the only negative was doing slow spins. A softer rubber is better for those types of shots. I didn’t find it to be too hard or heavy. But, I do have a much lighter rubber on the other side of my blade.
19/12/2022 1003 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
buenísima para los que quieren jugar puro ataque
22/08/2022 131 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Bastante dura la goma para jugadores de puro ataque
30/07/2022 Cheaper substitute for Dignics 09c Review by Nathanael Santi
Similar to Butterfly 09c, a litter slower, but for half the price; pretty darn good.
03/02/2022 Good but... Review by myeow
It was fun to try out but ended up going back to Nittaku FastArc G1. Its throw is way too high, and the tackiness makes blocking very difficult. Loops and drives are fun and rewarding but in an actual game scenario for a not professional player... Not worth it IMO. Regular Rakza Z has a similar problem.
29/12/2021 Nice grip but too slow Review by pongmaster
I'm coming from non-tacky tensor rubbers and decided to try this. The grip is very good but the speed is much slower than I'm used to. I compared this to Tibhar K3 and Stiga Dragon Grip. The Dragon won out over the other two. I had to hit a lot harder to get my shots over the net. I ended up boosting it just so I could use it. I will end up switching this out to my Dragon after it wears down a little.
19/11/2021 Forehand monster machine Review by Martin Smith
Quite similar to standard hardness but this is designed for a bigger stroke.
If you stroke the ball on the top then everything has super spin and late dive into the table that messes up your opponent.
I haven't mastered the flick yet with this but it has hurricane-style short game similarities without as much energy input for the long game.
This rubber will not entertain lazy players - it will make you improve your technique as it is heavy and hard.
The spin on serve and push is almost cheating.
I love this rubber on my forehand and it is now my permanent forehand choice.
28/06/2021 Excelente producto, original y entregado a tiempo. Review by Esteban Martinez
El producto recibido está de acuerdo con las especificaciones y características descritas por el fabricante. Se verificaron características de originalidad del producto recibido y los tiempos de entrega fueron óptimos.
Utilizado para el golpe de revés.
24/11/2020 Good control Review by Emmanuel Uzoma
Balanced rubber.
27/07/2020 A new innovation Review by Pete Jamieson
Once again Yasaka has come to the top. Using the extra hard on the forehand and normal Rakza on the backhand is proving to be a lethal combination and is definitely improving my game.
16/07/2020 Rakza Z has the most spin ever Review by Ulf Beckman
I have waited quite a while for these, and what good rubbers! Bought both versions. 58 degrees is like hardest on the planet right now, and is very fast. Not as its brother Rakza Z (50degrees) which i like more because i can take more power in the stroke to spin.
But the two things that excels all rubbers is the spin, and block. I have been up 2 levels just playing with RAKZA Z, i think it i top 5 all times. Yet too test Nittaku Zieger PK 50:-)

I have been testing 164 rubbers, and Rakza Z has the most spin ever( Rakza Z Extra hard is a little bit hard to spin in the same class. But that also has exceptional spin.

I met Yasakas sponsored players today, Mattias Falck and Elias Ranefur, and they agreed on that they have never seen such spin!
Both Rakza rubbers are very good rubbers, and i recommend too buy them at once.)
Rakza Z
Speed 9.1
Spin 9.9
Rating 9.9

Rakza Z Extra hard
Speed 9.6
Spin 9.5
Rating 9.5
06/07/2020 Good Review by Jims
Good for topspin and control.
Yasaka Rakza Z Extra Hard