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Yasaka Rakza Z

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Rubber type : inverted
The Rakza Z is yet another rubber from the successful Rakza series by Yasaka. It’s topsheet’s stickiness is thanks to a new production process, which provides exceptional grip and, therefore, spin potential. The topsheet is combined with a harder “power sponge”, as Yasaka calls it, resulting in strong spin and very high arcs, as well as a level of confidence in short returns and when serving. The Rakza Z was designed for attacking players and both close and far from the table play.

Customer Reviews

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02/08/2022 Good hybrid rubber Review by Jon Gustavson
If you are coming from Hurricane, this will feel soft. If you are coming from Tenergy or a similar type, it might seem a little slow. It’s actually a decent all-around good inverted rubber that probably is great for the backhand. Much like the Nittaku Sieger rubber, it’s good at everything, but not necessarily great at any one thing.
06/07/2022 Good Review by Heiki Kuus
Rakza Z is a good rubber. Rather universal.
24/05/2022 I have speed, grip and control Review by Victor Jimenez
I have speed, grip, and control in a single rubber, I went from the DHS goldarc 8 to the Rakza Z, and I think it was a very good choice, also the plus of this rubber is its durability, I really bought this time to take advantage of the change of my backhand rubber, but after 10 months of use, with 3 weekly training sessions of 90 minutes, I can say that this Yasaka still has the grip to offer, yes, in each training I usually clean it 3 to 4 times, and always I cover it with a protective sheet. I recommend it to anyone who wants the grip of a Chinese rubber, and the speed of a European, it's the best of both worlds.
16/05/2022 Happy Review by Richard Rath
Very happy with my choice of rubber use it on the BH, and TT11 are great to deal with always use them for my products and they also give great advice.
09/05/2022 Consistent rubber Review by Michael
I’m currently using the thinner version of this rubber on both sides. It has a lot of power and spin. I believe it would pair best with OFF or OFF- blades. I use this with an OFF+ DS90. I lack some control of pushes and short games compared to H3, but looping and flicks are far easier. I will try the extra hard max version of this rubber on my spare blade, this will hopefully prevent the catapult effect from occurring on my pushes.
19/04/2022 Love this rubber Review by Van H Savell Jr
My absolute all-time favorite inverted rubber. I have tried many hybrid rubbers (tacky rubbers with dynamic sponges and not-so-dynamic sponges). This rubber just feels right. I have extreme confidence it can execute my strokes and that the ball will land on the table and not explode long or die into the net. It is not the fastest rubber out there, but for me, it more than makes up for that with consistency. I use it mainly on my forehand (long pips on the other side), but it works well when I twiddle the paddle. Good price, great rubber.
17/04/2022 excellent Review by Kenneth Yan
Sticky rubber, lot of spin, speed, and power.
29/03/2022 Good rubber Review by wenny pedroso
Adjust your speed when you play. The ball is fast when you hit it.
15/02/2022 Hybrid Excellence Review by Jeffrey Timmerberg
I decided to give a hybrid rubber a try instead of my usual tensor (Victas V>11) for my forehand. I was pleasantly surprised. I find I get much more spin and nearly the same speed. This rubber did make my racket a few grams heavier, but for me, the tradeoff is worth it. I love this rubber for my forehand.
02/02/2022 for fast blade Review by Ardak
I put it on a slow blade. It was slower than Rakza 7. Many of my pushes went to the net when with Rakza 7 there was no problem with pushes. Maybe it will be good with a fast stiff blade. Overall it is good rubber.
24/01/2022 Great for looping Review by Ouchy
I use 2.0mm on BH. Great rubber for backhand loop and push.
23/01/2022 Great control and grip for over-the-table game Review by abrod
Excellent control and grip for over-the-table games (push, drop shot, over-the-table BH loop).
Very high arc, took me some time to adjust.
At least initially the ball "sticks' to this rubber so much that it can be lifted by it as with the tacky Chinese rubbers, but this rubber plays like a typical German/Japanese rubber.
Used it for 3 weeks, so the long-term durability is a question mark.
12/01/2022 Changing from Rakza 7 to Rakza Z Review by John Wooten
I recently had the opportunity, through Table Tennis 11 to buy this rubber as a discounted option to Rakza 7. I had been using Rakza 7 for a few years as an upgrade over Mark V. The Rakza Z provides a little more spin without a big loss of speed and control. I'm using it on both the forehand and backhand as I like the attacking style of play.
11/01/2022 Tacky and long lasting rubber Review by kabuli balkheimer
I have used it on my back hand with very good spin and speed.
11/01/2022 A better Dignics 09c for half the price Review by Jorge Merino
This is just one of the most exciting rubbers that you can get. It is what Butterfly promised with Dignics 09c, but delivering.
I have had a couple of Dignics 09c and I play Hurricane 3 in my forehand. This is the perfect replacement for both rubbers. While it may not be rapid as Dignics 09c and not as spiny as Hurricane 3, this rubber takes the perfect compromise. If D09c is 9 in power and H3 is 9 in spin, Razka is an 8 in power and an 8 in a spin.
It has a higher arc than these two so if you are coming from any of them, you'll need to adjust a little. But the open-ups were never easier.
Blocking is great. Maybe the only weakness I see is counter topspin or loop-to-loop against an H3.
Short touch and pushing are easy cause it is very tacky. The only question remaining is how long the tackiness will last.
The surprise comes when you put it in your backhand and it also excels. I am currently playing it on my backhand. It has replaced D05 and D09c, at half the price, and it gives me that extra peace of mind in the short game (quite hard with the butterfly rubbers).
If you're tired of boosting, just get it.
10/01/2022 Stickiness gone Review by shadab khan
In the beginning, I was amazed at the spin it generates....but gradually stickiness of the rubber is gone. Now it's like a normal rubber.
06/01/2022 Fun to use but... Didn't work out for me Review by Mck
It's a beautiful rubber, one of the first of its kind! The grippiness really allows for some fun rallies. However, the throw on this rubber is the highest I've ever used. Sure you can adjust to it, maybe over time, but just not practical for me in-game. Gonna stick with my Fast arc G-1 and C-1s.
30/12/2021 Good at everything! Review by Marios Agrotes
For me and my style of play, this rubber is good at everything. Good level of speed AND control and excellent spin!
10/12/2021 Can do it all Review by Dennis HAYDEN
Great all-around rubber, no discernible weaknesses. Very easy to use and forgiving. FH looping is fun with this.
21/11/2021 Tacky and Spinny Rubber! Review by CECIL GONZALES
Great for the forehand on my Timo Boll ALC, superb spin for my tomahawk serve!
When is Rakza Z Soft coming? I'm sure it will be very good for the backhand.
For me, it is the best of the Yasaka rubbers!
19/11/2021 King of backhand if you stroke the too of the ball Review by Martin Smith
After looking for Dignics 09c replacement I tried this. Straight away this was almost perfect backhand rubber. You have to hit the top of the ball to use the energy of the rubber. I don't think this is right for a punch style, but if you spin, modern flick, drive with heavy topspin from the backhand, this is perfect.
You must clean this a lot as it picks up dirt at the impact point very quickly - when cleaned this rubber is a spin machine.
However, the blocking and control are really outstanding, quite similar to 09c in this respect.
I tried 09c in a session after this on the backhand and it felt inferior in everything but punch.
So far longevity seems very good and the value is amazing.
13/11/2021 Very good rubber Review by ASHRAF kUBBARA
Very good rubber in all aspects.
Spin is super control and speed.
One of my favorite rubbers.
23/10/2021 Not for smasher because not bouncing Review by Peter
Stick to Rakza 7 for now until I find a better rubber for smashing.
19/10/2021 Top rubber Review by Robert Platt
My go-to F/H rubber, has it all excellent spin, high control, and good speed if using the correct technique.
05/10/2021 Excellent Rubber Review by Robert Platt
Top rubber for my F/H. Excellent spin and speed, excels in control. Highly recommended. Excellent review of this product via TT11.
01/09/2021 The best rubber Review by Antoniu Iancu Avram
This can be the lethal weapon for an allround player who is doing everything so good.
31/08/2021 "Chinese tacky rubbers and modern Tensor rubbers" Review by JAUGCELIN MOLINA
I actually bought this rubber because of the positive comments, and from my perspective, they were right. I can say that it is a sticky and fast rubber, excellent for forehand topspin, with great control, a lot of durability. I assembled my H301 at the same time with the Joola Dynaryz ACC, and after 8 months with weekly sessions of 6 hours, the Joola is ready to be changed, and the Yasaka I can still get a lot out of it, it has not lost its characteristics. I recommend it for players who want more pronounced arches and good control, I used the goldarc8 on my FH, and the Rakza Z is slower, but at my house, they prefer more spin and control, so it adjusted to my needs. I am very pleased, I share the idea that this rubber is the perfect fusion of the "Chinese tacky rubbers and modern Tensor rubbers"
09/08/2021 Amazing hybrid rubber Review by Sambit
This is one of the best rubbers I have ever played with. It has a sticky topsheet with a pretty fast tensor-like sponge underneath. I put this on to a YEO 7 power. At first glance, it seemed very slow and dead to me when I just bounced the ball with it. But then my perception completely changed when I started playing with it on the table. In the short game this almost appears dead, with a lot of grip on the ball, while in the mid and long-distance shots, the springy sponge helps you return the ball with a lot of spin and speed while maintaining a lot of control. The arc is really high so I use this for my backhand. I personally don't prefer such a high arc for my forehand rubber. I am not someone who has played with a lot of hard rubbers before, so I can't comment on that, but this is definitely the hardest rubber I have ever played with, and I love how it feels. This is definitely one of the spinniest rubbers I have ever played with, and the tackiness of the top sheet really helps receive serves with a lot of underspin while keeping the ball short. Flicks are also great, so are topspins on some of the balls with the heaviest underspins. I don't usually play very far from the table, but I think this rubber works decently well far from the table as well. The biggest thing is just the sheer amount of grip on the rubber. It just grabs the ball and places it wherever you want it to. Unless you're looking for the most speedy rubber out there, this rubber ticks off all the checkpoints. Extremely balanced with huge control for all kinds of play.
19/07/2021 Spin monster. Review by Edmund Ho
Spin and power with control must try.
18/06/2021 My favorite! Review by Paul Greenberg
My favorite!
11/05/2021 Ничего особенного Review by Uteshev Akhmetgali
Покупал накладку на основе всех отзывов на данном сайте. По моим ощущениям накладка не стоит таких денег. Катапульта не большая. Липкость проходит. Топшит затирается очень сильно. За 1 мес игры превратилась в то что как будто ею играли более года. Не советую к покупке для тех кто играл тензорами.
01/05/2021 Excellent rubber Review by Adam
Very fast rubber with lots of spin and tackiness. Good control with a high trajectory.
06/04/2021 Good rubber, tacky but, with control Review by John Wooten
So far, I have only used this rubber a couple of times but it has good spin without much loss of control. The speed is good and the rubber is consistent.
28/03/2021 Perfect hybrid rubber Review by Konstantin Ganulich
Perfect hybrid rubber for my taste.
Feels a bit softer than expected for 47-52 degrees (but after 2 layers of Lidu booster), which is actually good for me.
Comparing to other hybrids:
- less tacky and thus faster than Tibhar K1 Euro (at least on light and medium strokes and on flat hits/smashes).
- more responsive and faster than Big Dipper (at least on light and medium strokes).
So I'd say it plays closer to medium-fast ESN tensors than to Chinees tacky rubbers, but it maintains slight tackiness to add some extra spin especially on serves and light strokes.
To sum up: the best hybrid rubber I've tried so far.
16/03/2021 Rakza z review Review by Nilanjan Banerjee
Found it good very spinny, I have put it on Viscaria very controlled for me will be using it in backhand but I think it has less feel compared to Rakza X. I will still stick to Tenergy 05 on FH
12/03/2021 Excellent Fast rubber Review by Steven Caramoan
Premium price for a premium rubber
FH: Good for looping
BH: Nice blocks and flicks
Though a fast rubber, it made my blade (Wang Liqin legend OFF -) easier to control while retaining speed.
12/03/2021 wonderful control Review by Douglas Hood
I really like the Rakza rubbers but haven't a great deal of experience playing with others. I was using Rakza 7 2.0 FH and soft 1.8 BH which were both good for spin and speed. But my feeling is the control that comes with Z is a definite addition. But I have also gone from above to max FH and 2.0 BH so that may be part of it. But especially with a deep defensive backhand, I am now seeing them go over the net!
03/02/2021 Tenengy upgrade Review by John Chinny chin chin
Feels like an updated fast Tenengy.
20/01/2021 Excellent rubber Review by Ramabhadaran Narayanan
Fantastic rubber got the speed, spin, and control while blocking. Must try rubber in Rakza Series.
14/01/2021 Amazing rubber! Review by Bob Afdlin
This is an amazing rubber!! Rubber is hard and spinny. I don't advise it to use with a stiff blade, it will be hard to create a spin. And it added a bit of weight too. But overall I give this rubber 5 stars!
11/01/2021 Superb if you don't mind the added weight Review by Anton Kukeste
Produces a lot of spin and is quite fast. Unfortunately for me personally the higher weight is a major downside. From the period I've played with this rubber, I really liked the spin I was able to produce in topspin on topspin rallies and in serves. I've used the 2.0 sponge thickness
26/12/2020 very good Review by Ashraf Kubbara
Rakza 7 was very good but slow, this Rakza Z is very good and fast rubber.
It is highly controllable with superb spin in push and/or topspin alike.
It is only a bit heavier than Rakza 7 or DHS H3 neo.

I use it on both FH+BH on a DHS Malong 3 wooden blade and just wonderful.
18/12/2020 Best Review by Max
Best service TT11.
26/11/2020 very good Review by Ashraf Kubbara
Super rubber that combines the best of both worlds. tackiness and Esn.
Spin is miraculous, smash unbelievable, and backhand is superb.
I use it in FH and twiddle and now I use it on both FH and BH with clipper wood.
It is the LEGENDARY racket .. STIGA YASAKA as we call it in the Sixties thinking it is one company.
Thank you, Stiga, for such a blade...
Thank you Yasaka for such rubber.
25/11/2020 Rubber of the new age Review by Darkmoor
One of the latest rubbers from major companies with added tack and quite a hard sponge, that really delivers the need for more spin and better short game. More Euro/Japanese style than Chinese, but you can use it like you would use H3 Neo.
18/11/2020 nice Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
It will be a classic, very easy to play.
06/10/2020 Excellent Review by Darko Veselinovic
I have always preferred to use euro-style tensor rubbers.
The Chinese tacky rubber was just not my cup of tea. I found that their nonresponsive hard sponge along with sticky surface is very difficult to use effectively when out of position and forced to defend. Also, the tacky top sheet is hard to maintain and loose tackiness very quickly. Not very fast as well. On the plus side, it is great on serve and receives, netplay, and of course in the spin department.
Hybrid rubbers always seamed like best of both worlds, only in practice they weren't. I guess technology just wasn't there. However, I believe that this rubber is a game changer! Somehow Yasaka has produced rubber that combines all advantages of tacky surface, with a sponge that can activate and deliver liveliness when needed, and I love it! It has a high arc for over-the-net safety, amazing spin capability, and amazing control. Sticky surface neutralizes all of the opponent incoming spin, so you don't have to adjust bat angle on every single shot, instead, you just go for it and simply counterstrike and place it where you want it! That being said, it not super fast rubber, and you may need a faster blade to utilize all of its potentials. But don't worry it is more than enough to finish the point, especially once u adjust the stroke mechanic to be more forward, and the bat angle to be more closed.
One more thing going for it is a reasonable price. Butterfly Dignics 09C has the same properties but faster, but it cost more than double, so its no brainer in my book!
All in all great rubber very well priced. It does take some adjustment in your technique but it is worth it.
07/09/2020 good hybrid Review by Zir Mang
I would recommend this to someone who likes the idea of Chinese and European hybrid.
20/08/2020 Nice but too hard Review by Rob
Tried to move from soft too (mid) hard rubbers with Vega X and Rakza Z. Rakza Z feels harder compared to Vega X and is also faster. Liked it more on BH and turned out very nice for punch blocks. Still too hard for me.
16/08/2020 Excellent spin loaded rubber Review by ITTF2400
Good spin, control, feel, and speed. Advance semi tacky Rubber.
06/08/2020 Very sticky Review by Longratana Chhun
The forehand loop and backspins are incredible. I think it's a little less bouncy than Mark V that I used to have.
02/08/2020 Good control and spin. Speed is not fast but adequate. Review by Sean Shu
At first, I found it a bit slow. After a month + of new blade XuXin Dynasty and RakzaZ 2.0 BH Max FH I can feel more comfortable with looping on both sides. Lately, I discovered with the proper extension of the forearm and quick rotational loop even over heavy under spinning ball the speed is quite good.
As for RakzaZ Max Hard maybe my level is not ready for.
Will buy some more definitely. Maybe Z Max for both sides since I am more of a backhanded player.
27/07/2020 Good control,speed.spin. Review by Samuel L Roberson
Good control, speed, spin.
22/07/2020 Odlična guma. Review by DJURO VRANES
Odlična guma, odlično regije na protivnikom Spin.
22/07/2020 Ok Review by Daniel Drimba
14/07/2020 Great Review by RAKESH SHAH
Plays like Dignics 09c.
Slower but more control than Rakza7.
You can topspin or flat hit the ball equally.
Butterfly is in big trouble!!!
Used on FH.
I don't recommend this hard rubber on BH.

Love it!!!!!
10/07/2020 Very good hybrid rubber Review by Mindaugas Raulinaitis
This rubber is a very interesting hybrid between Chinese tacky rubbers and modern Tensor rubbers. It has some tackiness, although not as much as let's say Hurricane 3 Neo, and the tackiness almost disappears after a few weeks, though the topsheet keeps the spinning ability. It is much livelier than a typical Chinese tacky rubber, and thus easier to play Euro-style but still has much less catapult effect than a typical Tensor rubber. This makes Rakza Z very precise in the short game. However, when hitting hard it has very good speed. Initially, I used it as my FH rubber but it appears that it can serve as a perfect BH rubber as well. It might be a personal opinion, but I like it much more than other hybrids, such as Joola Golden Tango or Yasaka Rising/Shining Dragon series.
Yasaka Rakza Z