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Yasaka Rakza XX

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Rubber type : inverted
The RAKZA XX is the latest version in the successful Rakza series. The RAKZA XX is a fast rubber developed to suit professional players. It offers even more spin and stability than its predecessor, the Rakza X.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/01/2024 Ideal para bloqueos activos Review by Edgardo Aguilar
Es un caucho que demanda mucha técnica, ideal para bloqueos activos, genera un contrajuego muy rápido. Con el ángulo adecuado se logra un spin potente. Ahora bien, manejar el rebote es lo más difícil de este caucho.
06/01/2024 Very fast with amazing "short game" control Review by abro
2.00mm on FH:

Most impressive feature: unbelievably "compliant" in short game. The ball doesn't "jump" during pushes or "drop shots". Not just compared to other ultra-fast rubbers, but compared to all rubbers, including the "Hurricanes". Short, low serves are very easy to do.
2nd most impressive feature: Loops and serves do not feel very spinny, but the opponents keep having issues returning them.
Compared to the "hybrid" Donic A1, when looping, with XX the ball release feels instant. Not sure which rubber produces higher max velocity - A1 or XX, but b/c of the instant release XX feels "quicker".. The arc is flat, feels like there's no spin. But again, the opponents keep blocking them "long." Flat drives/smashes are deadly, but require perfect timing and tremendous hand speed.

Not so impressive features:
1. I've not been able to "unlock" the 3rd, and 4th "gears". 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th are brilliant. If you get a little lazy or try to play a slow loop/drive - fuhggettaboutit.
2. Compared to other rubbers, XX is very "sensitive" to dust. While I could use other rubber sheets for the entire 2-3hr practice without a single cleaning and not feel any drop off in performance, XX needs to cleaned every ~45min, otherwise loops "stop working"..

In conclusion: 7 stars for the short game, 5 for high-speed stuff and 3 for mid-speed offense. Overall/average: - 5 stars.

02/12/2023 Superb Review by Ouchy
Great speed, control and spin. Medium arc. Suitablewith OFF- blades...
15/11/2023 very good Review by Heiki Kuus
Yasaka Rakza xx is an ideal table tennis rubber.
02/10/2023 Всегда стараюсь тестировать новинки, но эта превзошла все мои ожидания, рекомендую Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Мне нравятся 50ти градусные накладки, раньше я использовал Дигникс 05 2,1мм.
Но попробовал новинку от Ясака Ракза ХХ макс на основании Andro Synteliac VCO OFF с обеих сторон.
Эта связка очень хорошо работает, при наличии хороших навыков конечно.
Разницы никакой не почувствовал, все движения остались прежние, а эффект такой же !!!
Все зоны доступны, можно и тонко сыграть и пофилонить, в общем эта накладка меня очаровала.
Рекомендую в первую очередь для атаки , СУПЕР !!! Да еще и по такой цене, в 2 раза дешевле Дигникса.
31/08/2023 Rubber Review by Vladi Altman
Good rubber very durable
14/08/2023 Maximizing Ball Speed and Control: Evaluating German Rubber Performance Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
The thing about the large pores on the sponge is real, you can feel a significant deformation even though the sponge is hard. It has good bounce, the natural rubber surface provides excellent grip, and the rebound is quick when you need it, with a lot of control for subtle shots. It's the German rubber that's closest to a Chinese rubber in terms of control that I know of. However, it can produce exaggerated rebounds in some instances, which is why it requires a certain adaptation period. Personally, I prefer Chinese rubbers or hybrid ones like Sieger PK50 or Rakza Z, but this one works very well if you're looking for more ball speed with good control. I recommend it more for the forehand than for the backhand.
09/08/2023 Incremental improvement Review by Van H Savell Jr
I have been playing nearly exclusively with razka X on my forehand in max sponge. Low and behold a new rubber comes out, called XX and like a fish seeing a flashy lure I bite. I can't help it. I have tried a few sheets of razka XX in black on max sponge. Being a Yasaka product they are of course identical and high quality. To me the rubber is an incremental improvement to Rakza X. It is perceptively spinner and that tends to make the ball land on the table more. It may be a little higher throw. The rubber does not feel faster to me. If you want more spin, but still want decent speed this is a good rubber to try. It is not a quantum leap in play, but with (presumed) ESN generational advancement there is some difference. I have to admit I have not had the rubbers long enough to get a sense of durability. I have tried my sheets on different blades and there is the annoying amount of removal of sponge as you remove the old layer of glue. If you like Yasaka rubber (and there is MUCH to like with it imo) this is a good rubber to try. Price wise Razka X is still a better deal, especially with TT11's 4 for 3 deal, but R XX is much better prices than those Butterfly favorites.
Yasaka Rakza XX