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Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.6
The Ma Lin Soft Carbon has surprisingly good feel for a carbon blade. The softer outer ply allows for this extra sensation and touch. Despite the softer outer ply, strong shots are very powerful. This blade allows blocks and all offensive strokes to be played with a high degree of quality.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/01/2023 Excellent Review by Anastasiia
09/12/2022 good blade Review by Victor Ciumac
Nice blade, works well paired with Rakza 9/Rakza X (normal or soft)
17/08/2022 Отличная, качественная! Review by Anatoliy Mikheev
На нее поставили Ксиом вега европа, получилась супер контрольная ракетка))) такую и хотели!
26/07/2022 Good Review by Arturas Stasevskis
Good blade. Maybe a little too fast for beginners.
24/03/2022 Nice feeling Review by Ouchy
The very nice feeling while playing close to the table with touch and push. Topspin play is very controlled. Pair it with medium-hard rubbers and it will shine.....
01/02/2022 Weird Feeling Review by Kenneth Nissel
Oddly this blade is not my favorite. It has a nice handle feels good in the hands but hitting with it feels both slow yet harder to control than wood. Hard to describe.
01/02/2022 Lots of control and feeling Review by Anton Kukeste
Amazing Off- blade. ST handle was very comfortable overall, but I did sand off the wings a bit, so they wouldn't be as sharp. A great feeling and lots of control, plenty of speed for modern defensive play. Used with a Hurricane 8-80 on the forehand and OX Tibhar Grass Dtecs (acid green version, slightly harder than normal) on the backhand.
29/11/2021 Цена/качества супер! Review by Eugene Kozhukhov
Мягкое и контрольное основание с хорошим вращением. Ведет себя линейно, без сюрпризов. Скорость не зашкаливающая, конечно (OFF-), но достаточная для большинства любителей. Издалека при желании тоже вполне можно дострелить, особенно с бодрыми накладками. На удивление хорошо ведет себя на блоках. Очень достойное основание, а за свою цену - так вообще супер!
26/05/2021 Master of control Review by Ouchy
Very fine control wood with great feeling. Very suitable with tensor rubbers. This is my second set-up, with Rakza 7 (FH) and Rakza X (BH). Speed, spin, and control are balanced.
18/08/2020 Too slow Review by gary fagan
Too slow to use.
05/08/2020 Very controlled Review by VIctor Jimenez
A very balanced blade, more control than speed, but I wanted to test it for the Mattias Falck reference, I paired it with the Joola Rhyzer 43 (BH) and DHS GoldArc8 (FH), I have a good combination of spin and speed with excellent control , it fits very well in the middle distance game, and the tires compensate for the lack of speed. The finishes of the Blade are very elegant, I requested it of 89grs but they answered that they had 85grs available, and I accepted. This is my No. 2 racket, and on many occasions I prefer it, tt11 performed the Lacquering service for me and it feels great. Thank you.
15/06/2020 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnoje osnovanije
29/05/2020 Недорогая и качественная основа Review by Alexandr S.
Основание понравилось, качество изготовления на 5, ручка FL удобная. Соответствует заявленным Офф-, контроль отличный. Поставил с двух сторон Ракзу 7 софт (2.0), всё в стол. Вес сборки 174 гр. Отлично подходит для вариативной игры как начинающим, так и продвинутым игрокам.
03/01/2020 СУПЕР Review by Alexandr Krutianskiy
Одно из популярных очень качественных и сбалансированных оснований.
Цена качество просто супер. как для начинающих с более медленными накладками так и для профи с быстрыми накладками просто бомба.
25/11/2019 Nice blade Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
Ordered for my friend. Feels good control with Rakza7 soft. Not great power, but a nice pick for someone looking for control and spin.
15/11/2019 Found my blade Review by David Hou
This blade works really well for me, I have Rakza X on the backhand and Rakza Po on the forehand. It has the feel of an all-wood blade but it has carbon for speed when I want it. It is better to me than the Timo Boll Sprit, Amultart, and Xiom zetro quad blades that I have used in the past.
13/11/2019 Top blade Review by Fabio BLT Calicchio
One of the best blades you might find. A very convenient blade with top quality and playing abilities.
01/08/2019 Fantastic Off- blade! Review by Pacho Pedales
Excellent ball feeling for a carbon blade, it's an off- blade so I don't understand why people complain about speed, if you need more speed, go for an off+ or off++. For me, it has the perfect speed, paired with a Hurricane Neo 3 FH and Rakza 7 BH, It helped me to improve my game. Fantastic cost-benefits ratio. Mine weighs 87gr, needed a little bit of handle sanding (#400 sandpaper). Overall, has a great balance between speed and control! Recommended!
24/01/2018 Balanceamento perfeito entre velocidade e controle. Review by Francisco Oliveira Filho
Este taco desenvolvido pela Yasaka produz um balanceamento perfeito entre velocidade e controle para jogadores que desferem golpes fortes com bastante velocidade e também atuam perto da mesa com golpes curtos e direcionados.
04/11/2015 Yasaka ma lin soft carbon Review by Marijan Muzdeka
Good control. Good feedback. Needs fast rubbers. Good finnish. Yasaka
28/07/2015 Great control carbon blade. Review by Nathan
Really can't go wrong with this one.
25/05/2015 Excellent Review by VIRGIL SOFIAN
Very good assembly and price.Arrived within the time expected.
Very happy with the service.
03/12/2014 Atom Review by Roberto
Muy buena madera, es peso está bien y hay buen control y muy veloz.
25/06/2013 Fast & furious Review by esteve gras
I was looking for control. I played with tsp reflex award (off) with xiom vega europe max. Yasaka is faster and hevier than tsp. Control and feeling is like a wild horse. Better to play far from the table. Block is difficult.
Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon