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Yasaka Ma Lin Max Carbon


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Number of Layers : 7+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Ma Lin Max Carbon is powerful carbon blade. This blade excels at fast loops at close distance but still doesn't let up as you back off from the table. Hard in feeling, you can expect this blade to be relentless on all offensive strokes.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

15/03/2023 Not bad but expected more speed Review by Alexander Makarov
Good quality blade, without manufacturing issues except label at bottom of handle peeled of on the second training session, but it is minor.
Expected more speed, but due to carbon layers are deep in plywood layers they work only after putting great effort from my side. So found out that need to work more then with my previous blade where carbon layers were closer to surface. In general trying to get used to this new blade. My level is "amateur".
22/12/2021 Hammasi yaxshi Review by Nurmukhammad Khamidov
Juda yaxshi kantrol qiladi, qalinligini hisobga olmaganda juda ham qulay raketka hisoblanadi.
31/08/2021 This product meets expectations Review by arkady rytvin
Really good control
28/04/2021 Carbon blade with allwood feeling Review by Ouchy
I thought max carbon would be just like other carbon blades. After 10 hours of play using medium rubbers, I found it a very nice woody feeling. I could control the ball nicely. When hit hard, the carbon plays its role.
20/04/2021 Too slow Review by gary fagan
This blade was slower than the Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade. Hard to understand how the Max Carbon would be slower.Did not realize it was inner carbon construction, which explains why it is so slow. Not for me.
09/01/2021 Fantastic blade. Review by Vincent M.
Great off blade. Paired with Stiga Genesis II M on both sides, max FH and 2 mm BH. Perfect combo. Big sweet spot. Incredible control. Very linear. Excellent for driving, flicking, and the slow game, but with a lot of power reserve easily usable for smash, strong topspin/counter topspin without any loss of control. You can place the ball exactly where you want on the table with the power you want, giving you a big confidence feeling.
What else? Small vibration in stong stokes which produce the classical carbon 'metallic' sound.
Fantastic blade!
28/10/2020 Excellent product Review by Nash Bakhit
Loved it.
06/05/2020 Отличное основание по такой цене! Review by Sergiu
Отличное основание за адекватные деньги !
Жаль что не успел поиграть, карантин начался...
Наклеил yasaka rakza X + X soft, вообще огонь получилась ракетка!
24/05/2019 Great blade Review by Claudio Tufigno
Very nice finish. Great feeling and huge sweet spot. Fantastic blade, fast but accurate.
26/02/2018 Nice offensive racket with decent control. Review by BT
Good speed with decent control. Light weight. Please note that if you're ordering a straight handle and take their free rubber assembly service, you can't see anywhere in the handle saying that it is a Ma Lin Max Carbon (because the wood would already be covered by the rubber). The handle rather just would say, 'Ma Lin Olympic Gold Winner', not 'Max Carbon'. It was confusing for me, so when I contacted, they assured me that the ST handles come like that.
Overall quite a nice racket at this price point.
05/04/2017 Excellent! Review by Mark Warren
My daughter loves this racquet!
05/03/2017 Yasaka Ma lin max carbon Review by Co Quach
very good control with a lot of power
22/06/2015 The best ever Review by Saeed alqarani
Guys you can't find a better place than tabletennis11..
Sole agent of excellence!
11/10/2014 very nice blade Review by janepob puthikarun
very nice blade
Yasaka Ma Lin Max Carbon