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Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6
2007 the Chinese superstar Ma Lin dominated the PRO TOUR, by collecting more points and price money than any other player. Ma also won the PRO TOUR GRAND FINAL in men’s single December 2007. Together with Ma Lin Yasaka technicians has developed Ma Lin EXTRA OFFENSIVE, a blade with very good speed performance, in own attacks as well as in the important blocking play. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/09/2019 standard quality Review by jose luis rodriguez
This blade has standard quality, is not faster, and the control is standard too. I prefer Avalox blades or Stiga blades. Much more quality than Infinity blade, Intensity, or Avalox 500 and 550. Very soft veneers. Table tennis11 sent me the package very fast and good reception.
09/05/2019 Nice Blade Review by Dirk B
This is a nice blade with good speed and good feeling at same time. played with Vega Pro 2.0 on FH and Vega Intro 1.8 on BH. I will try the Vega Pro 1.8 on FH, by far quick enough for me.
I also love the straight handle of Yasaka, flatter than most and not too small. Excellent value for money and made in Sweden, perfect...
21/02/2019 Very good blade Review by Jorge Espinosa
Medium fast speed, good control, excellent feeling, light, comfortable ST handle, easy to generate spin, all the strokes are consistent, you can not go wrong with this blade, the services are easy, it is recommended for intermediate and advanced players.
11/02/2019 Good racket for beginners Review by Gabriel Carmo
Is not so heavy, is not slow nor too fast, has a good control, a good racket for beginners.
08/02/2019 Nice blade Review by Isaac Herrera
Even though the blade isn't extremely light, it does feel like, definitely an offensive blade, the weight is distributed as it should, a little flexy though.
18/01/2019 Excellent value Review by Kw
For the price, it will be hard to find a paddle of this quality.
23/10/2018 Отличное основание Review by ALEKSEY TYUFYAKOV
Третье моё основание. Акустик и Рутис не смог реализовать возможности.
Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive оказалось самым понятным и с широкими возможностями. Соотношение цена-качество вне конкуренции.СПАСИБО МАГАЗИНУ.
19/10/2018 A good buy Review by Michael Tsang
Little flexy
03/10/2018 Professional paddle with good build quality Review by Gaurang Bajpai
Bat is up to the mark as per my expectation. It's not too fast like any carbon racket, but it is fast enough for offensive shots.
Control is superb. I will give 5 out of 5 to this product.
22/06/2018 Отличное основание Review by Orunbek
Отличное основание, контроль, скорость, чувство мяча.
Спасибо за хороший сервис TT11!
30/04/2018 Great OFF Looping blade Review by Yi Zhang
I received a defective blade with a huge line of crack on one side. TT11 immediately sent me a replacement blade free of charge. Excellent service! Thank you, Dmitry!

After using this blade (Hurricane 3 FH and Yasaka XHG BH), I understand why YEO is such a popular blade. It is a solid OFF blade with plenty of gears. It's thin and flexible enough to make looping very easy, but it has enough support for effective blocking game. All in all, very satisfied. This blade reminds me of Stiga Intensity, just a tad bit stiffer and slower.
02/04/2018 Great classic blade Review by Arman Zhumagaliyev
Great blade for beginner and intermediate level players. I highly recommend it.
02/03/2018 Average blade Review by Lue Yang
This blade is pretty average in my opinion. I think it's good for someone new to the sport.
15/01/2018 Excellent Review by Alexandr Myroshnychenko
В первую очередь хотелось бы сказать про работу магазина. Сервис на уровне. Быстрая доставка, возможность выбора по весу. Всё ОК.
Про основание. Мой экземпляр: ручка FL, вес 87g (так просил), нареканий на качество изготовления нет. Брал основу для игры липучками, FH - Yinhe Venus II 40°, BH - Yinhe Venus II 37°. До этого накладки пробовал на основании Yasaka Sweden Extra, понравилось вращение и контроль, но не хватало скорости и мощи чтобы решать исход розыгрыша максимально быстро. По этому решил взять YEO - классика под липучки. Пока играл им мало, много не расскажу. Но это именно то что искал. Рекомендую.
06/01/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Beautifully designed. Decent finish. Playing characteristics as expected : slight vibration and hard feeling due to outter layer. Very suitable to Chinese rubber. Tension rubbers are ok with hard, thin and grippy one
05/07/2017 It made me change Review by DO VAN HIEU
Good control, good for the people want to change from fast blade to slower blade.
30/05/2017 Excellent Review by Usman Akiri
I love this blade
10/05/2017 NICE PRODUCT Review by Usman Akiri
17/04/2017 Nice Blade Review by DK
It shines close to the table. Good speed and control. I can place very spinning serve with it. Highly Recommended.

I picked this as my main blade out of 15 others.

TT11's service is as good as always.
17/03/2017 Very good bat Review by PENG LUO
Very good bat. My son love it very much.
31/01/2017 Poor quality Review by Luigi Vanzan
Bought this as a second spare blade. Not of equal quality to my other blade. The veneer on one side was fine but the other side was a mess with odd distortions in the grain that I have never seen on any other blade before now. May be a second as I would be astonished if quality control at Yasaka is non existent. So in the future I will avoid special offers as they may be reductions due to poor quality or seconds.
15/01/2017 Stifff and balanced Review by Umut
This blade is a bit stiff due to outer layers, it gaves consistency for blocks and hittings. I has enough speed to win a game and good control for shots, it may bit harder for over table touches because shorter dwell time and feeling.
As a result of stiff walnut layers, not preferred for beginners or developping players because it gives feedback for power shots not soft touches or slow spins.
I used that blade with xiom vega pro on bh/fh, which fits nicely serves, smashes, flicks, spins are quite confortable.
Also i tested with hurricane 3 on fh and yasaka rakza 7 on bh, rakza 7 has more control due to mid-hardness, hurricane 3 fıts okey but without boosting has less feel and speed on this blade.
If you want to stiff and balanced blade, its perfect for price. it has a good build quality and large sweetspot.
23/12/2016 Very happy with it Review by Alberte Mendez Lopez
I'm a beginner and I don't know many blades, but I'm very satsfied with this. I'not an ofrensive player and I was concerned about this being too agressive, but I think it gives a very good control plus the speed.
18/08/2016 4 Review by Alexandra Stepanova
Основание понравилось в игре, но есть свои косяки в самом исполнении.
29/06/2016 مضرب خشب على اصول من غير كربون Review by Sayed hussain mohammad Alradhawi
المضرب مفيد للي داخل على الاحتراف ببدايته لاستكمال حركة الضربات ولكن بنظري صوته الخشبي شوي مزعج
26/04/2016 Good Review by Arun Kumar Jain
Too good and enough pace
19/04/2016 Good Review by Jimmy Dick
30/01/2016 Good blade, good control and powerful attack blade. Review by Lee Phonharath
This blade is very good for offensive.
16/12/2015 Stiff and classy Review by Achal Shah
This is a stiff blade. I ordered 90 gm blade, and tt11 sent me exact. The blade face is a little small, compared to stiga blades. Overall, this blade is perfectly constructed. The balance is perfect,doesn't feel head heavy even having chinese rubber both sides. Less dwell compared to other all wood limba outer blades. Using h3neo on fh. Working very well till now.
17/09/2015 Great Review by Rajesh Bhattarai
04/06/2015 A Classic Review by bankimchandra maisnam
Thanks the guys who advised me to get this , it is probably one of the best rackets for its price. It gets better as you push it. I could see myself getting more balls in play, more spin on my shots.. Just love it !!

Thank You TableTenniss11
06/03/2015 Great blade with such low price Review by yinfeng ding
This blade is really nice blade, good feeling, speed. Hard wood with soft rubber is my recommend.
03/03/2015 good Review by Silver
04/12/2014 good blade for all round play Review by abheesh kotnala
I used it for a week. first time using this blade. slower than nittaku acoustic, but a good blade. low on control, but can get used to it for powerful shots. overall i like it. value for money.
27/06/2014 good blade Review by Andreas Pariente
good blade
05/04/2014 great Review by nikola simeuncevic
25/02/2014 Good blade Review by Zhao TianYu
a little stiff, but fast speed, recommend player who just play TT.
13/01/2014 good blade Review by wang shuai
according the price,this blade is very worthy.
04/10/2013 very good thank you Review by ismail aslan
very good thank you
23/06/2013 fine quality Review by flea03
The YEO straight handled I received was 89 grams after free VOC lacquering. The wood quality is excellent and handle comfortable. I'm still testing different rubbers (currently 999T / yinhe moon) to find the optimal combination. This setup is fast enough but with control, especially in blocking (my style close to table attack). The FH side works well with chinese rubbers like H3Neo, 999T.

Table tennis 11 continues to impress me with their service and prices.
09/06/2013 great product Review by hamid
This blade similar to timo boll ALC of butterfly.high control and max arc for attack .best for selection and best price I am buy 2 article
28/05/2013 great service Review by MASOOD AHMAD
high quaility blade good finish and offcource best service in business nobody but .. table tennis 11 thanks
26/05/2013 4 Stars Review by songsak tunsomkid
This blade is good control, good price but for me it is hard.
07/05/2013 control and attack Review by hamid sh
This blade similar to timo boll ALC of butterfly.high control and max arc for attack .best for selection and best price
I am buy 2 article
20/04/2013 very good blade Review by xue weiguang
very good blade
27/03/2013 good product Review by Plamen Pavlov
great product
30/12/2012 Probably the best blade for the buck Review by MM
After reading some reviews I thought this blade would be fast as hell and thus very hard to control. However, I was surprised with it's playing characteristics. It's a great blade, powerful, a bit springy but very well balanced, without unpleasant vibrations and not difficult to control. Now I have two YMLEOs, first ordered a year ago from another seller and the second from TT11. Both blades have been manufactured perfectly. TT11 dispatched it the same day I ordered (88g, as I requested) and I got it in a week (actually in a four days only, since on Friday and weekdays parcel stayed at the customs). It seems you can't expect nothing but the great service from TT11. Keep up the good work guys!
16/11/2012 Not what I was expecting Review by Benjamin
I was disappointed with the quality of this blade. The wood grain looks like its going in 2 different directions and the blade looks like its 5 ply on the bottom but when you look at the top you only see 3 plies of wood!!
Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive