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Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Ch.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 87
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive is blade well known for it's ability to maintain strong offense close to the table. It's level of stiffness allows for great blocks and drives but at the same time can still loop quite well up to mid distance.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

21/09/2022 Awesome Review by Daniel Valdes
Exceptional, you can feel every stroke, the control is the number 1 quality
29/08/2022 Fast and Cheap Review by Shammam Ahmed
Very fast for an all-wood blade. It sounds kind of hollow when hit hard. Good topspin and backspin potential. Not very flexible. As a result, not very beginner friendly. It takes time to learn the touch. Large enough sweet spot. Very value-for-money product for intermediate players.
21/06/2022 excellent blade Review by David Wan
I play Penhold close to the table. It is exceptional. The blade has a quick rebound speed. Using it the first time is like being on turbo. I went from my DHS P-G7 to this blade. I had no problem producing topspin shots from mid-distance.
The topspin is really fast and low with a kick using Hurricane 3.
Quality is excellent. My game has improved by going to this blade.
11/08/2021 Excellent Blade Review by Andrija
Everything about this blade suits my style perfectly. I have 2 of the same weight 87g. Perfect RPB, monster FH, head-heavy as it should be, lacquered out of the box... I wouldn't mind paying twice as much for this blade.
11/05/2021 ***** Review by Miltiadis Samaras
Great product good price excellent delivery.
08/02/2021 Good Review by Boon Heng Lim
30/12/2020 Great blade for a Ma-Lin style of play Review by Kai Ho
The blade is excellent if you have a style of play that 'resembles' a bit like Ma Lin. The blade is well-designed for: third-ball attack, strong forehand loops, smashes, 'fishing' away from the table, flicks over the table, passive/soft blocks, strong pushes.
I used Yasaka Shining Dragon rubbers for both sides. Currently, the setup is working out quite well.
28/04/2020 Good Review by Xingda You
27/01/2020 excellent blade Review by Agnes Wu
A very responsive blade at a very reasonable price. I have tried many blades from different well-known manufacturers but this one stands out as the best in terms of sensitivity, response time, power and handling.
21/01/2020 Good product and amazing service Review by Yiannis Papadopoulos
I combined this blade with Rakza 7 Soft 1.8mm and Rakza 7 2mm. I play traditional penhold so I only use one of the rubbers at the time, just thought I'd try a slightly easier (the slimmer soft one) and a slightly more difficult to control rubber and see what suits me best. After a month or so of play, I see no big differences to be honest, but I'm not playing at a high level. With either side, I initially struggled to control incoming spin but getting better now. The set up is also top-heavy and this also cost me initially some time to adjust to (my previous racquet felt lighter). All in all, I am starting to play much better now with this. As a side note, the handle is on the slim side for my large hands. Finally, the service from tt11 was exceptional, I ordered on a Thursday midnight in Switzerland with racquet assembly and I had the racquet by Monday. Top-notch assembly and speed of delivery. I just wonder though why reviews are on an invitation basis. Do people that have had some trouble with their order and are liable to write a not so positive review also get invitations?
12/01/2020 Great feel Review by Adarsh N
It is my first penhold blade and it feels great.
Delivery (to India) took around 30 days.
21/11/2019 Lovely piece with great versatility / Maravillosa pieza con gran versatilidad Review by Jose Miguel Garcia
Bought this blade in order to get more balance in my shots. My previous blade was too fast for me. The pros of this blade are too many but I would like to focus on the facility of combining this one depending on your playing style. I use a Hurricane 3 Neo for forehand and a Bluefire M2 for backhand and my level has increased considerably in a short time. 100% recommended if you are a beginner/amateur player. It'll also work for pros, Ma Lin used it in his last 10 years of career and he did so well !!

Compré esta madera con el objetivo de lograr golpes mas balanceados y controlados, ya que mi anterior madera era un cañón y no me permitía mejorar en técnica. Esta raqueta tiene muchas cosas buenas pero destacaré la versatilidad, ya que se adaptará muy correctamente a casi cualquier estilo de juego si se la combina con gomas adecuadas. Llevo una Hurricane 3 Neo para el derecho y una Bluefire M2 en el revés. 100% recomendada para jugadores amateur o principiantes que estén trabajando en mejorar sus gestos y golpes básicos, aunque sin duda también funcionará a los jugadores mas expertos. Ma Lin terminó su carrera usándola y le fue bastante bien !
01/08/2019 Good blade, hard to control Review by SEAN HWANG
I loved the carbon off minus speed blade, so got this. I've used it a month now (off and on). it's definitely a fast blade and I've been having a hard time with the control. so I've gained speed but lost control. in a game of ping pong, any points you gain is a plus. I've lost a point or two using this blade. I'm searching for the right rubber but it'll take some time.
04/04/2019 Extra offensive blade Review by Hongzhao Li
Great fit with my offensive penhold style. Fast and powerful! These days if we penhold players want to be competitive against handshakes, this is the kind of offensive blade to try.
31/08/2018 Best paddle for me Review by Jen
I'm a newbie to ping pong and all the coaches I've played with have complained about my previous paddle. They suggested I get at least 100$ paddle and this one is very good. My friend had this passed to her so I'm using the same setup as hers.
13/01/2018 Excellent Review by Igor Pereira
Probably the best value blade. Excellent quality and low price. Pairs up really well with chinese rubber.
10/10/2017 Yeo blade Review by Harsh Vardhan Agrawal
This is a great blade. Very fast and suits my attacking style as a pen holder. The sound of the ball hitting the blade is awesome.
03/08/2017 excellent blade Review by nicolas diaz medina
hi, this blade have been great! recommended for every penholder.
27/07/2017 Classic Blade Review by Kenneth Wong
Fast. Good control. Feel. It is a fantastic blade. On top, the price ! It is as good as some other "more famous" blades costing 4 to 5 times more. There is not better value and quality and useability than this simple blade.
18/06/2017 Wonderful blade Review by Mohammed Abdul Mukarram
Took around 2 months for me to get adapted, A seriously good blade, fast enough, love the service of these people
10/03/2017 Perfect blade for Pen hold h Review by Ariel Macas Rivas
I'm happy with this blade is offensive but i feel it very light i have only one week and i feel confortable with a Yasaka rakza 9 in the FH and Yasaka V HPS in the BH
25/08/2016 Quality OK Review by Marcio Andrei Fonseca Ribeiro
Quality OK
20/07/2016 참 좋습니다. Review by David-S
허8을 전면에 썼는데 여러가지로 융통성이 좋은 블레이드 입니다.

무엇보다도 합판인데 스피드가 느리지 않고

드라이브 한방과 컨트롤 다 좋아서 가격대비 최고의 블레이드라 생각합니다.

중펜을 쓰시려면 이 블레이드를 추천하고 싶습니다.
04/05/2016 very good Review by rong sun
Very good and fast shipping
19/01/2016 Nice blade Review by Shihong Yan
This blade does require a bit more strength when looping against some carbon rackets; however, it has way better control and spin as a wooden blade.

Also it looks awesome. Every player first saw this told me they were impressed.
31/12/2015 good Review by Yinghua Ai
I bought two YEO from table tennis11 two moths ago, the blades are very good.
04/12/2015 Good but heavy Review by Saulo Rodrigues
Great cost-benefit althought Iwouldn't recommend for using two rubbers on this racket cause it will be too heavy.
21/08/2015 I like it Review by Han Xi
It's so beautiful,i like it
18/05/2015 Top Review by Aaron Schart
Holz mit Speed Spin und Kontrolle. Mehr braucht man nicht
29/04/2015 excellent quality and price Review by sam poon
using Neo H3 for forehand and juic T+FV, very nice hand feeling, i got 89 grams, very good control and feeling
09/01/2015 excellent Review by Corghencea Radomir
fast delivery. exactly as I expected, great penhold racket. perfect combination with Donic bluefire, but feels quite heavy when played for longer
26/12/2014 the price is down after buy it Review by GUANG YU CUI
The quality is very very good, I buy two pen hold for this one and one normal blade, they are perfect. The only issue is after I buy it, the price is going down. If I buy it one week delay, I can save at least 5 Euro for each blade. That's why price is 4 stars. I use it with skyline II, it is very good for speed, spin and control. I also try skyline III, the speed is not good as skyline II.
13/11/2014 great blade Review by Herbert Wandersleben
great blade, good quality and price, shipping was good for the distance, it took 25 days to chile.
i highly recommended this blade and site (table tennis 11)
10/05/2014 Best blade for legend. Review by The Art
I haven't known why Ma Lin use this blade until I play with it. Power FH loop when I try to loop with Chinese rubber, very easy to create the spin.
07/05/2014 Best price Review by Jin Yin
SOLID. i am a shakehander but play with a penholding occasionally. I recently bought this one just for playing pen hold for fun.
Perfect craftsmanship, it weights 86 grams, tt11 staff picked the weight I asked. YEO got quite a reputation among penholders, what needs to be said had already been said. TT11 got lowest price in the world with free shipping above 50 euro and 10 euro discount, and the discount of the blade itself from tt11. Recommended.
18/03/2014 I got the YEO 6 days in Hong Kong. Good trade. Review by Vincent Chow
I got the YEO 6 days in Hong Kong. Good trade.
06/03/2014 Best choice of PenHolder Review by Alex
I bought 4 times and total 8 Yasaka blades, my first choice.
29/01/2014 YASAKA MA LIN cheap and good Review by LOUIS TAN
YASAKA MA LIN EXTRA OFFENSIVE PEN plays quite well. It's consider light compared to the average blade. Even when I have a rubber behind for RPB the weight still feels okie. Quite a balance blade over all. But there is a Japan made version with a better finishing if you don't mind paying a bit more I would recommend the Japan version.
14/12/2013 Perfect blade and service Review by Hou
When I receive my YEO blade from tt11, I am very excited.
Because it is beautiful, good weight and function, it is perfect for me. Thank Dmitry very much. For tabletennis athlete, every player who is penholder must have a YEO blade, it is right decision.
09/11/2013 Very good blade, many thanks Review by Fenghua
YEO is the best blade for penhold players, it has good control and good ofensive power.
21/10/2013 One of the greatest bargain u can get Review by guangsha
Yeo is a fantastic pen hold blade if not the greatest. This blade is fast in push, block, smash, and remains a soft core which gives great power when you do power drives. The price offered here is unbeatable.
12/10/2013 Great choice! Review by Pablo Gonzalez
A really good inexpensive rubber! It might be not as good as a 100 euro blade, but for only 35 euro it is amazing! If you are expecting a good blade, dont be afraid of buying it because of the price. In fact, its much better than any other 30-40 euro blade i have ever seen. Really fact but with enough control, consistent,.. With a larger surface than a shakehand blade, it can hurt a bit at first but once you have file it it its penhold handdle becomes really comfortable.
Great choice!
24/07/2013 Very good blade! Review by Marcelo Santostefano
Black TG2 NEO (FH) and Red Tinarc (BH).
Very good control and good speed for smash and close to the table topspin. The speed is not overwhelming but it is enough to close the point. Good quality too. Very good service! Thanks TT11!
21/07/2013 Good Blade Review by Jean Marcelo Basilio
This is a good blade.
Not so powerful but with a good control.
Vibrates a little bit.
Perfect weight.
24/06/2013 francisco costa de brito Review by francisco costa de brito
raquete muito boa,mas nao é tão veloz se levar em conta o nome da raquete
12/06/2013 great ma, yasaka Review by Sonny John Abraham
Excellent bat with a great grip. The contour of the handle is smooth. With the DHS Skyline neo on the fh and Stiga Calibra plus on the bh is quite a combination
04/06/2013 YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive Review by zoran
The most comfortable penhold blade I ever used. Before this, i always used chiper blades but after I tried YEO, I wiil never buy anything except yasaka again. Thanks TT11.
30/04/2013 GOOD Review by JIN WEI
20/04/2013 very good blade Review by xue weiguang
very good blade
29/03/2013 great blade Review by roberto saldivia fuentes
awesome price, high quality and characteristic
11/02/2013 Quite Fast and Control Blade! Review by Mr Lin
TT11 did a good job for rubbers attachment to the blade.
The YEO blade is quite fast with RAKZA 7 rubber but control as well, it produced rather spiny loops and services.
I use Omega III backhand for fast smash, very good combo for close table 1m away from table play.
28/11/2012 A great blade at a cheap price Review by Andy Chia
The Ma Lin Extra Offensive is a popular choice amongst penhold players who play the reverse backhand (RPB). It is great to see such a decent blade offered at a competitive price.
26/10/2012 Well made Review by Raymond Walsh
This paddle feels natural in my hand, rubber assembly very well done by this place
22/07/2012 why buy a clone of this classic? Review by the_theologian
a friend recently asked why anyone would buy a clone of this blade... i have to agree, tt11 is offering this great blade at a great price. mine weighs 79 grams, and it's 5.9mm
Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Ch.Pen