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Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Ch.Pen


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If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.5
The Yasaka Ma lin Carbon was designed to meet the demands of high level table tennis play. This blade allows for high speed with a crisp feeling. The carbon plies allow for low vibrations, powerful drives, loops, and general offense. This is a well known choice for players looking to lay down oppresive fire on their opponents.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/08/2021 Good blade Review by Jesus Meza
Good blade
15/04/2021 Like it Review by Paul Nguyen
I have used about 10 different rackets for under $100. I refuse to pay more because I see my rackets as disposable. I modify them and never re-rubber. The Ma Lin rackets are the ones I like the best out of those 10. Like them. The SC is a little bit slower than the regular carbon one but it's really about the same. They are both slower than your normal fast rackets but that doesn't mean you can't hit hard with it. I hit the ball harder than anyone, even Ma Long. yep. lol.
01/04/2021 Compare to butterfly V max Review by Chaoming Tsai
Faster than Butterfly V max.
Less control than butterfly V max.
A little bit heavier
Better price!
04/05/2020 Good Review by sean
06/09/2019 Good Review by Aaron Herman
The blade is amazing! Excellent service too from the table tennis 11
19/04/2019 Great Ch.Pen blade per my friend Review by HW
Bought this for my friend who plays hitting/looping. He told me the blade is very powerful yet very controllable. Excellent blade overall.
23/02/2019 Good Review by AN-94
23/02/2019 GOOD Review by AN-94
01/06/2018 Great price Review by Allen Lee
Good control with Mark V on the front and Nittaku anti on the back.
01/08/2017 Deliver in 2 days.good quality Review by BO WANG
I like it
01/09/2016 Yasaka Ma Lin Review by Лонг Нгуен
I'm from Ukraine and ordered here twice, two blades :)
thank you for the fast shipping, and high quality of your product, and of course nice price!
19/08/2016 很好 Review by CHIH CHANG SU
04/05/2016 very good Review by rong sun
Best place to buy table tennis equipment.
17/04/2016 直板双反神器 Review by guilei xu
05/06/2014 GREAT Review by Dai Chen yin
21/09/2013 Value for money. Review by Joanne Lee
The blade is light, but if go with two sides rubber, will be a bit heavy for "old" man. Combination with the DHS Hurricane 2, the "inner energy" not strong enough. Anyway, it is suitable for young man, value for money.
24/07/2013 Very Good Review by FABIO DE SOUZA MARTINS
Well Lightweight, well finished, great product
18/07/2013 Excellent Review by Kristijan Jankoski
Even though this blade is rated as OFF by Yasaka, I'd rate it Off- because of the top limba layer. Hard feeling because of the carbon+layers regardless of the limba layer. Average dwell time and when paired with Skyline 2 on FH it produces a large amount of topspin!
15/07/2013 GOOD Review by ZHENYUAN HUANG
It is a hard racket, very fast.
28/03/2013 nice blade Review by Mr. Bean
nice blade at a good price
10/02/2013 excellent value and good quality blade Review by Roland Hui
The blade is light at about 81g.
Hitting is very good and the carbon composite will make a nice sound upon contacting the ball.
The handle size is acceptable but is on the slim side.
Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Ch.Pen