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Yasaka Goiabao 5

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6
The Goiabao 5 is a specially crafted blade best suited for fast attacks close to the table and at most mid distance. The blade combines a hard outer ply, a hand selected second ply, and a thick core. This combination allows for great offensive play and shines on fast drives.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/12/2021 Good intermediate blade Review by Anthony
A bit slow but excellent control. Always fast and reliable shipping with Tabletennis11.
26/10/2021 Control Review by Esteban BORGANI
Good rubber. I use it in BH, in a Goiabao wood. It is to play near the table. Not very fast but excellent control. Better for blocking than bumping. I think it can go well for beginner to intermediate level players.
02/04/2020 25/3/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
Suitable for rubber H3.
14/11/2019 Fast light blade with nice sound on contact Review by Arulraj Nachimuthu
This is a fast enough blade, I paired it up with DHS H3 Neo 2.15 Red on the forehand and Xiom Vega Europe 2.0 on the backhand. Top spins are very good, chops are good in some aspects and bad in some. Being this combo very bouncy chops always lifts the ball over the net, however, I couldn't enjoy much success dropping the ball just next to the net.
05/04/2019 Good average off blade Review by Shivkumar Jha
Can be used as defender as well. Very good at any distance.I feel it is off and not off+ which is a good thing.
04/04/2019 Nice blade Review by plant viet
Speed Off
? - spruce- ayous- spruce- ?
6 mm thickness
Vibration a little.
21/01/2019 Excellent material Review by Marcelo Bill
Exactly the same material as Stiga Rosewood, but $ 100 cheaper. The $ 100 goes into the pocket of XuXin and FZD. Think about it and do not be silly.

Buy three of these and be much happier!
01/01/2019 Good Power Elastic Blade Review by Theodor-Stefan Baca
Hard feel, lots of control, good power and elastic enough to give a curved trajectory. Recommend with Chinese tacky rubbers on forehand. Thank TableTennis11 for an excellent service, provided me with a nice 87 grams blade.
19/07/2018 Lots of vibration Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It is very stiff and have tremendous vibration, my wrist began hurting ,I do not recommend to anyone .
20/06/2018 Good Review by Krug
Superb copy of Stiga rosewood 5. Very good value. Fast and feeling.
10/02/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Hard and fast blade. Good alternative for the Rosewood 5. Very good price.
05/01/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Superb in price range. Can be seen as a clone of stiga rosewood v
25/09/2017 Best blade under 200$ Review by Huong Nguyen
I ve tried so many blades, including Yasaka Extra Offensive, Stiga Infinity VPS, Stiga Clipper, Butterfly Viscaria...If you in intermediate level, I recommend you pair this inexpensive blade with Joola Maxxx 500 rubbers. The result is the set up with fast but controlled weapon that helps you land most of the shot on oppent table. The blade fast but not extremely fast like Butterfly Photino or Super Zhang Jike. It will give you high level of control in looping, blocking, returning serves. The Joola Maxxx 500 has very high throw angle, even higher Butterfly Tenergy 05. The combination of Goiabao 5 and Joola 500 will help you lift the underspin balls easily. Personally, I really like the feeling when I hit the balls, especially its sound: clear, high-pitch, pleasant sound...
Notice: Joola Maxx 500 is 50 degree hard, a little bit heavy, so you should select the blade weigh or rubbers thickness according to your preference.
In overall. I would rate Yasaka Goiabao 5 as following:
Speed: 9.2
Control : 9.4
Vibration/ hardness: nearly stiff
Feeling: 9.6
19/04/2017 Great Blade!! Loved it Review by Mandeep Singh
I was a loyal tamca user (Bty Primorac carbon and Gergely).Wanted to try an all wood ply for chinese rubber forehand setup.I shortlisted stiga rosewood but then i stumbled upon this ply.One third of rosewood's price,lovely blade,fast and yet huge control,big sweet spot,great dwell time,low throw angle.Used Skyline tg2 on forehand with great results.
Great Blade!!
10/04/2017 Чудова Off основа Review by Alexandr Myroshnychenko
Класна атакувальна основа від Yasaka. Вага мого екземпляра 85g. Не дивлячись на заявлену швидкість OFF+ основа має хороший контроль, і як на мене, просто відмінний dwell-time. Чудово підходить для гри пластиковими м'ячами 40+.
Магазину дякую за швидку доставку і якісний товар. Привіт із України
20/10/2016 Powerful weapon Review by Quang Thong
One of the best all-wood blades I've ever tried. Compared to Stiga Rosewood NCT V but much more speed with the same feeling and control. Highly recommended for mid-distance player, especially for china rubber forehand
18/05/2016 GOIABAO 5 -- UM Review by YONGWOO JUN
Good quality, reasonable price.
ITo be honest, I don't know for sure yet.
01/02/2016 Very Good For Its Price Review by Tom
This blade is very good, comparing to Stiga Rosewood 5, this may not be as good, but for 1/2 the price, it certainly worth a try.
08/10/2015 very good Review by dazhao ni
Stable floor quality is good, pull the ball, spin is very strong
Yasaka Goiabao 5