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Yasaka Extra Special


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.1
The Yasaka Extra Special, while accurately classified as an OFF+ blade, is well rounded and can perform all offensive strokes quite well. Being a 7 ply blade, you can expect it to lean more on the stiffer side. This means that blocks and especially drives are where this blade will really shine.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/06/2022 Good Review by Rashid Sharif
Good handle
Performs as expected.
31/03/2021 Very good control and spin Review by JAYENDRA RAVAL
Wooden blade very good n best for control I always play with wooden blade very good spin and speed.
13/11/2018 Good Review by Tony
Good, but very heavy blade, mine is 95 gram which is unacceptable for modern tension rubbers. Everything else is OK. Wish it were 85-88gram, definitely a keeper.
02/11/2018 Great Blade! Review by Mark Warren
Great Blade!
24/11/2017 Great 7-ply Blade Review by Yi Zhang
Great feel and finish from Yasaka. This blade's value definitely exceeds its price. This blade is very stiff, very fast and has direct feel. It is great for slams and playing far away from table. If you are a looping player, you need a high skill level to do controlled looping close to the table. I used 1.8mm hard Chinese rubber on forehand, but I still struggle to keep softer loops on the table.
I recommend this blade to any high level looping players and any direct-hitting players.
12/05/2016 Awesome blade for the price Review by Bach Tran
The blade outplays its price tag for sure, though the finish could be better. An OFF blade with good feelling despite the hard outer plies. It's slower than some popular composite blades, but has a lot of gears, and is suitable to play at any distance.
12/05/2015 This blade is similar to Clipper Cr Review by Alexander Maiboroda
This blade is similar to Clipper Cr. The fl handle and balance is better.
The weight 91 g. The speed and feeling like Clipper Cr.
Excellent service, shipping without problems.
Thank you
04/03/2015 Good Quality but slow shipping Review by dinesh
Good Quality but slow shipping
12/01/2015 Very good blade for its price Review by Shiva
I have been playing with this blade for more than 50 days now... I changed from DHS Wind to this blade for a need of good dwell time. This blade met my expectations. I have Rakza 7 soft on my forehand and Andro Rasant on my back hand. This blade is on the heavier side. The sound on impact is little odd but not a degrading factor. This is a very good blade. Play with a good edge tape as minor knocks cause severe dents on wood. Definitely a good blade to play with.

One star down because of the construction quality. It can improve.
Yasaka Extra Special