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Yasaka Clicky Press II

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Special press for rubbers from strong plywood. It will help you to attach your rubbers to the blade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

23/10/2021 Good product Review by Wylyem kromyko
As I need.
26/04/2021 Nice product Review by wylyem kromyko
No complaints.. always the best support from Tabletennis11.
15/12/2020 An excellent Product Review by Wayne Oudit
Yasaka has made a tremendous, easy to use AND practical product. Thanks, TableTennis11 for making it available at a competitive price.
13/11/2020 Very useful device Review by Sergey Litvak
Good for those who want to do it at home.
The only negative point - no instruction included. But it's easy enough to guess, what to do with it
17/04/2020 not expected Review by baoduy nguyen
The word 'CLICKY' confuse me, also I couldn't find the instruction.
10/02/2020 Со своей задачей справляется на сто процентов. Review by Taras Shavanov
Хорошее и полезное приспособление для приклеивания накладок. Отличный помощник для идеальной приклейки, даже если вы неравномерно нанесли клей. Но всё же, для отличного результата, нужно стараться наносить клей равномерно. Однозначно рекомендую
09/12/2019 very useful Review by Ashutosh LOHANI
The Clicky Press is very useful and does the job well.
04/11/2019 Good product! Review by Marco Casarin
The press greatly facilitates the racket assembly work, ensuring perfect bonding of rubbers,
16/09/2019 Good Product Review by Alvaro
31/08/2019 Gets the job done Review by Charley Aebersold
If I had a few hours to spare, I could develop a much more superior press that would apply equal pressure. Sadly, I'm not in the ping pong business. So, I relied on the pros at Yasaka. It's just a good product in that it's a little too time consuming to actively and accurately tighten all clamps with equal tolerance. It gets the job done and is worth the price, just could be better.
28/05/2019 Отличный пресс Review by Orunbek
Покупаю второй раз уже, советую, стоит своих денег, удобная.
Можно регулировать уровень давления.
30/07/2018 Simple,smart, functional Review by Pingu
Does what it says on the label!
Easy to use.
Super fast delivery half way around the planet!
16/04/2018 excellent service and product Review by J. Arturo Carrillo
Very happy with the Clicky press, good product and fast shipping
5/5 I will buy again from this company !
26/02/2018 Good Review by Anton Valovenko
Very convenient thing.
22/02/2018 Рекомендую Review by Orunbek K
Лучшее решение в своей области.
16/10/2017 Good tool to have Review by Don Moore
I read different reviews about this product. Some liked it and some thought it was a waste of money. I'm really glad at this point I purchased it. It worked great for me. Others may have an alternate or better method to seal the rubber to the blade, but I love this product and would buy again.
14/02/2017 Yasaka Clicky Press Ii Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
Its' good.
14/02/2017 useful item Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
useful special when i glue old rubber
31/01/2017 good or bad? Review by sebastian aguirre
lasted around a month and a half.
at this point one of the black things that are used to screw and unscrew got stuck.
right now I cannot unscrew it.
I even broke the wood in the bottom so there is no way to unscrew that thing.
I still use it with the other four but I will need to replace this part.
I can definitely think of ways to make this product safer and longer lasting.
but I will have to make the modifications on my own :-(
23/11/2016 Very good Review by Vidar Sulland
Made the job easy for a beginner.
10/08/2016 Prensa linda Review by Gabriel Alves
Melhor impossível
29/06/2016 very helpful Review by Nuno Alves
very helpful and practical
26/04/2016 Excellent Review by vladimir gudalenko
Клеить резину с прессом -- это профессионально, книги тоже хорошо, но с прессом надёжнее.
09/03/2016 good product but with some points Review by javier delgado
is a very good product but when you put your racket and turn the handles, the wood bends and the pressure is lost in the center, i think in future version it will be great to add some steel layer for fix this problem.
29/12/2015 Very convenient! Review by Iakov Berlinkov
Very convenient!
02/10/2015 No more stacking of books over the racket. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
This is one of the best innovation in racket assembly.
09/09/2015 Exclente Review by Edson Vieira Fragata Junior
Extremamente fantastico, recomendo a todos
26/08/2015 A fantastic product Review by Amitabha Sinha
Yasaka Clicky Press II is very useful in pasting the rubber correctly on the racket-blade. The set of a good water glue, a roller and a Yasaka Clicky Press II is sufficient to get a good effect of pasting the rubbers on the racket-blade.
25/08/2015 I love it Review by Isaac Ang
Finally managed to get one from Tabletennis11 and I'm happy with product. Very useful. Give a try.
04/08/2015 Nice Review by mohamed olim
useful item
19/05/2015 Handy tool! Review by Cheng-Hsi Yang
Just use it, you can get rid of loads of books for flatness when gluing rubber.
05/05/2015 Useful product Review by Alexander Gershoig
A very useful product at an excellent price!
07/02/2015 good Review by Kwan-tae
Just use it!
02/02/2015 Super Effective Review by Nathan Schult
fairly cheap, does its job well. arguably a stack of books is all that is that required for the same job however, if you want an extra 8 hours of cure time but you need to go to work and plan on playing after this is super handy.
20/10/2014 great tool for ping pong use Review by woodchuen villanueva
excellent quality for low price. super use for gluing and storing paddle. long lasting value for every ping pong player.
18/10/2014 Satisfied Review by R.H
Maximum satisfied .
03/10/2014 Good Review by Eric
That's good for the job and the quality is good.
There are three wood layers....
What's the function of the middle ply??
Anyone any idea??
09/07/2014 VERY GOOD Review by Vaggelis Lapousis
Is very good !!!
29/06/2014 GOOD! Review by WEI
20/03/2014 Good enough Review by assam
Perfect for the job. Great delivery by TT11 guys ;)
26/02/2014 Excellent Review by Ole Jansen
Easy to use, perfect results every time.
06/11/2013 YASAKA CLICKY PRESS 2 Review by sivilotto
simply and perfect, easy to use
01/11/2013 good Review by James
wanted to build one after seeing this product and the way it works why waste building one this is great best thing i have bought
02/09/2013 YASAKA CLICKY PRESS 2 Review by Kyori
Great product! Now I can use different rubbers without worrying about getting shaking hands several times. Set with springs, more precisely prevents peel off the rubber at the corners. Congratulations YASAKA and 11 TABLE TENNIS!!!!
06/08/2013 Great Review by Andrew Couper
To me the Yasaka clicky press has always been the best.It has five point around the blade which gives the rubber a better bond. I have had one for over 25yrs now & it was starting to look bad. So I decided to buy a new one.
02/07/2013 well functional product to have . Review by s miah
its good if u change and test lots of rubbers around, especially those soft springy sponges which dont want to settle in easily. the press over night works fantastic even keeping it for few hours.
16/04/2013 click press Review by mario michaels
Best click press out there I was using a flower press for the past 6 months so this is way ahead good for people who boost and need their rubbers to stick down
21/03/2013 Excellent Review by gary thompson
I've got it now excellent keep up the good work great product.
21/02/2013 very good quality Review by Harald Wagener
my OX pips would'nt last for a couple of weeks.
now i use this clicky press and ... fine !!!
21/02/2013 Good quality Review by Stefan Kondev
The press is very useful for tuned rubbers, which are hard to glue with water based glue without pressing. Good quality as well!
Yasaka Clicky Press II