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Yasaka was founded in Japan in 1947, aiming to produce table tennis products of high quality and superior performance for players of all skill levels. In 1969, more than 50 years ago, Yasaka developed the Mark V rubber, one of the best-known rubbers of all-time. Since then, many different versions of this rubber have been developed. In 2010, Yasaka released the first member of its flagship Rakza series, i.e., Rakza 7, which has a top-sheet that is mostly made using natural rubber gum, offering outstanding touch, feel and durability. The Rakza 9 and Rakza X rubbers, which have a greater emphasis on speed and grip, respectively, followed soon thereafter. Rakza Z, which combines a hard sponge and sticky top-sheet, is the most recent Yasaka ... offering and caters to players who prioritize grip above all. Rakza PO – Mattias Falck’s short pimpled rubber of choice – completes the Rakza line.   Yasaka are also well-known for their blades, which have been produced in Tranås, Sweden since 1992. Their blade line includes classics such as the Ma Lin line (Carbon, Extra Offensive, Soft Carbon, Extra Special), the immensely popular Sweden Extra and Extra Offensive 7 Power, as well as the recently released Falck line (W7 and Carbon).   Chinese legend Ma Lin has had a long-lasting partnership with Yasaka, first as a player (3-times Olympic Champion, 9-times World Champion and 4-times World Cup winner) and later as an advisor. 2019 Vice-world Men’s singles champion, Mattias Falck, also trusts Yasaka to help him advance his game even further.   Did you know that Yasaka is named after its founders, Mr Hirosi YAoita and Mr SAKAmoto?     Show more Show less


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