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Xiom Zetro Quad

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 7
Soft and mild blade gives stable topspin attacks that are full of spin. Innovative 5+2+2 contrsuction. One of the most reliable and popular Xiom blades. Very good control with high speed make it ideal weapon for looping.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

30/03/2019 OK Review by AN-94
This is an OK blade. It is suitable for quick attack, but not very good for looping. It is a bouncy blade.
09/02/2019 Great spin Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
It is light, great for spin.
01/05/2018 Raquete Review by Rafael Gleriano
Perfeito. Rápida com ótimo controle.
04/12/2017 Very good in control and feel Review by Joe
I can make looping easily and smash is great. It may be aweful weapon for skilled player.
13/11/2017 ***** Review by Neil Ackerman
Good speed, excellent spin and control
13/10/2017 Evaluation Review by Rafael Gleriano
11/10/2017 EXCELENTE Review by Renzo Vizcarra Gutierrez
Me gusta esta madera, tiene muy buena velocidad y excelente control
21/09/2017 A deadly weapon Review by Ammar Saad
Wow!!! What a blade. Very fast and powerfull i paired it with xiom Omega IV pro on both sides max size and everything is easy. A friend of mine who plays for iraqq’s national team tried it and fell in love with it.
09/09/2017 Excellent Blade / Best in Class Review by Abhishek Mishra
This is an amazing blade for topspin / attacking game. I have used Tibhar MXP, T05, Rasant Turbo, R47 and the FH looping has been fast n reliable in all cases on the BH however I struggled a little - I had to switch (from Donic BF M2 and then T05 fx) to a softer Baracuda BS to control my topspin attacks better. Because of 2 different kind of carbon layers kicking in at different distances from the tables, the blade gives an amazing click sound feedback during long distance topspins. I think this is an underrated blade .
11/08/2017 I love my eXZeeCue! Review by Guillaume Legault
My blade is 87g FL.

Two distinct gears when playing with this blade. Complex composition makes it a bit tricky to play with and it can take some time to get used to it. But once I got the hang of it, I immediately bought a second one just in case I break this one!

The only con for me is the handle. I play with flared and this one has a flat flared handle. My hands are big and I am forced to add grip tape to compensate the size.

For the price, I think Xiom hit an homerun with this one. I hope they keep the production.

Amazing service by the TT11 team!
26/07/2017 Excellent Blade and Cheap Review by ALAN QUACH
Hi, The only different between this blade and Butterfly Photino is the price. I like the most is the FL handle. It fit well with my hand. I works perfect for me with Tenergy 05 2.1 FH, and Victas > 01Max BH. I have played with Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit, Photino, Innerforce Layer ZLC, All Hinoki 5, Jun Mizutani ZLC, Nittaku Barwell Fleet, Meister Basaltec Inner, Septear Carbon, But I like Xiom Zetro Quad the most. That is me.
12/07/2017 Excelent product Review by Jader Jaramillo
The blade is excelent product, very fast, good wood and beaty designe
22/03/2017 Very good Review by Rami Barghouth
27/09/2016 excellent in all aspects Review by Javier Delgado
xiom zetro quad is a really great blade, the top hinoki layers give a amazing soft feeling when you touch the ball, and when you hit hard you feel the zylon and carbon and you get an amazing speed and control.

this blade is really top, the only thing that i dont like is the FL grip is a liitle bit thin for my hands but nothing that a grip tape cant do.
27/09/2016 very nice blade Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
Great blade for looping and blocking
26/09/2016 Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB โทรศัพท์มือถือ เช็คราคาล่าสุด ราคาถูก ราคาปัจจุบัน Review by Niclas Andersson
Hello I can say that this blade with Donic acuda blue p1 Turbo is a good combenation, good feeling whit a lot of spinn and its very good blade for evrything Best regards Niclas
16/09/2016 Very good blade I liked it Review by ALTAF Jiwani
Given 5 stars for it
13/04/2016 Excellent Review by KL
Excellent quality, probably one of the the best blades out there.
TT11 has excellent service, excellent stuff, very understanding and helpful, well done and thank you.
19/01/2016 Excellent blade Review by Theo Punter
My second blade from TT11, received quickly. The blade is solid, fast and with very good control. Put Xiom Omega Pro on fh and Omega Europe on bh and it plays beautiful. Compared with the Xiom Vega Euro I use it feels a bit more solid and direct and on the other hand a bit easier for looping (differences are small). All in all very satisfied with both blades.
28/09/2015 Good Review by Taehee Jeong
easy to handle.
16/09/2015 Excellent Review by Vladan Savic
At first,appears heavy. But,after few weeks became my first blade(bty Garaydia ZLC became second). With Omega IV pro max fh, and Vega pro 2,0 bh -killing weapon. Spinners, look no longer. This is cheapest high class combo.
18/08/2015 picky blade Review by raymond chow
I put Raz9 rubbers on it . perform below average. then change rubbers to Joola450. it is like peter parker changing to Spiderman. WoW.
18/06/2015 Greate Price. Review by Fred Yip
Excellent on price.
02/06/2015 Отлично! Review by Andrey Faskhutdinov
Отличная основа, но нужно работать кистью и вращать, иначе будет поленом в ваших руках!
29/05/2015 Amazing blade Review by Goce Dimoski
I use butterfly Sardius until 2000 year, and now after 15 years and trying other blades as Yasaka Dynamix 17, Tibhar Samsonov Sgs, Butterfly Timoboll Tricarbon, this is the best blade used with Sardius (near as Sardius but with more control) i love it this blade. I tell to my frend who play at Italy and he buy it same and he is impresive from this blade. ZQ with Butterfly Tenergy 05 is the best combination used at lase 5-6 years and i will keep playing with this lovely combination. Need to try you will love this blade only one word can say WONDERFUL.
28/05/2015 Blade for attack and a lot of control Review by Goce
This is fantastic blade i made it with T05 and Xiom Vega Japan both max. T05 is wonderful rubber and its amazing combination with this blade AWESOME. With Vega Japan max is hart to pimple and hard to hit easy boll have a nice topspin and smash but this rubber have too long trajectory for this blade. My experience and what i will play to the new season is this blade with T05 for both side.
20/05/2015 best blade ever for Me Review by KEDAR JAMKAR
Best blade ever for on table and off table game also makes simply placeing ...
15/05/2015 A Looping Blade Review by Amid Ardakani
A good blade for aggressive players who like to have power and spin together. Feels like Primorac Carbon when you hit hard and like TB ZLF when you play slow spiny shots. Regarding to price this blade is excellent.
24/04/2015 Stiff Review by nicholas koh
This blade is pretty stiff and lack of control, comparing to the 7 plys out there.
05/12/2014 powerful paddle Review by Kun
You can really feel the carbon inside when you hit the ball. The loop trajectory changed a little which requires adjustment and the really speed up the ball.
27/11/2014 The blade is interesting. Review by Nikolay
This blade is suitable for beginners and masters.
I play with Xiom Vega Asia on the forehand and Xiom Vega Pro on the backhand. Combination is good. Control is very good. The very high quality blade and rubbers.
Customer service is , as always, excellent.
Thank you. Спасибо.
20/11/2014 Best blade ever Review by Alexander
After reading a great number of positive reviews on this blade I've decided to give it a try. And now I own a Xiom Zetro Quad paired with Xiom Omega V Tour rubbers. For me it's now a perfect match. I stopped looking at any other combinations.

Previously I've used Tibhar Stratus Powerwood with Yasaka Mark V HPS which is also a good combination, but Xiom is a step forward and a different level (I mean both blade and rubber).

A few words about a blade. The build quality is very good, my sample weighted 84g which is the best for me. It gives you many gears as long as you engage the inner zylon and carbon layers but it also gives you a good short game because of the kiso-hinoki outer layer. It gives you a feel of the ball and great top spins.

And I would say it's rather OFF than OFF+ based on my own feeling and on the blades I used from other manufacturers.

Overall I can recommend this blade for any top spin oriented player. All positive reviews here and anywhere else are fully justified.
18/11/2014 Best I ever had! Review by keokolo akina
All I can say is wow!!!! I have many blades and the Zetro is my favorite so far! It has the perfect power mixed with control. Equipped with proper rubbers and you will stow away your current blade for sure . Xiom Europe fh and donic Acuda s3 bh. This blade set up is a beast. Close to the table and off it is absolutly a gem. I have only rallied with this blade, have not played game just yet. But don't take my word for it. Research it and you will see the overall popularity. Thank you tt11! I don't think your company knows how important your discount prices are for the community. I would still be stuck with my old blade and probably uninterested in playing tt.
03/08/2014 awesome blade Review by Racelito Sarmiento
Awesome blade. I didn't expect that this blade perform very good. I'm using viscaria before zetro quad. I think i'm going to switch to xiom zetro quad. I can do my loop very easy. I elevate my performance no doubt about it.
31/07/2014 controlled attack Review by Laurence Manley
Easy looping with great control.
very well made quality product
22/06/2014 power weapon for loop lovers Review by Guoguang Shen
First the shipping to US is 2 weeks with 1 week in custom.
Although the product is made in China, it looks very well made.
I would believe if it says it's made in Japan.

Second, it's a very good weapon if you love to loop. Before this blade, I use butterfly innerforcee ZLF. Comparing these two products, the forehand is pretty similar. ZLF is little bouncy near the table. But Zetro has a fast and strong backhand loop no matter you are near the table and away, which I like very much and makes it a keeper.

Now the down side, the forehand loop feeling near the table and away from the table are not consistent. Because the deeply buried carbon layers can only be felt when you are away from the table and want a power loop - that is the original purpose of the 9 layers design: carbon helps only when you hit hard but also is where the problem comes.

I guess I just need to keep it in mind and make adjustment when I am away from the table. Should be able to get used to it soon.

Overall, a very good product, highly recommended for loop lovers and I have decided to switch to Zetro from ZLF, let alone the discount program in tabletennis11 that makes the price just half of the butterfly ZLF.

Than you very much, tabletennis11.
22/03/2014 good price vs performance Review by Hing Wah Chiu
Excellent blade for such a price , good for looping and smashing. especially good performance working with Xiom Vega pro and sigma 4 pro .
21/03/2014 Fantastic Blade Review by Spin More
Fantastic Blade, extremely nice an comfortable in my hand. It shines in every aspect of the game. Tried different rubbers ( from ALL+ to OFF+) and it works fine with all of them (haven’t tried very hard and DEF rubbers - not my style). It is perfect in looping, driving, counter-looping, blocking and smashing… exceptional control ability of the blade gives a lot of options in blocking and looping. I think it will suit any attack oriented playing style.
20/03/2014 Just Great Review by assam
Try it yesterday. What a blade. Similiar to Xiom Hayabusa Zxi but somehow feels slightly better. And cheaper too!! This TT11 guys are great!!!!!
06/02/2014 Excelent Review by Tocariu Sebastian
Lot of speed with amazing control. Fully recommended!
19/01/2014 Top Review by Antonio Carlos Silva
High performance blade. TT equal to 11. Any rubber fits well into this wood, if you are a striker, fast rubber, if defender thin rubber and much control, if allrond soft rubber and so on. It is a blade that will never let you down. The price is high, but the TT 11 gives a big help with their discounts, making table tennis more accessible to high-level practitioners.
19/01/2014 Pura magia Review by Antonio Carlos Silva
Lâmina de alta performance. Igual a TT 11. Qualquer borracha se enquadra bem nesta madeira, se você é um atacante, borracha rápida, se for defensor borracha fina e de muito controle, se for allrond borracha macia e daí por diante. É uma lâmina que nunca vai te decepcionar. O preço é alto, mas a TT 11 dá uma ajuda e tanto com seus descontos, tornando o Tênis de Mesa de alto nível mais acessível as seus praticantes.
14/01/2014 Excellent blade Review by Hoang Trinh
The blade is beautiful, I like the ST handle. It has good touch on defense, I can return a lot of balls. It's also very good on looping or smashing.
13/01/2014 woow Review by Gimi
What a blade. Perfect for top-spin oriented attacking game, and yet so controllable in every other shot. After just few sessions with it, I could comfortably do short pushes, blocks and consistently mix fast aggressive attacks and slow spiny loops. Close to table, mid-distance, far from table, all with great precision... almost too good to be true.

Being used to a bit harder top-sheet blades, I thought I might not like the feel of it at start, but that couldn't be further away from the truth. I'd say it feels between all-wood and carbon blade.

What I don't like about it is FL handle being more flat than round, but considering I'm in love with how it plays, that's something I'll get used to quickly :)

As always, perfect service from tt11.
08/01/2014 ok Review by np
ottimo prodotto, anche il rapporto qualità prezzo
01/11/2013 excellent practice blade Review by tom
received a 85 g ZQ as requested, great speed and even better spin. consistent as hell as well. yet with all these attributes, my shots seemed to be returned more often as well. Only had it for a week. Till I figure out how to finish off the points with higher % with the ZQ, I am using my ZXi for the games.
27/09/2013 Good price and good quality Review by John Ma
It is my 3rd blade, good price and good quality. I recommend this blade to my friends.
18/09/2013 Great blade!! Review by Mario Muzdeka
First of all the finish on this blade is excellent, straight handle is really comfortable. This blade has fantastic control, plenty of power from mid distance, short game is good. One thing that is outstanding about this blade is spin. Im using xiom vega pro max on fh and bh.
Fantastic service from table !
06/08/2013 Just perfect Review by Petros Vittas
A multitool in a word . Perfect quality with perfect service from tt11.
In a game everything that I use to do with my previous blade now is more and more easier and sharp and just only in few sessions . Control mutch better , spin a masterpiece ,and when you need power it's everywhere . With xiom rubbers OMEGA V tour in both sides I have improve a lot my game . Previous was sriver fx and Korbel .Highly recommended !
05/08/2013 Good price and good quality Review by John Ma
This blade is my second one. Compare with other brand, e.g. Butterfly, the price and quality of this blade is worth it. If someone like to try a new blade, I'm highly recommend XIOM Zetro Quad.
15/07/2013 simply the best blade xiom have at the moment Review by s miah
i bought one few weeks back, i liked it so much i just order another. i have tryed all xiom top end blades, few are very close to zetro, but this one is something diffrent. its extreamly good for the short game aswell as away the table. the hinoki outer and zylon gives edge on short game with much soft feel as if you can dampen you oppenent ball and nicely place were ever. than on hard shoots instantly you can hear the ping of the carbon followed by lots of speed and power. the blade is medium soft feel , i can say this is a monster for generating superspin. 10/10
07/07/2013 Awesome blade Review by Tayyab
perfect for looping and counter attacking
02/06/2013 High Quality Blade Review by Fattchoi
This is one high quality blade. Good for mid distance looping and also at table smashing. Though it is quite a heavy blade, it is very well balanced so I do not feel the weight. I play with Bluefire M1 on FH and DTecs OX on BH.
15/05/2013 Excellent!!! Review by MIN MIN TUN
Very nice blade. I have like 9 or 10 blades and this one is going to be my main blade. Very easy for opening strokes and topspin.It has a very good control and an enough amount of speed as well. A very high quality blade. And customer service is , as always, excellent :)
10/04/2013 excellent, keep the prices down tt11 and i will be returning soon with more order! Review by s miah
excellent service, quick delivery i recieved within 5day. xiom zetro excellent modern tool for loop attack game, actually i can do everything with it and has way too much controll for the speed. dont get put off by 7mm thickness discription, mine is actully 6.7mm does not look thick. feels very nice when playing with medium soft feel. i am useing vega pro max on both side, its the best combo and plays mental. i also own stradivarious,v1. strad is good as zetro with medium hard feel, but zetro has got more control maybe a touch more spin.
16/01/2013 Blade XIOM Zetro Quad Review by Xinguo Wang
Best loop and drive blade! Super performance-price ratio at TT11! Let alone Xiom's craftsmanship. I think every one should have this blade in hand, then we can promote our games to another level some day!
16/01/2013 XIOM Zetro Quad Review by CASA
Best loop and drive blade! Super performance-price ratio at TT11! Let alone Xiom's craftsmanship. I think every one should have this blade in hand, then we can promote our games to another level some day!
01/11/2012 very good Review by Mr.Bo
very good
09/10/2012 The best blade that I have had Review by Francisco Javier de la Fuente Tenorio
The positive sensations begin on having looked at this blade. When you have it in the hand, you feel that it is different. But when really you discover all the sensations it is in the game. Speed adapted for any type of game; the rotation that it stamps on the ball is very high;the control is excellent in the offensive game, also in the passive game.
I play with Xiom Omega Pro in the drive and Xiom Omega Elite in the backhand, but I think that any other combination also would be good with this blade.
10/06/2012 be amazed Review by Silva
i was truly surprised by the quality of Xiom blades. i prefer this blade over my other Carbon blades that i have played with in the past. Great control and plenty of power. OFF+? maybe more like an OFF tho. having 9 layers of material makes the blade fairly thick but not too heavy.
Xiom Zetro Quad