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Xiom Zava I


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : short pips
ZAVA I has the softer pimples-out top sheet with built-in tension to create amazing speed and spin. New pimple structure and elastic construction based on spin-innovated Hyper Elasto generate unprecedented ball-trajectory among pimples-out rubbers, which also opens a bigger window over the net. ZAVA I also has the balanced pimples-out performance with well-controlled knuckle shots to keep the unique advantage for pimples-out plays. Feel the sensation of elastic ZAVA I and Win the match with unprecedented pimples-out performance.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/11/2017 Easy Ton Control Review by Chee Lee Chew
Easy Ton Control
23/12/2016 For experienced pimple players Review by Jordan hua
This is certainly not a rubber for beginner short pimple players. Deception is one of the best I've played with, but the trade off between ease of use and deception is not worth it. Its got a very soft sponge for control but it did not compensate for the loss of control. However, when attacking and blocking with it, the ball is very deadly!
24/05/2016 Very good short pips rubber Review by Sharad Pandit
Quite fast rubber with very good control. Can make good spin and the block ball has some back spin on it which is useful.Overall i really like it a lot.
07/06/2014 por Probar Review by Juan Manuel
Lo Probare en mi Madera Viscaria a ver como funciona.
22/05/2014 Different! Review by RCA
This has been an interesting rubber so far. Through the years I have had many different short pips rubbers, fair to say I am an equipment junkie, simply can't resist buying new ones from time to time. The Zava1 was not easy to match with the right blade. With Stiga Royal, and TSP Tyranno for instance, I can basically apply them to any blade I own and they do just fine for me, I can adapt rather quickly. The Zava1 is more on the unique side, and I found it has done well only with my fast/hard blades. Even that way, I had to adjust my strokes ( I play penhold) for both the forehand and backhand. Yet, once adjusted, I can honestly state this rubber has given more trouble to my opponents than any other short pips I have played before. Very often my opponents will return my blocks and forehand hits right to the net. Then they will look at their paddles to see if there was something wrong with them, quite shocked with the result, even among the players who typically do well against pips. On a fast blade, this rubber will have many gears. It pushes well too, and I have even given some trouble to opponents when opening with slow loops, which I have always avoided due to poor outcomes. Serves have been ok, this rubber does not shine on my serves so far, but also it has not been a major weakness either. I find it to be mid to low throw. Spin is ok for this class of rubber, I think if it produced more it would lose some of it's deception. In summary, Xiom did a good job with this product in terms of quality and playability ,it is certainly unique, but in my opinion it suits the player who has already had some decent skills using short pips. I don't see it as a good choice for a player who is just transitioning from inverted rubber to short pips, or even a player who uses short pips in a more unidimensional way.
01/04/2014 NEW INTERLINK 2 Review by mauricio michael gonçalves aleixo
thank you for a good service.
Xiom Zava I