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Xiom Vega X

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Rubber type : inverted
The Vega X is the next installment of the Vega rubber series. Vega rubbers are famous for their excellent performance to price ratio. To celebrate the 10 years of success of the Vega rubbers, XIOM launched the Vega X, which boasts better performance than any of its predecessors. The rubber formula of the Vega X is based on the Vega Pro, but the structure of the topsheet has been modified to improve the performance of the rubber. Recommended for Vega Pro users that are looking for an upgrade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/10/2022 Amazing intermediate forehand rubber Review by Aariz Anowar
This rubber is a really good forehand rubber for intermediate players. I find myself extremely insensitive to using my forehand and utilizing my backhand most of the time. Though, this rubber has been propelled by technique and confidence in using my forehand, especially considering how it's quite good in terms of control, and helps you hit the ball with your own power.

It also has quite a bit of spin that adds to the goodness of the rubber. Definitely would recommend this rubber for a forehander, as it helped me get out of my comfort zone of only using backhand.
08/09/2022 After playing this one, I don't want to go back to Vega Pro. Review by Dzmitry Marychau
For the price, one of the best offensive rubbers.
16/08/2022 Good Review by Sobitxon Ibragimovich
Mirshavkatga ham yoqdiku, 4 marotaba buyurtma berdik
03/08/2022 Good FH rubber Review by Ardak
It is quite heavy and hard rubber. Good grip, high throw angle. For me, it is the best rubber in the Vega series because it has better spin, speed, and control but vega X is less spinny and slower than Fastarc G-1, MX-P, Tenergy.
22/06/2022 Excellent Review by Ardak
It is hard rubber. High throw angle. The hardness of the sponge is similar to vega pro, but the control is much better. For me, vega X has better control than Vega Japan. Very good for FH. Slower than Fastarc G-1. I am very happy.
12/04/2022 здорово Review by Igor Golovlev
72 гр супер
12/02/2022 Соотношение цена\качество Review by ANDREY ILLARIONOV
За такую цену хорошая атакующая накладка
15/10/2021 Solid performer Review by Loukas Pap
I upgraded to these from Vega Japan. The X is significantly faster and has a lower arc. Once I got used to it I think it's easier for me to finish points sooner. Blocking is still good. However, it feels considerably heavier and the ball spends less time in your rubber so you need to have more accurate timing and more strength in your wrist to make up for the weight. It is too soon to talk about durability as of now.
06/10/2021 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
уже хвалил эту накладку , посмотрим через сколько времени XIOM ее испорти, как было с VEGA EUROPE
26/03/2021 рекомендую Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Хорошо на основаниях с карбоном, универсальная накладка.
11/01/2021 Xiom vega x Review by Benoit Goumaz
Very good rubber, quite similar to Vegas pro but a bit faster with a little more spin. Very happy with this rubber.
11/11/2020 Fast with good control Review by Haroon Malik
I read a lot of reviews online before deciding to go with the Vega X for my forehand and the Vega Asia DF for my backhand. I have been using this setup now for the last 1 month and am quite pleased. It particularly shines when I hit powerful shots. I get a great trajectory, low to the net, and falling back onto the table. Very good spin and attack. My short ball control is weak, and so I find the ball popping up higher on short serve receives, my fault though, not the rubbers. Very happy with the descriptions and service from TableTennis11. My order arrived 2 days ahead of schedule, the order was correct, the product was as represented, great experience!
06/10/2020 Good allrounder Review by Darko Veselinovic
This is a very good rubber, especially when the price is considered. It is a jack of all trades. That means it can do everything well but nothing exceptional. I would recommend it to intermediate level players to get more stability and safety to their game. It is fairly easy to play with and not much adjustment is needed. However, if you are looking for top-level performance there are better options out there.
20/08/2020 Nice Review by Rob
Pleasantly surprised by the Vega X. Coming from soft rubbers, this surely needs some time to adjust. I use it on my BH and very nice for (punch) blocking. High arc for hard rubber, but not so high compared to soft rubbers. I prefer softer rubber for opening on backspin.
17/07/2020 Good Review by Danielle Mccray
Good price rubber. Quite hard. Grippy surface with a harder sponge, suitable for forehand and medium-flexible blade.
With hard blade it delivers very dry and hard feelings.
But nothing to complain about the pricing.
08/07/2020 Супер Review by Alexandr Krutianskiy
Отличная накладка топшит чуть жёстче чем у предыдущих Вега,
и сама по себе показалась по жёстче.
Вращение просто отличное.
Губка по жёсткости как по Vega Pro
14/04/2020 12/4/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
High spin.
12/04/2020 Seems a bit faster than Vega Pro Review by roncao
I don't care much about equipment. I bought this only because it's supposed to be the next-gen Vega Pro, and I love playing with Vega Pro. This rubber is a bit faster than Vega Pro, but like Vega Pro, it's a great rubber. It's fast enough, spinny and controllable. I like to generate speed by my own power and technique, so this rubber works for me.
02/04/2020 2/4/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
Feeling hard, if you like high speed.
31/03/2020 29/3/2020 Review by Le Anh Trung Vu
It's so ok.
Xiom Vega X