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Xiom Vega Pro

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
5 Wood Ply + 2 Composite (Zephylium & X-Carbon). Different from typical Zylon, as Zylon is 3k in thickness while Zephylium is 1kDifferent from typical Carbon, as many uses 6k and 3k in thickness while X-Carbon is 1k. Xiom have used these compositions to lower the weight and also to increase the feeling of the blade. Xiom uses only jointless wood which increases the performance and stability of the blade. Natural Glue is used to make this blade in order to maximize control and catching of the ball while impact. The blade comes with the T-foil attached, in order to reuse them for maintenance of rubber and blade. THIL & Made in Korea. THIL is Xiom quality control. Wood is breathing thing that changes easily according to the surrounding environment. Therefore Temperature, Humidity, Insect, and Light are very important to the wood management. Xiom factory in Korea is THIL controlled factory to make sure that at point of production the wood is at their best shape. Headsize: 152x157mm Made in Korea.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

12/03/2019 Good quality, super with attack BH pips out Review by Ramazan Cengiz Celikmez
Good quality, very good control although it has carbon. But, it is not fast enough at FH for finishing. It is not usable with Tenergy 05 at FH side. FX-P is very adaptive for FH. Very good sensation with pips especially medium pips like Keilar on BH.
Thanks for fast transport.
16/01/2019 Best so far Review by c0vj3k
in my short career this is my 3th blade... first was too fast, second was OK and I played one year with it because of high controle... and then I bought this one because I felt that except the control I need some speed. It has it all
08/01/2019 Top notch quality Review by Randall Brown
Almost shame to put rubbers on this blade. High quality product. It has many gears, from slow underspin and blocks, to smashes and loops. My only complaint is handle little too small for me (I like Stiga Legend handles, and add overgrip to Legend handles). I added overgrip to handle, but it still feels little too short for me.
10/12/2018 Very good Review by Darko Veselinovic
Unusual combination soft and hard at the same time. Outer layers of limba gives a soft touch on the net, and zephilium carbon gives it speed on faster strokes. Does not go very well with soft sponges from my experience. Best synergy with sponge hardness 45'. Excellent control and more then enough speed to finish point. Very spinny. Need some getting used to unusual feeling, but when you do great blade for spin and loop!
17/11/2018 Отличное основание Review by Dmitri Kan
Лучшее из всех которыми играл! Отличное чувство и захват!
11/10/2018 Excellent feeling and performance, mediocre build quality Review by Rorschach
Since I got this blade on sale $95, I am not that upset with the build quality. I bought 2 blades and both of them have the same issues. The carbon on the side of the blades come out when you remove the edge tape. The logo on the handle fades after a while. The grains of the top ply is not exactly straight (has some angle).

Outside of the build quality, this blade plays amazing. It feels very crips and woody, much more like a all wood blade than a carbon blade. The blade still has a large sweet spot doesn't vibrate distractedly. It's a well balanced blade, I can't find any prominent weakness about it. Speed is off- to off
03/10/2018 Great blade Review by Aaron Wong
Great, fast blade.
25/09/2018 Very good Review by Darius Surgautas
Labai įdomus pagrindas. Lengvas. Man netiko tiesi rankena - man ji per plona ir nepatogi
25/09/2018 Fantastic blade Review by Anon
TT11 sold me a 83g blade. Initially I thought it would be too light. But since this blade has a bigger head size, the light weight actually prevents from being too head heavy. The carbon fiber also makes up of power with the lighter weight.
Pairs well with H3 Neo, great upgrade from all wood.
02/08/2018 Very good Review by Miguel Gomes
Very good
31/07/2018 Perfecto Review by AGE
Best blade I have tried so far by a great margin. Long pips (Tibhar) and inverted (Donic). Twiddler.
Everything is just amazing.
30/07/2018 5 star Review by Anton Valovenko
I have blade of 81g. Excellent control with Omega V Pro. But, there is not enough power to counterattack speed loop. If you look a off- blade with а very good control it will be a good choice.
13/07/2018 Best so far Review by AGE
Can't understand why Xiom seems to have discontinued this one. Excellent for both attack and defence. I'm playing Donic Bluefire JP01 Turbo and Dawei 388-D1 (twiddler). What stands out is the tremendous control for all kind of strokes. Some Sharp edges, so have to sand down before Assembly but that's a small price to pay for this masterpiece.
19/06/2018 Great Review by Kun Xiao
Great blade, fast but controllable. Replaced my TBS.
11/06/2018 One of the best blade Review by Nikolay Trukhin
Compare to about 50 blades I have tried, this is one of the best with great control, enough speed. Great with Tenergy 05. Not very comfortable handle, but not bad.
31/05/2018 Great Review by chris
I bought second hand Xiom Vega Pro, having read the great reviews about the control, etc. After a few weeks play, I bought this brand new one as it was soo good :)
21/05/2018 Excellent Review by Krug
Beyond my expectation, strong and solid blade with woody feel. Finish is topnotch.

Like a tone down from hard btf mizutani jun. Perfectly match with tenergy 05 or similar high throw rubber.

This must be my permanent blade. Happy to have it.
17/05/2018 Excellent, quick blade. Review by Raanan Ben-Ami
Great blade at a great price. Quick and gentle.
26/09/2017 Very good Review by Tong Pan
I am happy to have it.
16/11/2016 Wonderful blade Review by Quang Thong
A lightweight blade with excellent control combined with good speed. That blade will give you extra force when playing at mid distance to close to table game. Love it very much !
26/06/2015 TT11 is absolutely amazing Review by Jeff
The service received from TT11 is far above expectations.

The blade is good as other reviews mentioned.

Dont get your blade lacquers and watch out for the zephylium threads sticking out. Sand you edges.

9.5/10 speed
9.5/10 power
9.5/10 control
6.5/10 Xiom QC
30/05/2015 perfect blade Review by barış
I have nittaku luddeack and 3 more but this blade has best control and best sense and good sound...Thanks for good shıppıng and best prıce to tt11
08/08/2014 Nice feeling off blade Review by Augusto França
The blade weighing 87g but i feel lighter. The wood is hard and flexible, great for offensive topspin play style. The handle is thin.
14/05/2014 Quality products, good prices Review by kim young kyo
XIOM VEGA PRO"Quality products, good prices, excellent service. I'm very satisfied and I highly recommend TT11 for buying table tennis equipment!"
Xiom Vega Pro