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Xiom Stradivarius

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 87
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
"STRADIVARIUS, which has been one of the bestseller of XIOM, was reborn for top players of new era. Aramid Carbon, which is the mixture of vibration absorbing soft Aramid and highly elastic Carbon, provides ideal performance for professional offensive players. STRADIVARIUS catches ball deeply with sufficient deformation, but the residual vibration after impact is greatly reduced by high-tech material. The results are the combination of exceptional spin capability and stable feel. Player can feel the moment of impact directly and clearly without any irritating vibration. The topspin attack close to table or from mid-distance is very powerful and secure. When combined with new ""Hyper Elasto"" rubber such as VEGA PRO, STRADIVARIUS shows even greater performance. "

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/08/2023 Great blade Review by Robert Floroiu
I bought 2 blades, one for me and one for my father. I paired his with fastarc G1 and S1 and mine with Tibhar EL-P and MX-P. I found it quite comfortable and easy to adjust, coming from Xiom Solo blade and fastarc G1 rubbers.
It’s very good for looping, blocking is also great. My sparring partner told me I return more balls on the table and easier than with my previous racket.
I also played a bit with my dads racket, and I found it to be an even better match of blades and rubbers than mine. Great and easy loops, easy blocking and great BH flicks (with G1).
Overall this is a great blade. Stiff, pretty lightweight and with good feeling (I’m a fairly new player, tried only a few rackets but this is the first one where I could feel the balls rotation direction during the racket contact) and also good dwell time.
I’m an all round offensive player and this blade works great for me.
13/07/2023 Great Blade Review by Robert Stilgoe
I have bought 4 of these blades recently for my friends I have fitted MX-P and Fastarc G-1 to them.
They have all been very pleased with the results.
24/11/2022 Good control Review by Dino Silvera
Good control
06/07/2021 Annoying hollow feeling, poor control Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
The blade feels hollow. Good dwell and good speed, but control is bad. Topspin is OK, but blocks and pushes are inconsistent. It is not a good blocking blade. I don't recommend it to intermediate players. You need to be an advanced player to use this blade.
25/05/2021 Reliable and Affordable Blade Review by Reindel Owen Salvador
Works well with my H3 Neo and Vega Europe. Loop and topspins are unforgiving and relatively consistent. Pushes need to be conservatively executed otherwise balls goes off the table. Touch shots should also be conservative as the blade is stiff. But drives are crazy as they are deadly but not as fatal as topspins. Mid-distance game becomes your favorite too with this blade as it gives consistent loops and counter-loops. It also performs beyond average when it comes to blocking and flicking. You can still feel the vibration though but with the aramid carbon, they are lessened.
17/12/2019 Fast but good control Review by Mohammed Murtuza Arbaz
After using Palio Legend 2, I was told this one is suitable for developing players, it took a month or so to adjust, feel is solid, great for mid far and far players.
27/05/2019 Отлично Review by Roman
Покупал для молодого, подающего надежды, техничного и вращающего юноши. Наклеили Acuda. Сам играл 5 минут. Но за эти 5 минут захотел и себе такую.
Отличное чувство мяча. Абсолютно управляемая быстрая игра. При том, что основание карбоновое и достаточно скоростное.
Сам играю YEO 7 Power. Справа 2,0 Fastarc G-1, слева 1,7 Stiga Mantra M. Тоже отличное сочетание, но... Страдивари-это нечто.
Буду таки брать.
13/08/2018 Superb Review by Krug
First impression: the design and finish is flawless. Average weight, mine is 87 gram.

Fast, stiff, almost no vibration, but suprisingly, the dwell time is very good. You need good technique to use this blade, definitely not for beginners.

For those who never used Xiom blades, give it a try, won't disappoint anyone. Same feeling to Timo Boll Spirit and Viscaria, but better design, cooler look and half price :)
17/07/2018 Excellent Review by Gicu Arama
Very good quality, great finish, fast delivery, congrats TT11!
13/08/2017 Crisp Composite Blade Review by themaker
Great finish and craftsmanship from Xiom. The Strad feels very bouncy at first but in drills and gameplay it is well controlled. The aramid/carbon mix makes blocks crisp and controlled. It has decent dwell time enough to drive the ball well and loop. Flipping is also fairly easily executed. The blade gives great feedback and you can feel the nuances of your shots without a lot of muffled sensation composite blades often have. I especially appreciate the blades overall hardness; every shot is crisp and smooth and It's easy to transition from one shot to the next. It's the best composite blade I've ever used.
22/07/2017 Ок Review by Marina
Основание быстрое и жёсткое для игры в средней зоне и на блоке
07/06/2017 Great deal. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
Bought this being an Arylate Carbon fan; can't say it disapointed me.. A couple of players in our club are using it now and we're happy with it. Very powerful, but very controled, you can really feel the ball in every shot, beautifully.

My only complaint, if you match it with heavy rubbers, it tends to lean forward, towards the head. There's an issue with weight there, but you get used to it within a couple of sessions and training...
28/04/2017 Absolutely perfect blade. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
If Arylate or Aramid Carbon is your thing, this blade is absolutely perfect for you. It is like a Viscaria or any of those blades, but super cheaper. You can pay three times this price for a Butterfly blade if you want... It is the same thing; but this one also looks awesome.
25/02/2017 Permanencia é extremamente rapida Review by Edilson Pereira
Madeira muito dura... O tempo de permanencia e extremamente rapido... parece que a bolinha nem bate nela... ela e tao rapida que na hora de puxar eu nao consigo a bola cai sempre na rede !
16/02/2017 excellent Review by Gert Gordejev
tundub hea
19/01/2017 Best value for your money Review by alex do
This blade is wonderful. Fast, excellent spin with good control. Pure and off-centered shots are clear. Throw angle is a bit low, but once you adjust to it, this blade loops beautifully. Plays comparable to other carbon blades that costs more.
22/12/2015 Excellent Blade Review by Navid Bagheri
Very powerful loop with extreame speed in combination with Yasaka Rising Dragon and Rakza 7 Soft. Grate boll duells.
07/10/2015 Very fast blade Review by Ren-Shiou Liu
This blade is stiff and fast. There is almost no vibration unless you hit the ball very hard. Paired this blade with Andro Rasant Grip (FH) and Stiga Airroc S (BH), it feels very fast and spinny, especially when looping But the dell time is very short. So it requires very good technique to play with this blade.
04/10/2015 A good blade. Review by Berj Nercessian
I ordered this blade by mistake. I was planning to order the Strato, which is a faster blade. This blade is quite similar to Strato, but softer; thus the speed is slower. The weight and control are good.
18/11/2014 Excellent Review by wang ian
Very fast feeling, but has a good controll
28/09/2014 Brilliant upgrade from all wood blades Review by Fahad Nawaz
This is a blade you can't go wrong with. Having problems looping and deel its because of your blade? Well then buy this one and see everything dip in on the table. If it doesnt, yoir technique is the problem. Very good to learn topspin play. Not fast at all which offers good control and good dwell time. Pair with hard fast rubners if you play far from the table. Very very very good alternative to Timo Boll spirit and Viscaria, but a but slower. But for its price, its steal! The only thing is that it seems feeble, but maybe that's because of its softness and very light weight.
09/09/2014 great Review by woodchuen villanueva
so fast and so light offensive+ blade
08/09/2014 great blade Review by woodchuen villanueva
fast and light. great offplus blade
09/08/2014 Excellent feel, good control, overall a great blade for Offensive minded player Review by Jaffar
Xiom got this right.. their description of the blade is exactly what it is. Excellent feeling blade, not the fastest that you'd ever use but very controllable. The key is control with this blade. I am a fast-action top spin looper who likes to attack from both sides.. this blade is good. I have used Hurricane WL before and switching from that to this blade was easy. Feeling-wise it feels like you just launched a rocket anytime you crack a big shot off this blade.
I will just say this though.. is very very slow in terms of delivery. I ordered the product in June and i got the parcel in first week of August. That was late by any standards. Anyways they did a good job of packing. I got Xiom catalog and 3 dhs balls with this.
09/07/2014 Music to my hand. Review by orlando gallardo
Just like its namesake in the world of violin, the feel, the construction not to mention the discounted price, it's too good to be true. The racket is truly "music" in my hand; and like music, an excellent racket makes a "ponger" happy. Thank you tabletennis11. By the way, this is my second Stradivarius.
20/10/2013 Solid blade, medium hard feel, a little flex Review by Yin Loo Tan
Solid blade with medium hard feel. Only a little flex when hitting very solidly.
01/10/2013 good product and service Review by SYAMSURI HARUN
to indonesia destination, why need 4 week for shipment
29/12/2012 Accurate and Review by Peng Huang
It is my best blade so far. Trust me, it is better than most of the double valued blades.
Xiom Stradivarius