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Xiom Omega VII Pro

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Rubber type : inverted
By the end of 2017 Xiom had brought something new to the Asian market and eventually the rest of the world in early 2018. Continuing its reputation of producing some of the highest quality rubbers in the world, Xiom has introduced OMEGA VII, which has been presented as a further improved version of OMEGA series. This iteration of OMEGA has become noticeably faster, keeping the same potential spin for topspin strokes as OMEGA V. The Pro version is easily a top tier rubber as far as speed and power is concerned. The level of quality on counterlooping with this rubber is unparalleled. it should be mentioned that this is not baby's first rubber. OMEGA VII Pro is a true professional grade rubber designed for the highest levels of play.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

11/07/2023 Good rubber Review by Kevy
For those people who think Omega VII Tour is too heavy for BH.
This rubber is an excellent replacement. Much lighter but same speed and less spin.
07/06/2023 Good Review by Philipp
Long and wide ball trajectory, very good rubber, but too fast for me at the moment.
I would have to play a lot more from half-distance. Really great top sheet that grips the ball really well.
Lighter than other Tensor rubbers (Blade 157mm x 151mm, O7P black 2.0mm cutted: 43g) with less catapult effect.
19/05/2023 Rubber good quality Review by Sumit Goel
Omega 7 pro very good quality
24/02/2023 Excelente goma Review by Gerardo Gomez
Es muy bueno, de las mejores gomas.
24/11/2022 Ideal for topspin Review by Dino Silvera
Ideal for topspin
12/09/2022 of the fastest Review by P
if you have good technique it is the best rubber
06/09/2022 Excelente Review by Gerardo Gomez
Gran goma, un excelente producto
07/04/2022 Best rubber Review by Daniel Yao
Use it on the forehand of Timo Bol ALC, super. And meanwhile, T05 is on the backhand. Wonderful.
29/01/2022 Low quality Review by Matias Castro
Low-quality rubber. Omega V pro was way better. This feels like a step back, rigid with less catapult effect. Tackiness and control are still the same but lack a lot of power, especially from far from the table. I tested it with defensive blades (Joola CWX, Koji Mataushita off) and also with a Petr Korbel Japanese off… the same result in every blade. Do not recommend it
28/08/2021 Good Review by Chaopeng Kuang
Suitable for forehand use, excellent arc loop performance.
17/07/2020 Good Review by Danielle Mccray
A bit soft for forehand but good enough for backhand. Pricey compared to other alternatives. Good but nothing special for this price.
25/12/2019 Good Review by Suzanne Benson
Very high quality and grippy rubber. As advertised, easy to topspin with new plastic ball. hard Sponge covered with slight softer topsheet which makes you feels like playing with 45 degree rubber.

Or forehand it seems to lack power, but on BH, it's shining at opening topspin, block and even quick counter topspin as long as your technique meets the requirement.

Weight: ~ 45-47 gram cut, pleasant surprise. Highly recommended rubber despite of high pricing.
01/08/2019 Отличная накладка Review by Orunbek
Отличная накладка, достаточно быстрый с хорошим контролем.
Сервис и скорость доставки супер.
15/05/2019 Хорошая накладка Review by Orunbek
Контроль, скорость, все есть.
Хорошая замена любителям 05.
30/01/2019 It is very stable. Review by LEE JONG IL
I used Omega 7 twice. The success of the drive was stable, and the defense was not bad either. It is not afraid to recommend Omega 7 to people around you.
22/01/2019 High quality rubber Review by Pacho Pedales
Is an offensive rubber that can be used attacking near and far from the table, with a lot of speed and spin, designed for plastic balls (topsheet softness lets the ball sink deeper into the sponge). I bought a red one 2.0, the power and the feeling is more like a hard rubber. It has a high trough angle, bigger than Euro version, great for countertopspin and blocking, good for flicks and slaps near the net. Is it worth the new price for these xiom rubbers? I honestly think not, but ... you could give a try, it's a really good rubber.
03/10/2018 03 stars Review by Gabriel Faria
Borracha rápida no FH, achei fraca no spin, controle. pelo o preço acho que tem outros produtos melhores no mercado.

Quick rubber in FH, I found it weak in spin, control. for the price I think it has other better products on the market.

30/07/2018 Great Choice Review by Gordon Son
I am happy with this rubber as it gives me reasonable control, spin and speed.
30/05/2018 Improved loop and active block Review by Homer
Bought one to try on my BH. My BH loop and active block improved quite a bit. Great rubber for fast attacking style play in my opinion.
01/05/2018 Borracha Omega 7 Pro Review by Rafael Gleriano
Excelente catapulta, velocidade e controle. Combinou muito bem com a Zetro Quad.
16/04/2018 Best rubber - MUST try!!! Review by Toni L
I have use this rubber since it release, I put it on my forehand.
It is spiny, fast but easy to control.
you can easily loop, smash and block with this rubber.
Comparing to Bluestorm and Ransanter, it is MUCH lighter but it provide same power and speed like Z1 and R47,
IMHO, the surface seems to be more grippy than the others, even better than T05.
I have recommended many of my friend to try and they love it
I play around 20 hours a week and I think it is best to replace the rubber after 3 weeks time for optimal performance.
06/04/2018 Good spin & power,bouncy Review by Gabor
Good but not outstanding spin. It has enough power even on 5 ply wood blade{I use it on Petr Korbel made in Europe}. The rubber is a bit more bounce than Rasanter R47. For now ,I prefer the Rasanter on the same blade for it's better control & spin, maybe after longer time of use(I had 5 sessions of two hours with it) I'll feel different, who knows.. Because the difference between the two rubbers is not huge.
06/04/2018 Excellent Review by Dessen Ramen
One of the best rubbers I have played with...
Not suitable for beginners.
04/04/2018 What's all the fuss is about??? Review by abro
Decent rubber, but IMHO no different from many Andro, Joola, Tibhar and Donic tensors. Actually, it feels to me no faster or spinnier (actually LESS spinny) than Omega V. Mx-P definitely faster and spinnier.

Durability is still questionable, since after maybe 1 month of use it has to be cleaned ever 45-60min to be able to spin the ball. During 1st 4-6 months I could use Omega V for several hours without cleaning.

Weight: some claim O7 is lighter than other tensors. I didn't perceive any weight advantage.

Intended to use it on FH, but had to switch it to BH because of the lack of power vs Yasaka Valmo. Yes, O7 makes is fairly easy to loop, but the loops aren't as effective as with faster Donics and Tibhars.

Bottom line: good BALANCED rubber, and as such IMHO absolutely not worth premium price.
26/03/2018 Great rubber Review by Rory Goulding
I'm a mid level club player, probably around 1500USATT.
I use this rubber in max on my BH.

The top sheet is slightly tacky and the overall feel of the rubber is medium+ in hardness.
I find I can generate high amounts of spin on serves.
I can really dig the rubber in when pushing and when I chop( only chop when I'm behind in my foot work moving to my BH)
This rubber is great for looping, counter hitting and blocking.
For my level, i struggle with BH flicks as it's not a soft rubber and the dwell isn't overly long.
One think I've noticed with this rubber is that it doesn't like passive contact.
Even on a quick reaction block, your shot quality will be better if you can apply some movement. It can be very subtle and it will be fine, but for me if I dead block or touch return a push then everything has to be perfect or it's unforgiving.
But if you apply some force, even moving an inch on a block or push, it seems to control the ball better.
I feel that is true of most rubbers, but even more so for the 7P.
19/03/2018 See ya, Tenergy! Review by Vance Taggart
At last! A decent, no, a fantastic rubber to replace Tenergy 05. To me, these rubbers are super bouncy, grip the ball well, and out perform Tenergy 05 in every category. They are a mere 7-8 dollars more than other great rubbers like, Tibhar's MXP, Donic Bluestorm Z1's, and Andro Rasanter rubbers but have better feel and performance. Buy the Omega VII Pro or Euro, you will not be disappointed.
Xiom Omega VII Pro