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Xiom Omega VII Euro

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Rubber type : inverted
By the end of 2017 Xiom had brought something new to the Asian market and eventually the rest of the world in early 2018. Continuing its reputation of producing some of the highest quality rubbers in the world, Xiom has introduced OMEGA VII, which has been presented as a further improved version of OMEGA series. This iteration of OMEGA has become noticeably faster, keeping the same potential spin for topspin strokes as OMEGA V. OMEGA VII EURO, while being the softest of the VII series, is still a tremendously powerful medium to medium soft rubber. The glue effect feeling and sound is extremely noticeable and aids in yielding powerful counterloops with decent control.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

20/07/2022 Good Review by GEOFFREY WILLIAMS
Compared with my previous Euro rubbers I found these to lack any spring when blocking. However, as long as you do a push block then they work ok. In attack, I have found them very forgiving and good for spin. As I get used to them I am loving them even more.
12/08/2021 good backhand Review by geoffrey goutorbe
Easy to counter topspin
Easy to 1st topspin on backspin ball
Very forgiving

Too bouncy in short game
Hard to keep serves short and spinny

I play it on Petr Korbel blade with an LP on backhand
13/06/2021 Good control Review by Mihai Criste
Forehand, maybe a little too soft.
20/02/2021 Beautiful fast bh-rubber w control! Review by C Svensson
I like some punch from my bh-rubber and this is it! Great spin and speed but follow through your shots and everything will go in. Lots of control here if u don’t hesitate. The only difficult shot with this for me has been to shoot longer underspin shots, but why should I? It is just the best I have found yet for my backhand.
22/11/2019 Outstanding backhand rubber Review by M.A.
It is a do it all backhand rubber and it is light too and very durable.
15/10/2019 Soft and beautiful sound Review by Manaf Al-zadjali
After trying many rubbers, this is the best backhand rubber, the ball absorption and control is superb.
08/08/2019 Perfect Review by Alvaro
16/04/2019 Light, high spin, high catapult. Review by oliver haefeli
For people seeking catapult, speed and spin - and a light rubber.
Too much catapult for my style of play.
I am back to harder rubbers.
12/04/2019 Great rubber for the sticking player Review by Robert Millard
Having used these on my Paul Drinkle Carbon blade I’ve been left nothing but impressed. I’d tried the Vega Pro before and liked it but wasn’t fast enough for me. This is deffinitely a step up in speed and spin and deffinitely a contender against the Tenergys.
Control is fantastic and I’d say it gives a medium ark so is good for the punchy back hand players and close to medium distance hitters and loopers. The sponge is quite soft so you get decent dwell time resulting in decent spin. The top layer is really tough and doesn’t fall apart at the first knock. I’ve caught it and split it on the surface but it hasn’t run to the hills and disintegrated like Temerity would.
Having tried various runners this year I now feel like I have found the one to stick with. Quality shines though with this rubber. 5 stars ????
16/03/2019 ATTACK with this rubber! Review by Benjamin Liu
Like I mentioned, this rubber is incredible for looping, counterlooping. However, please do not use this rubber to push. This rubber is made for intermediate+ players to attack and pushing makes your life miserable on this rubber because it just flies up. However, the trade off is that your attacks will have more spin, more speed. Very interesting rubber!
14/03/2019 A great soft rubber with high arc, control, spin, & lasting Review by mohammed sani mahmood
Xiom Omega Vll is one the best technology of Xiom, and one among the best table tennis rubber in the world.
The speed is perfect,
The spin is high,
The control is fantastic,
The throw angle is very high.
This rubber can give you what ever you want to play in table tennis styles of games, and these varies on your racket type. eg

If you are the type of player that play inside table, just use it on Off racket for good blocks, table drive, and counter hitting.

And if you're the type that play from outside table, kindly use it on Off+ racket.
It will give you the speed, the control, and the spin you want for more fantastic game.

If you're a blocker, just applied it on Off- racket or All-round...
And the rubber is durable based on my test.
Good price.

22/01/2019 Great Rubber! Review by Pacho Pedales
I bought Black 2.0, excellent control, very good speed and spin; can do everything well, from attacking to blocking (really versatile). The feel is a little soft-medium rubber with relative good well time (42.5 sponge degree). Is great for counterlooping too. Recommended to try!
10/12/2018 Great rubber Review by SAVVAS KOSMIDIS
Excellent quality rubber, very spiny, with good speed. Needs developed tecknique. Not really for new players. Great looping, lifting underspin with ease. Pretty close to T05. A bit pricey, but still cheaper than T05.
10/08/2018 Ok rubber Review by Vu Bui
I bought red + black Omega VII rubbers on sale to try new rubbers on DHS Long 5 blade, they are good but nothing special.

Positive: speed, sound
Negative: price, top sheet not as grippy othe rubber like eg. Bluestorm series.
09/04/2018 мягкая накладка Review by Igor Golovlev
62.0 г, легкая , мягкая накладка, хорошая мелкопористая губка, топшит тонкий , катапультный эффект не сильный , скорость не самая высокая, но вполне, характеристики сильно зависят от основания. Странная цена за такое качество.
Xiom Omega VII Euro