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Xiom Omega VII China Guang

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Rubber type : inverted
The Xiom Omega 7 China Guang takes the speed of the Xiom Omega rubbers and adds stickiness. The reduced spin of the plastic ball has made it almost necessary to use sticky rubbers if you aim to become a top player. The sticky top-sheet requires the sponge to be hard. The Chinese word ‘’光’’ (guang / guāng) means light. This rubber could fit both professional players and amateur, but unfortunately might be too thick for beginners. ​

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

25/05/2023 Buena Review by Rolando Elizondo
Es buena se siente bien control al pegar de derecha buen agarre y mucho efecto.
24/02/2023 Rýchly a dobrý poťah Review by Miroslav BARTOS
19/09/2022 THE middle ground Review by Niko Garcia
Having come from being a long time c-pen DHS Skyline/Hurricane player, this sheet on the forehand made an excellent transitional rubber in my switch to shakehand. The tensor technology paired with a mildly tacky top sheet makes for great control and plenty of gears for the less physically demanding strokes of the more European style of play that I’ve switched to. A very unique product and one I don’t see myself switching away from anytime soon!
08/08/2022 Amazing / Genial! Review by Alfonso Quinonez Pico
I have played with Dignics 09c and this is pretty much the same idea but cheaper. I love this rubber. I highly recommend this rubber if you like Chinese rubbers.

Disclaimer: I'm a 1600-level player

En el pasado e jugado con Dignics 09c y esto es basicamente la misma idea pero la goma es mas economica. Excelente calidad! 100% recomendada si les gusta las gomas chinas pero necesitan algo un poco mas rapido.

Por si acaso, mi nivel es de 1600
02/06/2022 Excellent Review by Firdavsiy
Excellent rubber for tops.
19/11/2021 Fast hybrid rubber, backhand suitable Review by Martin Smith
Great spin with some tackiness. Quick and bouncy, so good if you are moving from Butterfly tensor rubber. Too bouncy for me on short game and more designed for short stroke players or the backhand side. 2 friends of mine now use this rubber on the backhand after trying it as they stand a little back from the table.
10/10/2021 Still adjusting. Review by Richard Lim
I'm used to Turbo Blue..and for this adjusting, I need to adjust my stroke.
06/10/2021 Tacky and extremely fast Review by Jeff C
This rubber requires good technique, not very forgiving on bad strokes. Low throw and very fast, very grippy, however not nearly as grippy as DHS Hurricane 3. good on service. If given the choice I would pick this over DHS
Hurricane 3. Hurricane 3 requires boosting and this does not.

I had this on the Butterfly Viscaria and thought it was too fast to play with. When I get to the appropriate skill level I will retry.
28/08/2021 Good Review by Chaopeng Kuang
It is easier to draw the arc, suitable for backhand use.
18/08/2021 Excellent Modern Tacky Rubber Review by SS Lee
First, this rubber is not a beginner rubber. Players who are able to compress the sponge with a closed racket will be able to see the true value of this rubber.
*** General Characteristics ***
This rubber is fast. This rubber has insane grip, however, it is not the tackiest. If you're the type of player who prefers very tacky rubbers for the characteristic of slowing down the ball (and increase dwell time), then this is no the rubber for you.
If you're the type of player who wants the benefit of high grip of tacky rubbers but doesn't want to compromise on the speed of ESN rubbers. this is it.
I have never slipped a ball with this rubber ever. On the most humid days, non-tacky rubbers get slippery enough that you can glide a ball across the topsheet. That's not possible with this rubber.
I drill 15-20 hours a week. Most ESN rubbers' playing characteristics take a heavy dive after 2weeks. and become almost loses most elasticity and the topsheet grippy-ness degrades significantly.
China Guang also performs at its top in its first 2 weeks. However, it never truly loses its grippy-ness. I am at week 7 with a single sheet of China Guang with over 150 hours of playtime in it. My black topsheet has become more opaque gray in areas I have hit with, revealing the pimples under the top sheets. However, the topsheet is still very grippy and the elasticity is still very usable. The sponge is a little softer than a new sheet, but the rubber is still fast and does not lack speed.
This is the best rubber I have used and I am very pleasantly surprised by the durability of this rubber. This rubber shines the most when the player is able to execute a clean long stroke that engages the topsheet at a close angle, this might be the rubber for you. If you're a player who uses a more European stroke that focuses on digging directly into the sponge for shot quality, this rubber will not be as good.
In the right hands, this is a 10/10 rubber.
16/08/2021 Great all around Review by Michael Meade
I can make more spin with guan than any other rubber. I use it for both forehand and backhand. Slightly slower than non-tacky tensors, but blocks and smashes are still easy and effective and have decent power at mid-distance. The throw angle is pretty high, but you can use an extremely closed racket angle close to the table due to the tack. Very high control and easy to serve with.
09/08/2021 Excellent quality, but not so Chinese Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
Not sticky, weird. top quality, hard sponge.
06/08/2021 Decent rubber Review by Jesse
I prefer to use tacky rubber on my forehand. This one is not sticky as others, such as the K series from Tibhar. I would say it is semi-tacky and more powerful than k1plus. Considering its price, I will choose k1plus in the future.
16/07/2021 Extreme rotation Review by Anton Kukeste
It's not a tacky rubber like Hurricane, but the topsheet is very grippy. It has a very hard sponge and it's heavy. As is the case with many rubbers, that have this kind of sponge (55-degree hardness), it's not very forgiving, but it enables extremely fast and spinny topspins with the right technique. It's both a physically and technically demanding rubber that is better suited for experienced players.
Xiom Omega VII China Guang