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Xiom Hugo Calderano HAL

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
Named after Brazilian national team player Hugo Calderano, a Xiom-sponsored player, the Hugo HAL is a slightly updated version of the Hugo SAL. The difference is the Hyper Axilium layer, which supposedly changes the bounce and playing feel. In our testing, however, we only noticed the slightest difference.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/08/2022 tabletennisdaily is the worst forum ever Review by Konrad Bak
Yeah, great blade, for me probably the most amateur friendly with super quality if your strokes are lethal you will play better with Hugo Calderano HAL than any Butterfly blades. Hugo Calderano HAL is a perfect example of real work from companies. Twardogłowi Brainless People in Poland love Butterfly because Grubba who never was close near to Hugo Calderano and top-level players who get upset when they see Hugo use it but this is marketing and this is a best seller.
Perfect choice if you like softer rubbers and you are amateur
Perfect choice if you choose harder rubbers you must work more
I Play with players from the 3rd PRO division in our country.
I have 2 guys who are close to 2nd division and 2 guys who are close to 4th division for me,
and one is a dark magician who plays exactly on the 3rd division level.
If I play with the top guys. I feel good to control with HAL when they try to play aggressively I must be more passive-defensive oriented, so pushing and blocking with Calderano is a breeze, maybe I need more power- placement if I play with them.
If I play with lower-level guys, I must be more aggressive but the placement and the length of the ball must be very good because they can play very fast too and another opinion from my perspective, the CONTROL of this blade is near perfect 10.
You can't say bad words about HAL, sometimes maybe it is too slow or too fast it depends on your "day-to-day" form but it is too hard to blame. So if you need your first top-level blade after a 5ply wood blade and your community says that you need something like viscaria or composite blades or you tried Viscaria and you like but you want to be TOP TIER EJ LIKE me all around 1000 blades tested, your choice is buying Waldner Senso Carbon (not the finest blade) or premium top of the top. TT11 have very good copies so it is better to buy from them.
My first choice is Omega VII PRO on the backhand and Hurricane 3 National on the forehand.
My 2nd setup is DHS Hurricane 8-80 37 on BH and TUTTLE National V blue sponge on forehand.
Sieger PK50 on backhand and G1 on forehand were good too but better is using low to medium throw rubbers. Vega X was good too.
04/04/2022 Понравилось Review by Dmitri Kan
Очень контрольное основание!
10/01/2022 Хорошее чувство мяча Review by ANDREY ILLARIONOV
Чувствительное основание между OFF - и OFF. Хорошее пятно отскока, отличный контроль
29/12/2021 The One for every level player Review by Now and Then
I simply say this is one of the best blades for every level player. I used to play with a J-Pen blade and I decided to change to shakehand a few months ago. So I tried a lot of blades to find out a suitable one for me. I have 14 blades from very fast to slow, too quick, to controllable, Butterfly, Yasaka, Donic, Tibhar, Andro, Nittaku, Gevo, Juic, etc. Among them, I like this one and Xiom Icecream AZXi. Those are my favorite. I asked another player who is better than me, and he said Hugo HAL is better for him. Because of my short finger, I tuned its grip a little bit, cutting out slightly and it is amazing. I feel every top spin and backhand spin clearly. Dwell time is good and fast enough when attacking. AZXi is more firm but catapult more so it is not easier than HAL to control. Maybe if my skill is improving, I'll try AZXi later. Right now I put Tibhar Hybrid K-1 on the forehand, Andro R42 on the backhand. Someone told me to try Xiom Omega7 Pro, so I bought them. But I stick on K-1 and R42 for a while. In my opinion, if you are a beginner, avoid Chinese rubbers on this blade. I tried several C-rubber but at my level, it is not good. The quality of this blade is AAA+ no complaint at all. My conclusion is this one is for every level from beginner to pro player. You never regret it.
29/11/2021 Очень подошло! Review by Alexander Evkharitskiy
Великолепное основание с превосходным чувством мяча!!!! пятно откока как у всех топ оснований. помедленнее вискария именно то , что я искал!!!
19/11/2021 Very different but super blade Review by Martin Smith
This is now my blade of choice. After using Innerforce, Appolonia, Spirit I found this just fast enough for a good attack but the blocking is outstanding. Great safety, but I would say that you need to be a physical player who can impart energy into the ball from the legs.
24/05/2021 Perfect blade in modern play style Review by Jay
I was a professional player (training 5+ days a week) and now a full-time coach. I was a Viscaria user and I could tell you that this blade is better. It is having a higher throw arc and a bigger sweet spot compared to Viscaria. And as the core is ayous instead of Kiri (Viscaria), this blade offers more support even away from the table. This blade offers more control and is too easy to play with, while not scarifying any speed (it's having more power compared to viscaria).

Overall, if you are an offensive player, who focuses on mid-long table rallies, and also want to have massive control when doing the short game, this is your perfect blade.
02/03/2021 Excellent Review by Darko Veselinovic
Superb product by Xiom. Koto outside layer, a bit hard but very crisp feeling. It has more of a hardened wood feel than a carbon one. Which is exactly what Xiom claims it to be. Speed is off to off-, more than enough for any skilled player. Has many gears. It can very be tamed and controlled in the netplay, but very aggressive away from the table as well. But the greatest thing about it is the control! Absolutely fantastic control. I've paired it with Dignics 09c on FH, and Tenergy 05 Hard on the bh. Dignics 05 works just as well. No vibration, and great craftsmanship. If you want something different, and innovative, then this blade is good as any!
Xiom Hugo Calderano HAL