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Xiom Diva

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.7
DIVA aimed the optimal feel and performance for easy and pleasant table tennis. It is a 5-ply offensive blade of medium speed. But, due to its high level of energy efficiency, it shows higher speed than expected when players use offensive techniques such as topspin. The thickness of 5.7 mm and selected hard wood of top layer maximizes the feel on hand, but sophisticated construction reduces unnecessary residual vibration. Overall feel is slightly sharp, but soft. This provides excellent stability that can satisfy all level of players. Though a player don't have high level of skill, he/she will be able to enjoy table tennis with DIVA. DIVA also makes good combination with new "Hyper Elasto" rubbers such as VEGA series. Especially VEGA PRO will provide astonishing power.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

21/04/2020 Xiom Diva Review by Matej Weiss
Nice blade, with a lot of control, especially for those who search in category speed off-. Also a great price for the quality.
10/01/2020 Good Review by Anton Valovenko
A good blade for all-round players and technique growth. With nice control.
04/11/2019 Great Blade Review by Niklas Havsjo
Nice design as all Xiom blades. This blade with straight handle has great control and its perfect for both blocking and from mid-distance. If you want it's easy to put extra speed when needed because of the little extra weight that u feel when hitting at the top of the racket. I use this blade with Xiom vega pro on FH and vega Asia on the backhand. Highly recommended!
19/08/2019 Good for the price Review by Max
Good wood, good feeling, and the handle is nice for wide hands.
14/07/2017 Good Blade Review by Kevin Bravo
This blade is exactly what I need for my grip on the handle since I use nothing but flare but this one has a really smooth flare straight that lets me get maximum speed with half the effort I put with my old bat
29/05/2017 Good blade Review by SPIROS ANDREAS KOUSTAS
This blade is perfect for players who start table tennis as well as for amateur players , With DHS G888 rubbers it has decent speed (but not so fast) , perfect control in blocking , very good at close to the table game , very well balanced . It is not fast from mid distance or away from the table in flat hits but with the chinese rubbers it has perfect spin strokes !! You can learn very well the movements of table tennis with this blade because it has a big margin of errrors !! It forces you to swing your arm more because of the lack of the speed , very good for training !! With this combination of rubbers is medium heavy .
26/04/2017 Good! Review by Andrejs Murnieks
Очень хорошая предсказуемая основание,для аllround игры.
14/01/2017 Excellent Review by Alexey Kochetkov
Excellent base. Thing is for sure the best lover who wants to deliver. I ordered them with overlays Ksiom Vega Vega Asia and Euro. I am very glad. Thank you very much tt11.
01/11/2016 Blade Review by Tadeusz Grys
This was my 3rd purchase from, I do recomend this seller.
Xiom Diva blade is a superb blade.
25/10/2016 super Review by mmm
it's so good
11/03/2016 I do recomend Review by Tadeusz Grys
5 star blade
Xiom Diva